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The 8 Best Keyboards For Programming (2023)

Choosing the right keyboard is very important to increase productivity and comfort. Since we spend many hours behind the computer, having the right equipment is essential. In this article, I will share the best keyboards suitable for programming so you can choose one among them.

Since you spend a lot of time working with keyboards as a developer or programmer, having a good programming keyboard can help increase your productivity, comfort, and health.

Since not everyone is the same, we must determine the features and, finally, what keyboard is suitable for programming. For example, mechanical keyboards are probably better if tactile feedback and quick actuation are vital to you. If you like to customize the settings and want to move away from the standard keyboard layout, this list has some exciting options.

Programmers usually work for hours, so the comfort and arrangement of keys is one of the essential factors for them. Since the keyboard is always on the table, it doesn’t have to be portable. On the other hand, the keyboard should have a place for the wrist and be ergonomic.

On what basis have these keyboards been chosen?

The answer is only an experience! As a developer with 15 years of experience, I have tried many keyboards, from the very cheap laptop and ergonomic keyboards to mechanical keyboards, some of which made it to this list.

1-Keychron K6: wireless mechanical keyboard


Keychron is still my favorite keyboard. Its alternatives can be Keychron K2 and Keychron K8. My keyboard has RGB, brown switches, and palm rest. I’ve had it for a few years, and it still works great.

This keyboard is 65% the size of a standard keyboard. For example, the keyboard does not have numbers and four-way keys.

But it is exceptionally high quality, very resistant, and comfortable. However, I must say that you will probably need a palm rest because the keyboard is rugged, and you will not be satisfied without it.

Another good feature of this keyboard is that it supports multiple devices. Press one key to connect the keyboard from the work laptop to the personal laptop.

Another great feature of this keyboard is the long battery life of 4000 mAh. Of course, if it’s always plugged in, it won’t run out anytime soon.

It has soft and intuitive keys that perform the necessary action with the slightest pressure. This makes you type much faster than other keyboards.

This keyboard is cumbersome due to the battery and the thick frame, so it is not ideal for traveling.

Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac is one of the other advantages of this keyboard. It even has keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows to customize it.

2- Apple Magic Keyboard: Best for Mac users


Apple Keyboard is known for being the default programming keyboard in Google, Meta, and other giants.

Although this keyboard is neither mechanical nor ergonomic, it has all the advantages of the Apple environment, such as easy integration with your Mac system (the favorite laptop of developers), Touch ID for authentication, visual appeal, lightweight, and functionality. Shipping is also available.

This keyboard can be taken with you on your trip because it is smaller than the Keychron.

3- Ultimate Hacking Keyboard: The most adjustable keyboard


This mechanical keyboard is a bit strange. It’s so customizable that it’s even sold without essential labels so you can assign each key yourself with letters, numbers, combinations, and emojis.

The keys in this keyboard are arranged so that it seems the keyboard is 60%. It takes some time to get used to it, but you will appreciate it for its convenience and practicality after a while.

Maybe this type of keyboard is not suitable for everyone, but if you are interested in this keyboard style, UHK can be a good option.

I must also say that you can expand this keyboard with modules that are also adjustable.

4- Logitech MX Keys: a coding keyboard for Windows – my suggestion


This Logitech product may not be a mechanical keyboard, but it is a kind of Apple keyboard made for Windows users. Typing with it is very comfortable and less noisy than other mechanical keyboards. Although it is a standard full-size keyboard, it is very compact and supports Windows, Linux, and Mac.

This wireless keyboard has an excellent battery life that lasts up to 10 days with the backlight on and up to 5 months without it.

As expected from Logitech, you can use the company’s software to personalize the keyboard and connect three different devices wirelessly using Bluetooth.

This is a great, affordable product and an excellent keyboard.

5- Microsoft Foldable Keyboard


This keyboard is one of the best keyboards because of its folding. It is easy to work with, but you can easily collect and carry it.

This keyboard is ideal for graphic designers, especially those who do not like carrying bulky keyboards.


  • Made by Microsoft brand.
  • It has black.
  • It can connect wirelessly.
  • Its dimensions are 0.53 x 12.4 x 29.4 cm.
  • It can be used for all kinds of tablet operating systems.


  • It is ideal for tablets.
  • It is light and thin.
  • It is excellent for travel.


  • It is possible to separate it into two pieces.
  • it is expensive

6 – Das Keyboard 6: Solid programming keyboard


This keyboard is the updated version of Das Keyboard 4. Even though it is still the same as version 4, it has better build quality. It is made of high-quality aluminum housing, two high-speed USB-C hubs, and a Cherry MX switch, and it has a white backlight and other features.

This keyboard is not tiny and has a standard size. The significant feature and separate media keyboards make it easy to work with.

In this version, a Sleep button is provided for the computer. This is one of the ways that helps to save overall energy consumption.

7-Ducky One 3 SF: A superstar mechanical keyboard


This mechanical keyboard is a masterpiece with excellent construction, performance, and comfort.

Of course, it has two weaknesses; It is expensive and not wireless. Of course, its programmable macro keys compensate for this defect. In addition, the excellent arrangement of the keys has made it easy to work with them.

Ducky One comes with Cherry MX switches.

8- Kinesis Freestyle Edge


The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is no ordinary keyboard. Its two-piece design immediately catches your eye, as it’s not something you’ll see on any keyboard. However, users of this type of keyboard claim that typing with it is extremely fast and comfortable.

In addition, it has Cherry MX keys, RGB lighting, and programmable keys. Of course, it goes without saying that it takes some time to get used to it.