The terms and conditions set by Ded9 apply to all users and agents, and if these terms and conditions of service are not followed, the user account will be canceled without a refund.

Virtual servers

The user service will be stopped if mass email services, hacking software, DDoS, VPN and proxy attacks, and illegal use of other IPs are installed on the virtual servers. The user is obliged to compensate for the damage caused to Ded9 does not take any responsibility for the management of the virtual servers. If necessary, the support staff may charge a partial or monthly maintenance fee for the virtual server, which is the user’s responsibility. Services not paid on time will be suspended after 24 hours and deleted after five days. All virtual servers may have backup storage, but the user’s responsible for creating and using backups. In the event of an attack, the service network will be unreachable without warning, and backup and recovery of data and liabilities will be impossible, even if there are reports of DOS and attacks on internal and external servers. The offending user will be responsible for the entire situation, and the damage will be pursued through judicial authorities.

Money back guarantee

Returning the amount deposited for Ded9 services can be done if there is a problem from our side and with a convincing reason and if no more than 72 hours have passed since the service delivery. The desired amount will be deposited into the user’s account between 4 and 7 working days. Note that the returned amounts will be paid after deducting bank deductions.


Support is through online chat and ticket submission system Support will not mean the management of user services, and only the unavailability of services or similar cases will be the responsibility of Ded9.

Accepting the rules

By paying the invoice amount or joining the company’s website, the buyer accepts the company’s rules, and there is no need to obtain a signature from the buyer.

Removal of responsibility

Ded9 company has no responsibility for the information posted by subscribers; therefore, in case of need, the subscriber must be responsible for using Ded9 company services.