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The Windows virtual server is a virtual server with the powerful Microsoft Windows Server operating system, which provides you with full access to apply anything on these servers. In this way, by paying less than a dedicated server, you will have a server with a strong virtualizer along with hardware resources on which you can install the version of the Windows Server operating system you want and connect to the server with admin access and without Manage the limits of your projects.

A virtual server or a virtual private server is created by dividing the resources of a dedicated (real) server for the use of several users of the server. Windows Virtual Server, as its name suggests, with the Windows Server operating system, provides you with the full features of a real Windows server. These types of servers with powerful hardware such as Intel Xeon processors and excellent data centers meet all the needs of virtual server users. One of the main features of VPS virtual servers is their reasonable price compared to dedicated servers, which provide services with the same quality as a dedicated server, at a much more reasonable price, based on the type of need. The use of ESXi technology helps the quality and speed of these types of servers to meet the basic needs of users like a dedicated server

Windows VPS

Windows - VPS - 4

13.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: Xeon 3 core (2500 MHz)


Hard Disk: 40GB SSD NVME
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: 4TB

Windows - VPS - 8

21.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: Xeon 4 core (3000 MHz)


Hard Disk: 40GB SSD NVME
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: 8TB

Windows - VDS

26.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: 4 core (3500 MHz)


Hard Disk: 120 GB SSD NVME
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: 12TB

Windows - VPS - Pro

39.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: 6 core (4000 MHz)


Hard Disk: 120 GB SSD NVME
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: 16TB

Windows - VDS - Pro

60.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: 8 core (5000 MHz)


Hard Disk: 120 GB SSD NVME
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: Unlimited

Windows Virtual Server Features

Easily increase RAM, CPU and storage

Full Root and Administrator access

Automatic OS installation (Max installation 10 times)

All servers have a control panel to turn off, on and reset.

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99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Share processes and data secure lona need to know basis

Safe and Secured

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Windows virtual server is a copy of a physical server managed using the Windows operating system. Although this server is a virtual version of the central server, it provides all the resources and facilities needed by the user, and its compatibility with all Microsoft software and its high security and performance have made it a popular option for hosting data and projects.

The main purpose and application of the virtual server is to create a suitable platform for running web-based software to launch highly visited websites, which is done with the help of the Plesk control panel. Another important use of the virtual server is to create a fixed IP with a location outside the user’s location, which helps users to do things like currency transactions including digital currency, oil, and gold from other exchanges. In the list below, we examine the various uses of Windows virtual servers:

• Freelance sites like and Upwork and…

• Online payment services such as PayPal.

• Video and music streaming and sharing services such as YouTube and Spotify

• Creating Internet TV that is constantly playing movies or live videos.

• Doing international transactions such as gold, currency, coins, oil, and Forex market.

• Creating independent and self-supported websites.

If you have a company and want to allocate a limited amount of money to buy a server, buying a virtual server will be the best option for you; choosing an operating system is very important in choosing a virtual server because the operating system determines everything. The operating system determines which program to install. How the server runs/operates, or how time-consuming critical server tasks are.

Windows virtual server, in addition to the ease of use of this operating system, Compared to its rival operating system (Linux), has uses. Users who use the Windows virtual server have more control over the settings due to its ease of use and greater familiarity with this operating system for most users, and most of the software and programs of the Windows operating system are available, which is a concern. It has solved many problems for users.

Users who use Windows virtual server; They can easily retrieve and access their sensitive information; Also, those who are active in the field of trade and want to have better access to forex (for online and 24-hour trading) can easily use Windows virtual server.

Windows virtual server for a company that regularly and daily depends on the use of Microsoft products; It has made a smart choice for its next growth stages. As a result, most of them know how to work with this operating system based on a lot of experience. Using a Windows virtual server is an advantage for them; Because they don’t have to bear the cost of training employees, and the managers of these companies worry about transferring their data into or out of the virtual server, matching data with other databases, and so on.

Windows virtual server also has advantages for managers; In addition to the interface and ease-of-use aspects, Windows Virtual Server also tends to offer more flexible and variable options for webmasters. Remember, Microsoft has a lot of experience designing its products for the business market. The system knows what businesses want or need to do. The Windows Virtual Server system offers a wider range of functionality than many alternatives, including full update control and deep customization of all settings. This is especially true for IT professionals with more details; Useful for those who want to tailor website resources to meet very specific needs.


Providing flexible and variable capabilities to managers of companies and large and small groups is an important advantage, this advantage has made Windows virtual server to be more preferred than Linux virtual server and dedicated servers.

Therefore, the management of Windows virtual servers is much easier for business managers, a wide range of functions such as controlling the updating of applications, customizing settings, etc. It will be given; These accesses are especially useful for IT professionals who want to manage their resources.

In order to connect Remote Desktop Connection which you should allow it on your VPS:

1.Log into your client area account.

2.Navigate to your package details.

3. Click on Services in the menu and select My Services.

4.You should see list of services if you have more than one.

5.Click Active on the right for the one in question.

6.Scroll down in server information

7.Click on Console

8.Log in to your VPS

9.In the Control Panel, click on System.

10.Then click on Remote Desktop on the left menu.

11.Check the box that says Allow Remote Assistance connection to this computer and hit OK.

When you set thing up for connection, open Remote Desktop Connection app and enter your IP then enter your credentials.

Hit OK button.

Now you can access to your VPS.

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The Services You Receive

Automatic OS Installation

Automatic installation of operating systems on a server is one of ShopingServer key features. Due to this feature a customer can get a ready-to-go server right after the payment has been made.

OS Support

CentOS 7, 8; Debian 9, 10, 11 ; Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 22.04; Windows Server, 2019, 2022.

Console Access

In our services, you have direct access to the server console

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