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Introducing the top 10 freelancing sites in the world (Part 1)

Many sites in the world operate in the field of remote work , the number of which has increased significantly in previous years. You can experience earning real internet income at home by working on these sites without investment. Of course, to become a freelancer, you must have knowledge or art that others are looking for. On freelancer sites, you get paid to do other people’s projects. freelance sites

Here we want to introduce you to the list of the best foreign freelancer sites so that you can get to know how they work.

The best foreign freelance sites

The best freelancing sites make it simple and easy for freelancers to find job opportunities while increasing work projects.
A top-notch freelancing site can help you no matter what your circumstances are, whether you’re a full-time freelancer, someone who wants to work from home, or someone who’s new to the world of self-employment, these sites can put you in a good position. . Freelancing sites can also benefit clients: if you need to find a freelancer to do some work, these sites make it easy for you.
There are many factors to consider when looking to find a freelance website. Some jobs have more opportunities than others, while some job titles offer more diverse opportunities. You will find some of them to be done in the shortest time while others require more time. Of course, you should be sure about the tariffs of each and know how fast the sites will make these payments to you.
We’ve compared these freelance websites from several points of view, from the job categories they cover to their secure client payment and user verification systems. We’ll also take a brief look at their pricing system and the quality of their customer support.
Here we’ve compiled a list of the best freelancing websites, so you know which ones to use to get the most bang for your buck. Read more.

1- Upwork freelance site

It can be said that Upwork is one of the largest foreign freelance sites, which may have the largest market of online projects in the world. You can find a freelance job in this site with any specialization. In addition to various technologies on this site, the ability to choose short-term, long-term projects and the specialized level of projects by the freelancer is one of the advantages of this site.

Upwork is one of the best foreign freelance sites in 2021 where you can earn real internet income just by working from home.


2- PeoplePerHour freelance site

On this site, freelancers can use their abilities in a wide range of fields to carry out various projects, including website design, sales, marketing, text translation, etc.

One of the features used in the PeoplePerHour freelancing site is where freelancers can announce what they can do in an hour so that the people who define the project can use them.

people per hour

3- Guru freelance site

Guru is another global marketplace for outsourcing work and remote work. This site has been able to simplify the communication between clients and freelancers due to its very easy use in the recruitment process. Since Guru is smaller than Upwork and PeoplePerHour, you will find fewer freelancers there, which makes it easier for you to compete. Apart from this, Guru site has Work Room feature which allows freelancers to manage their work more easily. The most important activity of this site is sales and marketing in the field of IT services.


Are you looking for a project?

Become a member of the site for free and complete projects with 0% commission.

4- Freelancer site

One of the first foreign freelancer sites active in this industry is the Freelancer site , which can be said to be the best in 2021. This site allows clients to submit their projects and choose from a number of offers, and freelancers can find a variety of projects on it. The site has more than 53 million users and freelancers can work for and get paid by millions of small businesses around the world.


5- Fiverr freelance site

The way Fiverr works is different from other freelancing sites. If we have seen on other sites that clients and freelancers make a financial agreement with each other to complete the project, on this site freelancers announce what they can do for $5 and clients can order by searching it. Submit yourself to the freelancer. This site is one of the most reliable and oldest marketplaces for freelancers through which you can experience real internet income.

Of course, you don’t have to charge only 5 dollars for your work fee, because you can always increase the price by announcing additional benefits for the work. In fact, the entry price of the site is 5 dollars. The fees of this site are higher than sites like Upwork and Freelancer.


Many other foreign sites are active, including iWriter, TopTal, Hub Staff, Boxer, etc. cited.

Since most of the freelance jobs do not have geographic restrictions and of course due to the lack of face-to-face meetings between clients and freelancers, payments for such jobs are mainly made through international credit cards such as Visa Card and MasterCard or through International accounts such as PayPal and sometimes through valid digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Therefore, if you are interested in doing freelance work and want to work on these sites, you should pay attention to these things and improve your information in this field.

6- Freelance site FlexJobs

One of the most knowledgeable foreign freelance sites is the FlexJobs site , which provides a suitable platform for remote work and finding suitable projects. This site has started its activity since 2007 and has continued its activity until now. Since more than 6000 companies in the world have registered their orders and freelance projects on this site, it is more possible to find a suitable project for freelancers, and this site is a good choice for membership and starting work. Of course, it goes without saying that membership in this site is not free and you need to pay a certain amount for membership. Another advantage of Flexjob is that all the projects registered on this site are fully classified and regularly available to freelancers, making it easier to search for the right project.
It’s good to know that not all jobs registered in Flexjob are projects. Rather, some of these jobs are permanent and the employer is looking for non-attendance employment.


7- Toptal freelance site

Another of the most famous foreign freelancing sites is Toptel, whose name is a combination of two words, Top, which means the best, and Tel, which is an abbreviation of the word Talent, which means talent. The reason for this name is that Toptel claims that 3% It has brought together the best talents in various fields of freelance and entrusts the projects to these people to deliver the work with the best quality to the employer. Membership in this site is very difficult, and out of hundreds of resumes submitted for membership in this site, only a limited number meet the strict criteria of this site and are accepted.
The strictness of this site for membership and trying to attract the best freelancers has made Toptel far away from other foreign freelance sites. In this site, experts in software design, programming, financial management, product management, project management, etc. They are busy with work and activities, so large companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb, Zendesk, Thumbtack, etc., register many of their freelance projects on this site and get help from Toptel experts.
Since it is difficult to join this site, we do not recommend joining it to new and beginner freelancers. But if you are a professional freelancer and want to work with big companies worldwide, Toptel is the right choice for you.


8- SolidGigs freelance website

One of the difficulties of freelancing is finding the right project. Freelancers usually spend a large part of their time searching for suitable work, while they can devote that time to working and making money and earn more. SolidGigs freelancing site has solved this problem and will get you to your desired project as soon as possible. The team working on this site reviews all the freelance jobs and 2% of the best jobs are emailed to you on a weekly basis.

It goes without saying that membership in this site is not free and it is necessary to pay the membership fee.


9- LinkedIn freelance network

LinkedIn Freelance Network LinkedIn is the most professional social network in the field of business. This social network provides freelancers with the possibility to review small and large registered projects and choose the most suitable ones based on their conditions and skills. Most of the jobs listed on LinkedIn are full-time, but there are also part-time jobs.
The LinkedIn social network provides you with the possibility to find the right project, by viewing the work posts of other users, to get to know the way of freelance work and to increase your knowledge.



10- 99 Designs freelance site

99Designs freelance site operates in a specialized manner, unlike the other sites we introduced, and this site can be considered the largest job market for freelancers who are engaged in logo design , web and graphic work. 99 Designs has an innovative way of working. The way of working on this site is that the employer announces the basic information of the work in a summary form and the freelancers send him their initial designs based on the employer’s explanations, then the employer chooses the most suitable designer to continue the work.

99 Designs

In the next article, we will introduce you the next 10 items from the list of top 20 foreign sites, which includes the Indeed freelance site, so stay with us.