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Introducing the top 10 freelancing sites in the world (part 2)

As in the previous article, we introduced the first 10 out of 20 foreign freelance sites to you, here we will introduce the second 10. So stay tuned to ded9. freelancing

11- DesignHill freelance site

DesignHill freelance site is another freelance site that specializes in design. Most of the projects on this site have been registered in fields such as logo design, website design, graphic design, and so on. One of the advantages of DesignHill is the free service for freelancers on this site. Design Hill charges service fees only from employers.

Therefore, freelancers can receive their entire income from designing and working on this site through their account. Using this freelance site is not suitable for people who are not designers and it is not recommended for them, but for designers, DesignHill is a diverse market and a good opportunity to grow and improve their portfolio and better communication with employers.

The working method of this freelance site is mostly in the form of a competition, so that the employer explains the design he needs and sets a deadline for doing the work, then each designer prepares and sends the work according to his opinion and creativity. Finally, the best The submitted design is selected and awarded. It goes without saying that you need a filter breaker to enter the Design Hill freelance site.

designhill freelance site

12- iWriter freelance site

Another foreign freelance site that we introduce in this article is the iWriter site. This site is one of the best freelancing sites in the world, and like the two sites we introduced before, it operates in a specialized manner. As it is clear from the name of this site, iWriter is more active in the field of writing and producing specialized content , so if you have expertise in this field, the iWriter freelance site is the right choice for you and it can provide you with a good income. Creating a user account on this site is free and you can specify in which field you are interested in writing after opening an account and becoming a member. iWriter gives you points based on your activity, and after upgrading these points, you can earn up to $80 per 500 words.

iwriter freelance site

13- Aquent freelance site

Aquent freelancing site is one of the most active foreign freelancing sites that has received many awards as an advertising and recruitment company and claims to be one of the most successful freelancing sites with 35 years of experience in this field. The Aquent freelancing site operates in diverse and extensive fields, and its function is not limited to one or more skills. Also, since this freelancing site has announced that it mainly accepts people who have more than two years of work experience, most of the freelancers active on this site They are experts and if you also have enough expertise in your field of expertise, Aquent is the right choice for you. It also goes without saying that you don’t need a filter breaker to enter the main page of this site and get more information.

aquent freelance site

14- We Work Remotely freelance site

We Work Remotely freelance site is the last freelance site that we introduce to you in this article. This freelancing site claims that 2.5 million monthly users join this site, so this makes We Work Remotely a very suitable and thriving market for freelancers. To register a project on this site, employers must pay $299, and this issue works like a screening and causes only quality projects to be registered on this site. Ads and projects on We Work Remotely are displayed in categories, making it much easier to search through them and find the right job. This freelancing site has not blocked Iran’s IP and it is possible for Iranians to work on this site.

We Work Remotely freelance site

15- Cloudpeeps freelance site

If you have a few years of experience as a freelancer and doing projects for big companies, so you think you have the ability to continue your freelance work at a more specialized and higher level, CloudPeeps is a good option for you. This freelancing website is a bit more exclusive and it’s a bit more difficult to join as a freelancer; and in fact, you need a strong resume to sign up.

However, after accepting and joining this site as a freelancer, you can easily receive specialized projects related to your field of work and earn a good profit by doing it. Projects that applicants display on this site often focus on specialized areas such as marketing, social networks, and copywriting . If you have a lot of work experience in the field of freelancing, then membership in this site is definitely worth a try.

cloudpeeps freelance site

16- Indeed freelance site

The Indeed website has collected all the jobs that are possible to work remotely and can be done with the help of the Internet and put them together on its site. It is worth mentioning that searching for projects on this freelancing site is easy for its users and you can easily access telecommuting jobs as a freelancer. One of the interesting points of this site is that if you want to work in a company near your place of residence, you can use this platform to search for job opportunities that are around your place of residence. Of course, the best advantage of this website is that it is free for its users.

Indeed freelance site

17- College Recruiter freelance site

If you are still a student or have recently graduated from a university or college, be sure to check this website so that you can find part-time freelance jobs suitable for your field of study and expertise. These jobs and, of course, doing related projects, are excellent and effective for people and beginner freelancers who are looking for experience and intend to start from a point and gradually reach more professional and specialized jobs with higher income. Is.

collegerecruiter freelance site

18- Freelance site ServiceScape

Founded in 2000, this freelance website was originally a global marketplace for freelancers covering a wide range of skills and experience, including graphic design, writing, editing, and translation. . So that in recent years, more than 250,000 projects have been done on this website and more than 70,000 customers have used this platform to do their business and advance their needed projects.

This freelance job site is very suitable for startups and small to medium-sized businesses that outsource their projects. Therefore, if you have a high skill in a specific field of expertise such as blogging skills and of course enough experience in it, this service is a very good place to spend time and find projects that suit your field of expertise.

Freelance servicescape site

19- Contena freelance site

This website ranks among the best freelancing websites for freelance writing and content creation jobs and projects in various fields of specialization, as it has a large number of high-paying projects for writers, editors, and content creators. . The remarkable thing about this site is that this freelance website is a combination of freelance jobs and full-time remote jobs. Among the important projects that have been done recently by freelancers working on this website are writing e-books earning about ten thousand dollars a month for a technology publisher, a sports writer, producing content in the field of photography and thousands of opportunities. Several companies mentioned that they have entrusted their projects to freelancers working on this freelance website.

Freelance site Contena

20- Freelance site Freelance writing Gigs

The name of this website may not be very attractive and fluent for users, but it clearly shows the domain of the website. Jobs and projects on this website are updated from Monday to Friday, and new clients and applicants for projects are always willing to pay a good amount for your writings. Despite the name of this website, as a freelancer, you can find many projects on this website, including blogging, copywriting, etc. projects. It should be noted that the possibility of searching for projects and jobs available on this website is provided in different ways. It is worth noting that membership in this website is completely free, both as a freelancer and as a client of the project.