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How To Install Esxi 6.7 On A Server – Virtualization Tutorial

ESXi 6.7 Hypervisor is one of the most popular Vmware tools for virtualization. But how to install ESXi 6.7 on the server?

In the previous part of this tutorial, we learned about the concept of virtualization and Vmware tools, answered the question of what ESXI is, and introduced other VMware components. 

In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to install ESXi operating system on a server.

How to install ESXi on a server

To install the ESXi virtualization operating system on the server, you must first download the Iso file from ESXi 6.7 and boot it on the flash drive so that you can install it on the server. Then it is enough to go through the following steps:

1. Connect the flash containing ESXi 6.7 to the server and restart the server.

2. At this point, all ESXi 6.7 modules will start booting automatically.

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step One
Installing ESXI 6.7 – Step One –

3. After completing the above step, a message will be displayed indicating the start of ESXi 6.7 installation. Then select the continue option by pressing the Enter key .

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step TwoInstall ESXI 6.7 – 2 –

4. At this point, press the F11 key to accept Vmware rules.

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step 4 .jpg
ESXI 6.7 – 3 – Installation

5. It takes a while for the operating system to scan the device.

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step FiveESXI 6.7 – 4 – Installation

6- Now the available memories on the server (local) or remote will be listed for you. In this step, you must select the same memory on which the ESXi 6.7 hypervisor is to be installed. To select this memory, press the Enter key.

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step Six
ESXI 6.7 – 5 – Installation

7- In the next step, you must select the language, which is selected by default on US Default. Just press the Enter button at this stage.

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Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step 7
Install ESXI 6.7 – 6 –

8. Then a page will be displayed in which you must select a password for the Root user. This password must be at least 7 characters long and must not use consecutive letter patterns or numbers. After selecting the desired password, just press the Enter key.

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step 8
Installing ESXI 6.7 – 7 –

9- In the next step, press the F11 button to confirm the installation steps.

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step 9
Install ESXI 6.7 – 8 –

10. It takes a few minutes to complete the ESXi 6.7 installation process.

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step Ten
Installing ESXI 6.7 – 9 –

11. When the ESXi 6.7 installation process is complete, first disconnect the flash from the server and reboot the server.

Installing ESXI 6.7 - Step 11
ESXI 6.7 – 10 – Installation

11. When the server reboots, you will see a page with the IP address of the ESXi 6.7 server. (The server is assumed to be on a network where DHCP is enabled.)

Install ESXI 6.7 - The last step and display the IP address
Installing ESXI 6.7 – The last step and displaying the IP address –