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How To Find Your Stolen Phone?

It May Happen To You Or Those Around You That Your Mobile Phone Has Been Stolen Or Lost.

Our phones have important information such as bank account, personal photos, business information, etc., and if this information is in the hands of thieves, it will be a problem for us, and sometimes it will cause our whole life to be lost phone.

Be vigilant. But when our phone is stolen, the first question that comes to our mind is how we can find our lost phone?
In this article, we will teach you how to track a stolen phone. Find the stolen iPhone

iPhone has added an interesting feature to its phones called Find My iPhone, and with this feature, you can track your phone when it is stolen and find its exact location.

If your phone is connected to the Internet when it is stolen, you can send a message to your phone or delete your information if necessary.

How to enable Find My iPhone?

Follow the steps below to activate the Find My iPhone feature:

  • First, enter the setting
  •  Then turn on the Find My iPhone option in the iCloud section.
  • By activating this feature, your iPhone will connect to iCloud, and when your phone is stolen, you can delete your data, lock the phone, etc., to prevent your data from being stolen.

Note: To use this feature, you must have an Apple ID connected to your phone.

Phone tracking using Find My iPhone

If your phone is stolen, follow these steps to track it:

  • First, go to and enter your Apple ID information, then click sign in.
  • After entering the site, click on the Find My iPhone icon.
  • Click on All Devices. In this section, you can see all the devices that are connected to your Apple ID.

Devices connected to the Internet are displayed in the bright image, and devices that are not connected to the Internet are displayed in gray.

By clicking on the desired device, you can see the location of the device’s phone on the map.

In this section, you can lock your device by clicking on the lock.

You can delete all your information by clicking on Ears.

Note: You will not be able to track the location of your device after clearing your data.

Find a stolen Android phone.

Android phone users are not deprived of this feature, and you can easily track your phone using the Find My Device feature.

How to enable Find My Device?

With this feature installed in Android phones, you can track your stolen or lost phone or delete its information.

Android phones can be tracked using Gmail, and you can use this feature when your phone is connected to the Internet, and its GPS is on.

Follow the steps below to activate the Find My Device feature:

  • First, go to the setting section and click on add accounts in the Users & Accounts section.
  • In this field, enter your Gmail to add your Gmail account to the device.
  • Then go to the Security & Privacy section and click on Find My Device and enable it.

How to track your phone using find my device?

  • Do a Google search for Find Your Phone.
  • Enter your Gmail account, and then you will see the devices connected to Gmail and click on the device.
  • It will ask you to enter the password, and then you will see two options Ring and Locate.
  •  If you click on the Ring option, your phone will sound for 5 minutes.
  • Clicking Locate will show the location of your phone on a map.

Then you will see two options: Secure Device and Erase Device.

If you click on Secure Device, you can lock your phone, or if your phone is not locked, you can use this option to set a pattern or PIN code for it and lock your phone.

If you click on Erase Device, all your data will be completely erased, and you will not be able to use the Find My Device feature after deleting the data.

Find a stolen phone via IMEI.

Finding a phone via IMEI is different for each mobile operator.


To track your phone on which the first mobile SIM card is, you must use the services of this operator.

After stealing the phone, first, burn your SIM card on the phone.

Then send using the IMEI number on the phone box in one of the following ways to activate the first cell phone tracking service.

  • Send IMEI number by dialing code # serial number * 2141 * 111 *
  • Via the first mobile SMS system by sending 2141 to 111

After sending the IMEI number, the first mobile tracking system will search your phone for up to 10 days and inform you of the result.


Irancell subscribers can use the SMS system * 6101 # to track their phones.

First, ask the operator to block your SIM card.

5 days after SIM card blocking, dial * 6101 # with an Irancell line.

After dialing the above code, the tracking result will be sent to you after 48 hours.

If the result of your tracking is positive, you can follow up through legal authorities.

If your tracking result is negative, you must wait at least 5 days after receiving the first SMS and re-submit your tracking request.


To find lost phones in Rytl SIM cards, first block your SIM card as before.

Send the IMEI number of your device on the box to 6101.

After registering the IMEI number, you will be asked to send the number inside your missing device.

After sending the number, select one of the following time periods to track the device:

Number 1: from the last 10 days to the beginning of the current day (cost 1000 Rials)
Number 2: from the beginning of the current day to the next 10 days (cost 10000

Note: By sending the number 1, the result of your tracking request will be notified to you after 24 hours. If you send the number 2 or 3, you will be notified whenever the result is positive, and if the result is negative, you will be notified after 10 days.