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Protect Your Devices From Hackers With Three Simple Security Tasks

Cell Phones And Laptops Are A Valuable Repository Of Sensitive And Important Information, Which Is Why Hackers consider them Because Hackers Can Steal Your Identity Or Important Information. 

Hackers use many methods to steal information and access the phone. But fortunately, with a few tricks and solutions, we can protect and guard the devices we have against attacks and malicious actions.

Knowing which attacks are more common will help you avoid common mistakes that could jeopardize your phone’s security. So let’s start.

With these three simple methods, increase the security of your device to be safe from hackers.

1. Encrypt your devices

It may seem trivial, but the first thing you need to do is put a password on all the devices you use. Encryption is used when one of the devices is lost or stolen. This is as simple as choosing a password or biometric authentication such as fingerprint or face for iPhones. If you are using an Android phone, you must select the Encryption option from the Security Settings page. Another benefit of this is that the contact list is also encrypted on the phone.

For the best and highest degree of protection, use the strongest authentication method provided on the phone. For example, choosing a complex combination password that includes letters and numbers is much more powerful than a numeric or biometric password.

Your phone may have a password right now as you read this, but have you encrypted it for your laptop or computer? For many computers, disk encryption is not enabled by default, so you must configure it yourself. You must enable full-disk encryption to protect your laptop.

On a Mac, select FileVault from the System Preferences section, and in Windows, you can encrypt the device disk from the System Settings section.

2- Define a PIN for your phone

Ever wondered how hackers can gain access to your account even if you use a two-step authentication system? By moving the wire. Hackers often choose targets that use 2FA for their accounts and then achieve their goal with SIM-swapping attacks. They use this method especially to access the accounts of entrepreneurs or celebrities.

Many online services also use a text message that contains a straightforward password to reset the password. So if your phone number is stolen, hackers can easily access your accounts using this method. Unfortunately, you usually realize when something terrible happened to you that it’s too late.

There is no safe way to prevent SIM-swap attacks completely. But setting a PIN on the phone is very important. Once the PIN is activated, no one can transfer your number without it.

In addition to setting a PIN, be sure to use a specialized 2-step verification app for 2FA.

3. Enable automatic updates

Outdated software can be full of bugs and dangerous attacks. For this reason, one of the easiest things you can do to take care of your devices is to enable the auto-update option. Software updates with security patches that they constantly bring with them increase the security of the device’s operating system.

This is true for both cell phones and computers. To enable auto-update:

For macOS: From the System Preferences section, select Software Update, and then automatically keep my Mac up to date.

For Windows: From the System Settings section, click Update & Security, and then click Advanced. Make sure auto-update is on.

For iOS: Open the Settings app. Then go to General> Software Update> Automatic Updates and turn on Automatic Updates.

For Android: Swipe down for quick access to the settings section. Next, tap the gear icon and then go to Software Update> Download updates automatically.

Everything is ready. Automatic updates keep your devices up to date with the latest security patches.

Keeping devices safe has become more important than ever. Unfortunately, hackers are constantly finding and developing new ways to access your valuable data and information. But by following these straightforward steps, you can take a big step to keep your information safe from thieves and hackers.