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How To Detect Counterfeit LG TVs From The Original; Get Acquainted (Gain, Obtain) With Present-Day Techniques That Came From Profit

Recently, In A Special Article On Counterfeit Home Appliances From Bosch) We Paid; In This Article, We Will Introduce You To A New Story, Namely Counterfeit Tvs In A New Era. Join The Hardware City For A Healthy Purchase.

Counterfeit LG TVs, After Bush, this time it’s LG’s turn it arrives; This Korean company is one of the largest TV manufacturers and the largest manufacturer of OLED TVs It is in the world, it also had a strong presence in the Iranian market, but these days, for various reasons, including international sanctions and a sharp increase in foreign exchange rates relative to the rial, this presence has become much weaker than in the past.

Sales of counterfeit TVs in the past

Due to the maximum of this issue, many people prefer to go to the old and prominent brands instead of buying unknown Chinese brands that have flourished in the Iranian market and do not have good quality and after-sales service.

Even if they go without a guarantee, this is where the so-called baneh’s purchases, smuggling, and the like come into play. In the previous article, we mentioned that wherever money and business are involved, there is no doubt that fraud is involved.

Buying smuggled TVs that enter the country from unofficial sources has been very common for several years.

Scammers, meanwhile, are ignoring buyers’ trust by offering new methods and selling counterfeit goods to them instead of the original products.

The sale of counterfeit TVs is also a long-standing issue; In the past, we have seen the sale of counterfeit LG TVsAnd Samsung, We were in a primitive way. The counterfeit TVs, made by unnamed Chinese companies at the behest of fraudsters and profiteers, were packaged in the original, pre-printed TVs.

This was while in some cases even witnessed copying of the model ( Modal Name), And we were the exact series of the company for them. This method has been weakened over time and is not widely used at present.

Reporting to the media and TV companies was one of the reasons that eliminated this cowardly practice of selling imported goods. But in a new way that has become very popular in the past year, profiteers have used new planning and, by injecting a little creativity and sophistication, have found a way to defraud Iranian buyers.

As for the new way of selling counterfeit LG TVs

Website of Hardware City, which considers itself obliged to seriously pursue the field of informing users and people about the sale of counterfeit goods, this time by field searching and even talking to buyers of counterfeit TVs, in a new way Realize their scams. By sharing this article with you, dear ones, we hope to accompany you in a safe purchase.

Profiteers have entered the field in a new way! In a new way, fraudsters are selling counterfeit LG TVsChinese TVs ordered by one or more capitalists to a Chinese third-party company are said to be delivered to the buyer instead of the original TVs.

Since the installation of the logo and brand LG, There are several legal issues with counterfeit TVs, and this part of the story is left to the scammers who ordered the TVs.

The small company that made the TVs only delivered them to the buyer, and so far, everything is legal.

Also, due to the mentioned legal cases, the Chinese company is forced to use a name for its TV; These names are printed on parts of the TV body; For example, in the side frame; But the name should be such that it misleads users and does not make them realize that the TV is not genuine.

In the next step, the not-so-respectable buyer proceeds to print cartons and packaging with the LG brand name and puts counterfeit and cheap TVs in them. It then mounts slim, low-quality logos that can be easily nailed to the body of the TV; Come on, LG TV, Your counterfeit is ready!

How to detect fake LG TVsWhat is?

In the article on Bosch smuggled home appliances, we addressed the issue that users can find out that they are counterfeit by searching for models and serials of Bosch home appliances, including washing machines, dishwashers, etc.; Now we have to say that this method has not been very effective and profiteers in the field of counterfeit TVs by carefully installing labels similar to LG TVs.

They have a valid model and serial of the company, making it practically impossible for buyers to use this way.

So what is the solution? Do not worry; To detect counterfeit LG TVsThere are still several ways. You can see the difference between the packaging and cartons of counterfeit TVs with the original LG models in the packaging section. Note that this is possible with a simple internet search.

In the next step, pay attention to the advertisements and words printed on the carton and the labels on the TV.

For example, the TV we had for a watch was a counterfeit model labeled LG 43UH617You were for sale; This model is in the LG family existed, so it was not possible to search by model. But note that the LG 43UH617 A TV 8K introduces this issue on the side labels that this issue is clearly impossible!

Also, the remote control and the manual that came with the device to the customer are complete with LG models. There is a difference, and this point can also help you identify a counterfeit TV.

Remember that LG TVsThey does not have the “Android TV” operating system, and they are mainly with the official operating system of this company, WEB OS.

But this fake TV has an Android TV operating system. So the operating system is another point to recognize the counterfeit TV and how it differs from the original. Remember not to be fooled by the name WEB OSEat in the packaging and labels installed on the TV! By turning on the TV (although Android TV On the carton), Make sure what operating system you are dealing with.

The next item is the logo that appears on the screen when the TV is turned on.

This section also saw the release of the logo8KWe initially, but there is no news about LG No, which can also help you detect a counterfeit TV.

We hope that this article has been useful in unveiling a new way of presenting counterfeit TVs to your dear ones and can prevent some users from making wrong purchases. Are you with the fake LG TVs? Did you deal? Tell us about your experiences.