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What Is An External Graphics Card? Do I Need It? External Graphics Card Performance Is Different From Internal Graphics Card!

Some People Enjoy Playing Not-So-New Titles With Mediocre Settings, Which Is Why They Ignore The Gaming Performance Of The Laptop They Want To Buy.

On the other hand, some users like to have the latest games on the market, but they have laptops that either do not provide good quality when playing these games or can not play them.

In previous years, such people had to charge their laptops. Today, there is another option today; an External graphics card (eGPU) that helps the laptop’s gaming performance!

External graphics card (eGPU) sounds simple but can be a bit complicated!

There are three packages in External Graphics Card Sales (eGPU): a frame to which you must add the graphics card itself, a frame with a replaceable graphics card, and finally, a frame with a non-replaceable graphics card.

As you can guess, the price range of these products can (but not always) be extensive. Take the Asus ROG XG Station 2, for example, a large, bulky box for $ 780 that you have to add yourself.

The Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box with a built-in graphics card is slightly more expensive ($ 1,100), or the Razer Core X with a built-in Radeon RX 580 graphics card is priced at $ 820 are examples on the market.

Here are some examples to show you that if the frame you are going to buy has a space price, it probably has a graphics card. Most frames with their own graphics card are priced above $ 1,500, but there is no guarantee that the frame you buy will have a graphics card at lower prices.

Of course, whether or not an external graphics card case (eGPU) has a graphics card should be written in detail.

But do you really need an ePGU?

In general, I do not think you should buy an external graphics card at all. These products are reasonably priced for the normal performance they provide. In fact, there is a middle ground between “the best graphics card available” and “an expensive graphics card whose excellent performance in the graphics card frame is drastically reduced compared to the desktop.” Find.

As Cameron Faulkner wrote on The Verge when reviewing the Razer Core X Chroma eGPU :

“Although Thunderbolt 3 has a high data transfer capability, it imposes a lot of limitations on the graphics card bandwidth. This port only supports 4 lines in PCIe, which will provide a lower performance number compared to most motherboards (with support for 16 PCIe lines). (Some laptops have less bandwidth on their Thunderbolt ports, so it’s a good idea to check the specifications of your device before you buy.)

When playing on a laptop screen, a cable does two things at once: Laptop data for The processor gives the graphics card and after processing, receives and displays them. Running heavy games puts a lot of pressure on this path, which will eventually lead to the fact that even the best graphics cards available can not provide a good frame rate.

“Nevertheless, I did not feel any problems in playing the games.”Cameron Faulkner

When the price of an external graphics card (eGPU) is not too high, you can take a risk and buy it. Still, when you put a lot of money into this purchase, you are actually buying a temporary and incomplete solution to your problem, especially since this card may not be compatible with your system due to software issues.

Having an eGPU equals having a case ?!

Like all computer owners, you will have to upgrade your external graphics card to have a good experience with the latest games available. Until then, there will probably be a better communication path (maybe Thunderbolt 4? !!) and a better frame as a result. That means paying another $ 700; if you add that up to the cost you paid for your previous External Graphics Card (eGPU), you’ll find that with all that money, you could add a compelling gaming system that can support the games of the day for years. Do.

Of course, it is understandable that one does not want to have a large box for gaming and buy a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and a case (which has enough fans). So if this is not to your liking and the eGPU is weak in practice, what is the solution?

Do not underestimate the game streaming services!

Two of the biggest game streaming services available (Google Stadia and GeForce Now) are not expensive; $ 10 and $ 7 per month, respectively! If you go to Google, you will have a lot of free games every month, in addition to the fact that you can buy any game you buy on various devices such as PC, Android phone (some phones support this feature), and even your TV (if Chromecast) Have Ultra) run.

Apart from free monthly games, you will also have all these features in the Nvidia service. You can play all the games you have purchased on Windows, Mac, Android phones that support this feature, and the Nvidia stream box called Shield.

If you are a fan of games that do not exist on these services or have been removed from them, neither of these two options will work for you. But if your favorite titles are on one of these two services, it’s a good idea to try one of them and get rid of the hassle of buying the right eGPU.

You can also wait until Microsoft’s xCloud service is fully operational to see if it has the ability to fill in the gaps of a powerful graphics card!

With the money you have to pay to buy and set up an external graphics card (eGPU) to run the games of the day, you can enjoy gaming streaming services for years. To have a good gaming experience in these services, all you need is a good internet connection.

Gaming streaming services seem to be a more cost-effective way to buy an eGPU, at least as long as the technology is advanced enough to take full advantage of a graphics card using the Thunderbolt port.