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What Is The Difference Between China Pack And Global Pack With China Rom And Global Rom?

If You Are Looking To Buy A Chinese Phone And You Do Not Have Detailed Information About The Difference Between China And Global Pack And ROM, In This Article, We Will Tell You All The Necessary Information.

Global Pack, In the Iranian market, Samsung and Xiaomi are the two main mobile phone brands. Other companies, such as Huawei, Apple, and Nokia, have a much smaller market than Samsung and Huawei.

It can say that 20 to 25 percent of the Iranian mobile phone market is in the hands of Chinese brands, and now millions of Iranian users use Chinese phones.

Chinese phones, especially Xiaomi, had several versions of China Pack, Global Pack, and India Pack from entering the Iranian market. Now, with the increase in sales of this brand in the country, we hear most of the names of these versions.

Apart from the differences in the pack versions, customers also hear letters from sellers such as ROM China and ROM Global and do not know exactly what the seller means.

Many users do not know the difference between Global Pack and China Pack of Chinese phones such as Xiaomi and Huawei, ROM China and ROM Global, and have questions that they have never received an answer to.

Unfortunately, sellers also do not accurately guide buyers due to their profit from selling goods, and most of them are only looking to sell their goods.

In this article, we want to talk comprehensively about the differences between China, Global and India packs, as well as China and Global ROMs, and recount the differences between the different versions of Chinese phones so if you’re looking to buy a Chinese phone and accurate information on differences between China and the global ROM pack.

Why do Chinese phones have so many different packs?

Chinese companies have different policies than Korean Samsung or American Apple to increase sales of their phones. China currently has a population of 1.398 billion, or about 1.4 billion, of which at least 70% of Chinese people need mobile phones, so if the company can capture a large part of the Chinese market, Take it, the sale of several hundred million mobile phones is guaranteed.

The Chinese market has so much potential that even its tenth best-selling brand sells millions of smartphones throughout the year. You may be interested to know that Xiaomi is the fourth best-selling mobile phone brand in China itself, and companies like Oppo and Vivo have higher sales than Xiaomi. Still, Xiaomi has entered the global market more than any other Chinese brand and has a more international reputation.

China’s beautiful market has made the level of competition between different brands in this market insanely close and difficult. In fact, all Chinese companies have to lower their prices and offer more opportunities to buyers to participate in this market.

This is one of the reasons why Chinese phones are so cheap.

In fact, there are so many quality and cheap phones in China that if a company cannot reduce its price, it will definitely lose the competition.

But the international policies of companies are a little different; in fact, in the global market, competition is not as crazy as in China, and for example, if Xiaomi offers a phone in the global market (like Iran) $ 100 more expensive than the Chinese market, its price is still relative.

It is much more suitable for Apple and Samsung.

This big difference has led to the Global Pack and China Pack; China Pack phones are made specifically for the Chinese market, are cheaper, and only support Chinese and English languages. Many Chinese Pack phones still have handsfree in the box. (To attract buyers) and many other differences that we will mention in the next section.

The Indian market is the same, India with one billion and 366 million people, has a very tight and competitive market. Hence, brands like Xiaomi produce handsets for the Indian market to attract the Indian people to buy their products.

What is the difference between India, China, and Global Pack?

Different pack phones are generally not much different in terms of hardware, but their design may be different; for example, the Redmi K series is only for the Chinese market, but Xiaomi introduces the models of this series with the same hardware and different design under the Poco or Redmi Note brands to the global market.

For example, the two Redmi K40 and Poco F3 phones have the same specifications and are only slightly different in design. In fact, the Redmi K40 is the pack version of the Chinese Poco F3, or the Poco F3 is the global pack version of the Redmi K40.

Now it’s better to answer this question, what is the difference between India, China, and Global Pack? So far, we understand that China Pack phones are made for the Chinese market, India Pack phones for the Indian market, and Global Pack phones for the global market, so what does this mean?

One of the first differences between these versions of the phone is the lower price of China and India packs than the global packs.

In the previous section, we explained why India and China packs are cheaper.

The next difference goes back to the box of the handsets; the inscriptions on the box of the China pack are in Chinese, and the pack of India is in Hindi. Also, inside the boxes of China and India, the product brochure is written in Hindi and Chinese, the language of the phone is only Chinese, Hindi, and English, so there is no Persian language or Persian keyboard.

China Pack Charger Adapter is different from Global Pack. For Global Pack, standard plugs are used in our country, but China Pack has flat plugs to use converters.

Also, inside the China and India pack boxes, sometimes a handsfree jelly case, sticker, or similar items are found, while the Global Pack phones do not have a handsfree, and sometimes a jelly case is not found inside them.

The differences between China and Global packs go back to the phone’s hardware, but not in the sense that a China or Global phone pack has more CPU or RAM. Due to the frequency range of China, the antennas of China Pack phones are not equipped with 4G 20 band, which means that China Pack phones generally do not support 4G + and 4.5G bands in Iran.

Another important difference is that the China Pack phone comes with China ROM, the India Pack phone with India ROM, and the Global Pack phone with Global ROM, so there are some differences in software, which we will mention below.

What are the difference between China and Global ROM software in China and Global pack?

ROM China and Global have major differences, the interface language in ROM China is Chinese, this ROM does not support Persian language and keyboard, the default programs in ROM China are for the Chinese market itself (Chinese messengers and social networks), but in ROM Global are the default applications for the international market.

But the most important difference between China and Global ROM goes back to the default installation of Google applications. As you know, Google applications are blocked in China, and the Chinese use Chinese alternatives to these applications.

For this reason, the default programs in Chinese ROM phones are all Chinese and are not useful for Iranian users.

Also, Google services such as Google Play, Google Play, Games, YouTube, etc., are not installed by default in Chinese ROM phones.

But in ROM Global, the languages ​​of all countries are available for setting the app menu and keyboard, Google services are installed on the phone by default, and the default apps are titles like Booking or Facebook that may come in handy.

 Can Global ROM be installed on China Pack?

Yes, Android phones have the ability to install different frames on them so that you can install the main global way of a brand like Xiaomi on Pack China phones. Of course, an expert should do this because there are many different RAMs on the market, and by installing them, you will see many bugs and defects in the phone’s user interface.

Installing various ROMs such as Global ROM is only possible by unlocking the phone bootloader, i.e., the phone software lock must unlock (something like rooting) to install the new ROM on the phone.

For this reason, Chinese pack phones with Global ROM have been unlocked. To do this, the sellers open the phone box and install a new ROM on it, so the Chinese pack phones with Global ROM are not locked because their box has been opened once to install the Global ROM.

Can Google applications be installed on Chinese ROM?

This is a hassle, but Google services can install on packed Chinese phones with Chinese ROMs. To do this, you need to open the dedicated app store that is available on the phone.

In Xiaomi ROM, Xiaomi phones can use instead of Google Play Store, May Store. If you have a Xiaomi phone, open the May Store and search for Google’s name.

Among the Chinese apps and apps, download the Google Installer app, which has an icon shown below, and then download all the Google apps and services in order.

Do not forget to install Google Framework Service and Google Account Manager.

After installing all Google applications, your keyboard will still have Chinese language, so log in to Google Play Store, search for Gboard and then install. Then, select Gboard as the default keyboard; you will now have access to the keyboard in different languages ​​via the keyboard.

Of course, with this method, you will still have details to use Google applications; for example, you can not access your Google audience until you have the Autostart option and all access to Google Contacts Sync. Or you should remove the Chinese browser default homepage and replace it with Google Source to connect to Google when searching.

Should we buy a China Pack phone with Global ROM or not?

Personally, I do not recommend going for China Pack phones, even with a global ROM. Once the new ROM is installed on the phone, you should no longer expect regular software updates. Most ROMs on the market have bugs that ruin your user experience. A little cheaper for China Pack phones are not worth the hassle of getting complicated software solutions.

Of course, some people are very interested in rooting, installing ROMs, or making major phone changes.

Global should not be a problem for you.

But for ordinary people, it is much easier to work with an Akband phone with the default user interface and pre-installed Google software, worry about using possible ROMs and bugs or installing Google applications on the ROM and dealing with some shortcomings, for users Normal is not tolerable, so do not bother in vain. Also, know those antenna problems are not something that can fix even by changing the ROM!

How to distinguish between China Pack and Global Pack phones?

Of course, these things are said throughout the text, but for a summary, we note again that usually, on the boxes of China Pack phones, the phone information is written in Chinese.

Pack India phones are made in India (Made in India ).

Vendors who sell packed China phones with Global ROM must remove the phone from the box, so the phone will no longer be locked, and this is a difference between the pack of China-packed phones and Global.

Global Pack handsets have the European CE mark, and you can also find out the type of pack from the plug inside the box.