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22 great tricks for link building

Link building is one of the most important ways to boost SEO for websites. Google has officially announced that backlink is one of the three main factors for ranking search results.

Some friends are surprised to see the rapid growth of a typical website and they are asked what a special job this site has really done to reach a Google page!

Some sites progress quickly in the results by buying backlink and accepting its many risks (black hat SEO) and some other sites by following the natural path of growth and using backlink creation tricks that have no risk. , Will reach the first page of Google (white hat SEO) in a longer but lasting time, which in this article we will explain all these tricks.

What is link building?

Link building is divided into two main categories:

Internal linking

External link building (backlink)

Internal linking is done by creating a link network within your website. This means that you regularly link to your other posts and articles in your blog articles and posts. Of course, you should try to keep this practice to its normal level so as not to annoy the audience.

In this article, we are going to build external links or backlink. A backlink is a link that a site receives from another site. Backlink have a great impact on increasing your site’s ranking in search engines and that is why they are highly regarded in the SEO process.

Search engines use a variety of factors to rank a site in search results. One does not know exactly how effective backlink are in this regard, but over time it has been proven that backlink are very important.

An important point is that backlink must be natural and of high quality. In fact, the quality of backlink is more important than their number and they are more effective in raising the ranking of your SEO.

Website A, for example, is a restaurant site and is backed up by site B, which produces content about food. This process creates a natural and valuable backlink for site A and is effective in increasing the site’s ranking in search results.

In addition, backlink can be like a conversation on the web.

For example, suppose a blogger writes an article about sporting events. Meanwhile, another blogger writes another article on the same subject, but generally disagrees with the first blogger. But in any case, it gives a backlink to the content of the first blog.

Now, if the content of the second blogger gets more attention and receives backlink  on more sites, it also affects the first blogger. Because the backlink value of the first blog gets higher and exponentially, the SEO of both blogs gets better than before.

Now that you are familiar with backlink, we want to explain 22 basic tricks for creating backlink. Note that tricks 2,5,6,9,17,19 require a bit of care, but the rest of the tricks are safe.

1- Creating a special specialized book

When you create a book that you really need in cyberspace and everyone needs to download that book, subconsciously other sites put your book for download by mentioning the source, which is the source of creating backlink. Small source sites are right. They do not, but large sites put the source. You can even introduce your book to all book download sites by mentioning the source, for example, SEO training or zero to one hundred WordPress and other related visitors will also create.

2. Create your website blog

It may be interesting to know that smart sites create links by creating the site name in one of the blogging services and posting normal or translated content and linking it in the form of nofollow and follow. And improve the ranking of keywords. Of course, it is much more effective if you can find an old blog whose scope is related to your site.

3- Video tutorials

You do two techniques by creating video tutorials. First, by placing it on the site, you increase the return factor and make the user stay on your site longer, and by placing it in the clip introduction services. You can create backlink by inserting links.

4. Create a free service

When you put a required free service on the site, such as a free domain, thousands of sites may link to your domain as a free domain, you know how to be generous to progress !!!! You can use ( to find your backlink and competitors’ sites.

5. Post a comment on the SEO site

Many friends think that commenting is one of the smartest steps in creating a backlink. I see a lot of friends who say that commenting is outdated or ineffective.

With the advent of external links, follow-up links become meaningless over time, so commenting where it is related to the topic of your site is definitely effective. Of course, it is important to mention that some sites still follow their comments link. In terms of SEO, if you delete it, you will not have a strange problem.

6-Guest post

The guest post may not be as effective as it used to be, but it is not without its effects. You can create a link by placing a post on powerful sites and placing a link in the form of Nofallow. Be careful that the post is not a copy and is not on your site or on the site of others!

7. Produce specific content

Many times when I search for a word, in the first pages of ten sites, only two sites have unique content and the rest are copied. Of course, this is not always the case. Try to produce content in such a way that your content is distributed on virtual pages. Content is very important in site optimization, so be careful.

8. Interview

I have seen many times that news sites or online magazines interview the founder of a startup and put the link to the startup site on their site. This can greatly add to your site’s credibility. Ask news sites to interview you.

9-SEO Forums

There are various methods for associations, but the best is to have expertise. When you have a specialty and everyone is looking for a specific article, do it by placing that article and your link in the link building community.

10-Register the site in the directory

Try to put the site in a large number of directories, not just Google.

11-Free software

You can create a significant number of links by creating a software or a free Android application. There have even been sites that have achieved everything by producing a software and updating it!

12. Create effective photos

Many friends think that pictures are ineffective in content, but believe me, there are still people who only see pictures of books and have visual attention. When you create unique images, you create link building lightly, other than putting a site link next to the image.

13-edu / gov links

Getting backlink from edu and gov sites is difficult, but not impossible. Of course, you need to know that Google attaches great importance to these types of links and has a greater impact than other links. One of the interesting ways is to register in this type of sites and use the comments in the forums and…

14. Info graphics

It is true that the use of information charts is less effective but can still have a good effect on link building.

15. Brand

Try to build your brand so that everyone talks about your site and gives you a link. Let the search engines know that my site brand is the best!

16-Social networks

Make good use of social media to get backlink. For example: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus

17- Get backlink from the site itself

Put a button to publish content on social networks and use the sharing condition to download or specific files and….

18-Using podcasts

Many friends may not have the patience to read the article, especially long and scientific articles. Using an audio file can be untying and link building.

19. Ask your friends to link to you

Try to get one-way links from your friends, but not one-way links, but one-way.

20-Internal links

Internal links may not be as effective as backlink are said to be. But never underestimate them and build a strong, rooted structure of internal links.

21-Useful Broken Links

A broken link is an anchor text link that does not take you to the right page. We know that links are intended to direct users to a new page or section of the Internet. Broken links are links that have been written carelessly and have a syntax error in HTML or have an incorrect address. Another method that can be useful is to find broken links in the site content with yourself and instead place your link on that site. Of course, this method is very difficult in some cases, because if you tell them the broken link of the site, they may not link to you, but in some sites, it is very effective.

22-Getting a link from Wikipedia

Another useful way to get a link as a resource on Wikipedia sites is that you should first build trust so that you do not get blacklisted. This link can greatly help the site’s credibility and have a great impact on the overall growth of the site.