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What Is Ping And How Can It Be Reduced?

What Do Ping And Delay Mean And Why Is It Important To Understand What They Mean For Competitive And Online Games? You May All Agree With Me That Nothing Can Be As Annoying To Gamers As Interrupting Or Lagging In A Group Game. 

Ping, In this situation, you must have thought about what is going on behind the scenes of your system or network and whether you can do something about it or not. To understand this, we must first look at how the computer and network connection to the Internet affect online gameplay.

Here are 5 major reasons for high ping and the resulting lag in online games:

  • Quality of Internet service provided by ISP (same as Internet Service Provider)
  • Internet connection speed
  • Insufficient bandwidth
  • Firewall or system firewall settings (integrated with the operating system or standalone in antivirus)
  • geographical location

What is a ping game?

A ping is a network tool that refers to a signal sent over a network to another computer connected to the network and responds to the transmitted signal again.

This signal or digital message, measured in milliseconds ( ms stands for milliseconds ), lets us know how long it takes to send a data packet from the source computer to the destination computer or server.

This feature is sometimes referred to as latency, which can occur between your personal computer (client) and the server system (server) and is described in detail in later sections.

The word “ping” has its roots in World War II, when it was used as a technical term for sonar signals sent by submarines to measure their distance from other ships in the ocean. 

The feedback literally created a powerful metal “ping” sound when receiving a response, which is why it became known as ping and was borrowed decades later to explain one of the network’s most basic tools.

Ping is used to detecting the availability of a computer on the network or the Internet through another computer, which can have different origins and destinations. In video games, ping refers to the delay between the player computer and the game server computer (or second player computer in P2P mode).

What do a low ping and high ping mean?

The ping-high (high ping) and low ping (low ping) refer to numbers in the specified range that is not based on a mathematical formula but empirical values. Ping time in the range of 100 milliseconds or less is a normal to medium ping for broadband Internet communications.

In online and competitive games, any time less than 20 milliseconds of ping time is considered excellent and is considered “low ping.”

A ping range of 50 to 100 milliseconds is also rated as very good to average, while a ping time of 150 milliseconds or higher will be considered weak and “high ping.”

In general, the terms ping low and high ping are more important for gamers whose timing and position in the game are effective and should be considered in selecting and reviewing the quality of Internet service. 

For example, low ping in the first-person shooter (FPS) games, real-time strategy games, racing or car racing games, and general group games means the faster transfer of game data to the server and faster response from the server within the game. It will eventually lead to smoother gameplay and more accurate reactions.

But gamers with high pings are more likely to experience frequent (or lag) delays in the game, which will affect the output and quality of the game.

In fact, many game servers hosting first-person shooters automatically remove the player from the game at high pings so that the gaming experience is not disrupted for other players. Many online games also have the ability to display your ping-time, other players, and even servers in different geographical locations.

What is a delay?

While Ping According to the definition, the length of time that electrical signals, optical or electromagnetic from a computer issued to another computer on the same network is, the concept of “lag” or latency (also based on milliseconds) how long it takes Kills to return the ping response to the source.

Thus, the delay measures the total cycle of sending and receiving a signal response, while ping measures only the time interval from origin to destination and is one-way.

It is also important to know that latency refers to quality, not the speed of your internet connection. Network connection speed consists of two factors: the first is the bandwidth (or volume of data that can be sent at a given time), and the second is the latency, which is the time it takes for the data to be sent.

Ping is often used instead of the word “delay.” So when you hear players use terms like “low latency” and “high latency,” they actually mean “low ping” and “high ping.” But in fact, this synonymy is not entirely correct.

What is the definition of lag?

Another word that is often used in conjunction with ping is lag. Log in fact refers to delay or slow down suddenly, sometimes due to high ping (or delay) is created. A high delay can cause a lag during the game, which is actually an insane delay between a player’s performance and the game response.

Log affects efficiency, causes a sudden stop or stutter in the game scene, and can even lead to crashing. In this case, the server can also deprive you of the game due to high ping and cut-off communication to not damage other players’ gameplay.

Although lag often occurs due to high latency, it can also be due to problems with the system running the game. This includes issues such as CPU weakness, graphics card, and lack of main memory.

Ping to play online

As described in the definition of ping up and down, the ping criterion is tied to the existential nature of online games. A single-player game, since it runs only on a single system and does not require a network connection and the need to exchange information with another computer when playing, is automatically independent of the dependence on ping and latency, which is a network definition for online communication.

But ping can be evaluated and categorized qualitatively for different types of online and offline games, depending on the style of play:
  • Games of first-person shooter ( FPS stands for First-person-shooter ) games Motorsports over other types of games Pyngtaym are dependent on because the precise timing and quick reactions in this game can mean victory or overcoming opponents the delay in decision-making And the late reaction will undoubtedly lead to failure. Acceptable ping in this category of games should not be considered more than 50 milliseconds.
  • Grand style games online multiplayer ( MMO stands for Massively multiplayer online ) games including online if your ping is a little higher, your gaming experience will not be disturbed. Some of these games can be played and experienced in the ping range of 200 milliseconds. However, those who intend to compete against other players in face-to-face ( PvP ) battles must have a ping of fewer than 150 milliseconds.
  • Simultaneous strategy games (RTS stands for Real-time strategy) should ideally run in the ping range of fewer than 200 milliseconds, but for the best gaming experience, it is best to aim for the 150-millisecond ping limit.

Ping test

There are many options for ping testing, the most important of which are listed here:

In-Game Ping Tool: Fortunately, most online games allow you to monitor ping-time directly from within the game. In the section for selecting servers in the game, the ping time of each server is usually measured and displayed in front of the corresponding server.

In this way, the list of servers can be sorted according to the minimum ping time.

Multiplayer and online section of Battlefield game and ping show with different servers

Settings within the game: The online gaming professional part for Network Options within the game settings that can link quality of your communications and delay to servers, game ratings, and options side have to reduce latency, reduce the Input Lag, and reduced processing time frames played ( Frame Time ) provided by the graphics card.

Ping Testing Apps and Websites: There are many software for testing ping and latency on all-purpose platforms and operating systems, some of which you may be familiar with.

The safest and most common way to ping is to use the Windows Command Prompt. You can ping any computer on the network or the Internet by running CMD or with the Win + R shortcut keys on the Windows operating system and in all versions by typing the ping command :


This answer shows that pinging an IP address belonging to one of the DOTA 2 game servers in Europe in succession returns a ping time of about 328 milliseconds. In fact, the distance from sending a message to receiving it on the server is 328 milliseconds.

Dedicated websites for measuring ping and upload and download speeds are also very diverse. The most well-known of them is, which measures your ping only up to the selected local server and measures and displays your upload and download speeds.

There are also various simple ping-time testing apps on mobile operating systems such as Google Android and Apple iOS that can be accessed and downloaded from the store. Just type the keyword ping in the search section of these stores and select and install the desired option from the results.

How to reduce ping?

There are usually several ways to optimize and reduce ping time and latency in games, but in our opinion, the 5 main reasons that lead to high ping and to reduce ping should be considered. These are described in detail below. :

1- Quality of Internet Service Provider or ISP

Having the best internet service is not usually one of the main requirements of games, but sometimes preferring one ISP to another can mean the difference between winning and losing in the game, especially if you are in a professional league to win a prize. ISPs do not necessarily provide the same service with the same quality, and multiple criteria must be considered in this selection. These criteria include price, nominal speed, latency, service stability, service availability, service volume, and so on.

Know the difference between download and upload speeds

Downloading in your Internet service is an operation that transfers information from Internet servers to your system, and uploading does the exact opposite, transferring information from your system to Internet servers or other systems.

Download speeds are usually faster than uploads, but upload speeds are more important for online games, as low latency (or low ping) depends on the appropriate upload speed. Upload speed has a greater impact on the response time and efficiency of online games.

Most Internet service providers use download speed as a criterion when announcing the details of their Internet services. For example, a design with a speed of 50 Mbps actually refers to a download speed of 50 Mbps, and the upload speed may be one-fifth or even one-tenth of the upload speed, or even just one megabit per second.

One megabit per second ( 1Mbps ) may be enough for some online games, but the ideal upload speed for group games or some gaming tournaments and live streaming should be in the range of 3 Mbps or higher.

Cable communication versus wireless communication

For gaming purposes, it is preferable to use a cable connection over a wireless connection. Wireless communications are more prone to interference and are not as stable as wired connections. Most importantly, wireless communications increase latency because they use waves to connect you to the network. Always check which media your ISP uses to connect to the Internet before ordering.

Another thing to consider is the mode of transmission. ISP you may have via modem, cable modem, local area network ( LAN ), Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL with a variety of ADSL or VDSL ), or fiber is connected to the Internet.

Fiber optics are better than all the other options because they are swift and allow very low latency. But if fiber is not available in your neighborhood or city, DSL connections also work well for relatively high-speed connections with limitations (such as distance to the call center or local station).


Appropriate equipment

While the common, free equipment offered by many ISPs is usually sufficient for standard Internet usage, it may not always be sufficient for your gaming needs. You may need to upgrade your Internet equipment, especially if you are connected to the Internet with three or more devices.

The quality of both your modem and your router can affect the speed of your network. The router, in particular, can affect the speed of connected devices and the movement of data between the network and the Internet.

The free equipment provided by your ISP may not be fast enough for the communications you need. So make sure that the modem or modem of the router installed for you has enough power to respond to devices connected to your Internet and preferably not very old and outdated models.

Also, keep in mind that devices that connect to the Internet at the same time as your PC or gaming console, especially those that have the ability to stream and play video, can negatively impact your latency and take up most of your Internet bandwidth…

Internet service volume

Your ISP offers you a certain amount of data download and upload volume over a specified period of time (volume limit) or unlimited volume. The normal volumetric needs of users vary depending on the usage pattern. In most cases, 100 GB per month is usually enough for gaming needs. But if you often download multiple games a month or use video sharing services regularly, you will probably need more volume.

Note that most ISPs will reduce the speed to a minimum if the Internet is down, in which case it will not be suitable for using games. In today’s world, standard broadband service for games must have a minimum download speed of 25 Mbps.

2- Internet connection speed

In addition to the various factors that determine the quality of your ISP service, the speed of your Internet connection can also affect your ping (or delay). Higher connection speeds allow you to send and receive data faster, thus reducing it.

Conversely, lower connection speeds can lead to high ping, which increases latency when playing online games. Satellite, cable, and fiber connections offer high speeds, but only cable and fiber optics have low latencies.

For example, an old-fashioned dial-up Internet connection with a K56 modem would ping far more than a good broadband connection.

3- Insufficient bandwidth

Bandwidth requirements for gaming are not as important as other features such as internet connection type and network performance. However, you should always make sure that you have enough bandwidth for your needs.

For example, if you are streaming a game, you need to ensure that your internet bandwidth is sufficient for the targeted quality and not interrupt the streaming. Insufficient bandwidth affects the time required to send and receive data, resulting in increased ping (latency) and is likely to lag during the game.

While ISPs usually publish general information about their bandwidth, they talk less about the average latency on the network. Perhaps one of the reasons is that it is difficult to announce fixed values ​​for delays in different geographical areas.


4- Firewall or firewall settings

Because your firewall scans most of the data packets, your computer sends and receives, this process may take longer than necessary. Even if the seemingly wasted time is only a few milliseconds, it can slow down the Internet connection and lead to high latency.

If you want to reduce latency, you may need to disable any Windows Firewall, or Anti-Virus Firewall installed on your operating system. Disabling firewalls that directly control web traffic will reduce your ping to some extent.

You can add your game in the firewall and related section to the Exclude options to not subject to firewall review. You can even configure your game so that the game’s dedicated ports are open for access.

5- Geographical location

The distance between your system and the server can mean the difference between experiencing low latency or high latency. If possible, always choose a server that is geographically closer to you. Doing so will reduce your ping, as it will reduce the time it takes for a data packet to move between you and the server.

For example, if a player living in the United States tries to connect to a server in Germany, the ping will be much higher and more unstable than if a server in their home country chose to connect.

In general, access to local servers will significantly impact the quality of the game experience and reduce the ping and stability of the game, which any other solution can not replace.

What is a ping reduction service?

Ping-reduction services can provide a better online gaming experience through high-quality, low-speed Internet access. Special servers are designed to have high internet bandwidth and use stable paths to connect to the Internet (fiber optics).

The router settings in these services are also optimized for the least possible ping and the shortest path to the popular online gaming server. After connecting to the ping reduction server, you actually replace the standard path provided in the ping reduction server with your ISP standard path. . As a result, you will experience lower ping and less latency in the game. Packet loss will be reduced to zero.


Remember that Its reduction servers may offer different users depending on your geographical location and Internet service. Not every service will necessarily be categorized for all users at a fixed level.

For this reason, companies providing Its reduction servers set up their servers in different regions so that users can choose the best server among the mentioned servers to connect with online games, depending on the region.

Its reduction services can also be used when the country’s internal network or intranet is disrupted. In such cases, if a particular launcher or game authentication servers (such as Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda, Butler, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and Steam platforms) are not normally available due to network disruptions, this service can generally be used. Normally connected to the Internet and ran games normally.

One of the most famous international ping reduction service providers is WTFast, which will not necessarily be the best option for Iranian users because it does not yet have an official server in the country.

What is your opinion about the importance of ping and its status on the country’s Internet? To what extent have you suffered from annoying and low-quality internet connection experiences? Let us know what you think.

Common Questions

1. What is ping?

A ping is a network tool that refers to a signal sent over a network to another computer connected to the network and responds to the transmitted signal again. This signal or digital message is measured in milliseconds (ms stands for a millisecond).

2. How much is good and bad ping?

In online and competitive games, any time less than 20 milliseconds of ping time is considered excellent and is considered “low ping.” A ping range of 50 to 100 milliseconds is also rated as very good to average, while a ping time of 150 milliseconds or higher will be considered weak and “high ping.”

3. How does the ping reduction service work?

Ping-reduction services can provide a better online gaming experience through high-quality, low-speed Internet access. Special servers are designed to have high internet bandwidth and use stable paths to connect to the Internet (fiber optics).