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How To Send SMS With Computer In Windows 10

Your Phone Is The Name Of A Program That Has Been Made Available To Users In The October 2018 Update Of Windows 10 To Connect Computers And Smartphones As Well As Send SMS To A Computer. 

Send SMS, Assuming you have an Android device, and you can use this app to access your phone photos and SMS control. Shortly, with this application, you will reflect your phone screen to the computer and thus see your notifications on the Windows 10 screen.

We apologize to you Mac and iPhone users because many of these capabilities and features of sending SMS to a computer will only be available to you when you have an Android phone. 

Of course, this is because Apple does not allow Microsoft to integrate deeply with its operating system.

Send SMS with the computer (click to enlarge)

The Microsoft Windows 10 October update features are that you can see the Your Phone icon on your computer desktop, send SMS to your computer, and do many exciting things after the update.

Register in this application with the same Microsoft account with which you entered Windows.

If your Android device runs Android 7 or later, you can easily access your device’s photo list through Windows and Your Phone app. 

Once the photos are displayed, you can remove them from the program or drag them to another program such as Photoshop, so with this account, and you will no longer need a file manager.

Send SMSSend SMS with PC (click to enlarge)

You can also access the list of your latest text messages in Your Phone app and send SMS directly to your friends from your desktop. This powerful application can be synchronized with your keyboard to send SMS to a computer, but once again, we must remind you that these features require an Android phone.

iPhones and even Android phones can access the Continue on PC feature and send links to your computer from your phone through it. This feature can be suitable for sending the address of a page from your phone to the computer and Keeping browsing your computer, which is easier.

Microsoft has introduced other features and promised to provide users with future updates.

 On October 2, 2018, Microsoft introduced the screen mirroring feature, which in the future you will be able to fully reflect the screen of your phone on your computer and view it on your Windows desktop to send SMS with your computer and other tasks. . Microsoft demonstrated this feature by showing a call from the Snapshot application. Still, this feature will probably support all applications.

Other features, such as the reflection of phone-to-computer notifications, will be included in future updates.

Many of these features are already available in Windows, but Microsoft is working to optimize them for easier and more useful use.