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Who is SEO and what does it do?

SEO is responsible for reviewing and analyzing the website to identify the changes required by the site based on Google’s algorithms. SEO work should make these changes to optimize the desired site for the Google search engine. Website optimization is usually done to improve the site’s ranking in Google search results and increase site traffic.

Seo work

An SEO job should improve a site’s traffic by creating content related to keywords and using the right phrases. To achieve organic Seo traffic, the work should examine design, layout, and advertising techniques through various tests. Also, an SEO professional should ensure that the content is enriched with keywords and placed among the best search engine results.

What does Seo do?

To achieve Google’s rank, the produced content must have merit. Therefore, Seo should examine the contents of the first-ranked sites to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and imitate them. Also, SEO should check where competing sites get their links from. SEO work should constantly look for ways to improve the user experience. Finally, professional SEO should increase the site’s loading speed and design the landing pages.

Site SEO analysis and information update

Among the other tasks of Seo work, we can mention the SEO analysis of the site and updating the information. An SEO worker can participate in various conferences or use Twitter, blogs, question-and-answer forums, videos, and podcasts to learn. Remember that learning should be smart so that 20% is dedicated to learning and 89% to work.

Features of SEO work

SEO work should also be a constant trial and error. Examine different methods and examine and analyze them. SEO work should also prepare an SEO report for the employer. By analyzing these reports, you can plan for the future.

How to become an SEO expert?

To become a Seo professional, you must strengthen the following features:

Update information continuously

If you are not very good at reading and searching, you will hardly become a professional SEO worker. An SEO worker must be familiar with plugins or extensions that simplify the SEO of the site to optimize the SEO of the WordPress site. Obtaining information regarding Google algorithm updates is of particular importance.


SEO is not a science but the result of a set of experiences. In this science, one should look for trial and error and find the right answer.

Adequate command of English

One of the other important features of a Seo job is to master the English language sufficiently. Technology and online activities are advanced so you will need some English language proficiency. If you master English, you can use reliable sites and find appropriate answers to your questions.

Persistence is one of the most important features of an SEO work

Follow-up is the key to success in all businesses. But it should be remembered that persistence, regular reporting, and practice are considered the most important characteristics of an SEO.

High patience

It should be noted that SEO is time-consuming, time-consuming, and boring. Therefore, it has its complexities. Sometimes an SEO specialist will need to read the first hundred Google results for a keyword.

A lot of attention and accuracy

SEO is one of the delicate professions that require high precision.

How to become a professional Seo?

Becoming an SEO professional takes time, commitment, and experience. You will also need enough motivation to learn the basics of SEO. Since SEO has a hot market and a bright future, many people consider it a source of income. Expertise in SEO, like all fields, requires time, commitment, and experience.

Seo skills work

Keep in mind that SEO is not an exact science, and experts in this field learn SEO to a great extent through trial and error. Mistakes may be unpreventable, so you should learn from these mistakes and move on. If one of the strategies is successful, it can be repeated until it is no longer useful. In these cases, it will become a mistake, and you should learn from it.