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16 critical tips to improve Your site in Google’s ranking

Improving Google’s ranking and getting the first page and results in Google is a goal that every internet business has and it does not give up any attempt to do it. If you are one of the people who are looking to increase your site in Google’s ranking, it is suggested that you read this article carefully and do the tricks and tips suggested continuously. In this article, we ask Ded9 to introduce and explain 16 vital points to improve Your Site In Google’s ranking. Well, let’s go to the main point and define the details:

1. List keywords related to your field of activity.

All you have to do is analyze the keywords in your field of activity and you should make a complete list of the keywords you are trying for. You can use tools like KWFinder and Google Keyword Planner to do this. These two tools show you the difficulty and number of searches for each keyword you want.

Hardness relates to the complexity of getting to the top of that particular keyword. The smaller the number, the easier it is, and the larger it is, the harder it is. In addition, with the help of these two tools, you can also find related and family keywords (LSI) that you can use to improve your content.

After doing this research, you can now choose and use the keywords you want with a more logical view. Now you know exactly which keywords you should spend your time and energy on and which keywords you should not go for at the same time.

2. Define your link building strategy

As you know, backlinks are still one of the three most important factors for Google’s ranking to rank outcomes. If you can use a regular and constant plan for your link building, you can grow fast in the results and reach the top rankings of Google’s ranking if you provide rich content.

So at this point, you first need to extract the list of Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks that have high domain validity and start building links on them regularly and frequently.

The important thing about link building is that you should not ignore the sharp eyes of Google algorithms. If you have just launched your website and do not have much content, it is recommended that you stop for now and do not start your link-building process because Google realizes that you have done so to deceive it.

So after you publish some rich content (at least 30 to 40 articles) you can start your link-building process with the help of the list you have prepared and proceed fast in search results.

Important Note: Do not rush to create backlinks and try not to create more than 15 backlinks per day.

3. Backlinks enriched with anchor texts and keywords

One of the important points in link building is creating backlinks with anchor texts that few people pay attention to. Anchor text is the text that links to a page. Take the word digital marketing, for example, which we linked to the digital marketing category with anchor text.

In general, using too much of an anchor text for backlinks is critical, and this action will most likely be considered spam by you and will punish you. Therefore, to be able to create such backlinks naturally, you must follow the following formula, which includes 5 rules for link building:

1. Use different and unique anchor texts to create your backlinks. For example, if you have an airline ticketing website that sells domestic tickets, you can use the following anchor texts:

  • Buy plane tickets
  • Airplane ticket reserve
  • Plane charter ticket

2. 45% of the anchor texts you use must contain the site URL or exactly the URL of your website. for example:


3. 30% of your inboxes should include your brand name or domain name. for example:

  • ded9
  • The latest video training courses at

4. To make your link building process natural, you need to use different keywords in your campaigns. for example:

  • Tutorial for valuing startups
  • Video programming training courses

5. About 14% of anchor texts should be public. This action plays a major role in getting better rankings in Google’s ranking. Anchor refers to general texts such as:

  • Click
  • Read more
  • More details
  • Click now

4. Use the synergy effect of the Google Penguin algorithm.

SEO strategies have changed since the creation of the Penguin algorithm, which is an essential part of the Google algorithm. This time, we have to face another big Google update. In early August, Google confirmed a new update called the Medic Update Core, which is known to be an important part of health sites. This update shows that you need to focus on a wide range of actions to get notable results.

5. Surround your links with content.

If possible, use your links in content-rich in different keywords. The backlinks used in the content are much more natural and better and the written content can add a lot of value to your backlinks.

To do this, you can buy ad reporting from popular websites related to your field of work and submit content enhanced with keywords and anchor text to be placed on their website. Be sure to use anchor text better than just once and try to use your most important keyword in this anchor text.

6. Create your backlinks on pages with different SB rankings

As you know, Google PageRank is no longer updated, so you can use other methods such as SB rank to understand the value of specific pages. SB rank is calculated based on PA and DA index. Variety is one of the key points to get better rankings in Google.

What is the SB rating?

SB stands for Social Blade. SB is calculated based on the number of members of a channel (or social network) and the number of views. After launching the system, it became clear that these two factors could not properly detect the performance of visitors because some could gain a lot of traffic by spamming.

To stop this from happening, the way SB was calculated was changed. Currently, the first important factor is the reliability of the channel or social network. Suppose your Youtube channel has 500,000 followers, so your channel is a real channel and the link taken from it is a valid link. The next important factors in SB ranking are the average views and credibility of other networks that share your content.

Google loves variety, which means that it is best to avoid backlinks only on pages with a high SB rating or only on pages with a low SB rating and try to get backlinks from both types of pages. This will make your link-building natural for Google and save you from Google penalties.

7. 50% of backlinks should refer to the internal pages of the site

Make sure that between 30 and 50 percent of the backlinks pointing to the main page of your website and 50 to 70 percent of them point to other pages of your website. These percentages are more important for websites that have a lot of content and pages.

It has been proven that websites with backlinks pointing to all pages of the website (including internal pages) have much better rankings than websites whose backlinks refer only to the main page of their website.

Researchers have also found that high percentages of backlinks to internal pages can have the contrary effect. Therefore, it is better to follow the said percentages to have better and more natural links.

8. On-Page SEO is a great solution to get the highest Google’s ranking

Today, Google bears no similarity to Google of years ago. Today, off-page optimization alone (for example, link building) can not lead to a high ranking in Google. No matter how many backlinks you get, if you do not have good on-page optimization you can not get a higher ranking even if you have created thousands of backlinks!

The only important point is relevant and targeted keywords. Once you’ve known your keywords, it’s time to make sure your content is optimized for those keywords. Grant the importance of using all keywords. Some pages are much better for on-page optimization. The following is a short checklist of the most important tips for optimizing content using keywords:


Title tags are used to describe the content of a page for search engines and users, so be sure to use keywords in them.

Meta Description

A short text that explains the content to the search engine and users. It makes sense to use keywords and family keywords in the meta description.

Titles and Main Content Tags

Google will enhance your rank in the results if you use the right keywords in your content text correctly. Be sure to use titles with H2 and H3 tags along with keywords in your content (like this article).


URLs are one of the most important factors in choosing your site among other sites. Try to use short URLs that include the main keyword.

Image titles and Alt tags

Use images in your content and make sure they all have Alt titles and tags.

After following this checklist, create at least 60 pages with unique content. (Each page should contain at least 500 words, if you want to improve your ranking faster, it is better to increase this number to 1500 words). In general, the more you focus on content production, the faster you will progress in Google search results.

Creating informative content is very helpful for people and can increase better rankings in Google. Try to create elegant, first-hand content for your fans and update your blog regularly. Get rid of duplicate content or content that has already been published on other sites. You can use the Robots.txt file to do this.

After upgrading your Google Panda algorithm to version 4, you will need to remove duplicate content from your site. Pay special attention to the quality of the content. Create your sitemap and create unique content for your target keywords.

9. Do not make these 5 SEO mistakes.

The main reason many people stop their link-building campaigns is that they want to get results fast but fail.

  • The number of backlinks generated is not enough to get top rankings in Google. You can use different tools such as Moz link Explorer to find out the number of backlinks. It is recommended not to buy backlinks and try to get natural backlinks by producing rich content.
  • If your backlinks are not continual and after a while (for example 3 months) are removed by the related website owners, you are wasting your money because Google ignores links that are less than 3 months old.
  • Do not create too many backlinks with a special anchor text, which not only will not bring you growth, but you will most likely lose your current position!
  • Be sure to add social sharing buttons to your pages. This way you can easily get free and effective backlinks.
  • As you know, Google is a cunning fox. So if the ranking of your website decreases after the start of the campaign and link building, do not worry and continue building your link with peace of mind.

10. Do not leave your link-building campaign halfway!

One of the most common and major mistakes made in the field of SEO and results optimization is that people stop their link-building campaigns before reaching great results. Do not forget that all your efforts to improve SEO are not going to work overnight.

The results of your efforts will show themselves after 3 to 6 months, so do not give up until then and see the results and get energy again. So do not stop your link-building strategy and keep hoping for the future and seeing great results.

11. Track your position.

If you do not track the progress of your rivals, then how do you know your website is successful? Many services allow you to automatically track your location. Some of these services are SemRush, Moz Rank Tracker, SERPWatcher, Ahrefs, etc.

The key to the success of your website is the right choice of keywords. So try to do the keyword research process accurately and correctly.

12. Creating natural traffic is all you need.

It is no secret that reaching the top rankings of Google will increase traffic and consequently increase revenue, and every company and startup aspires to it. In the following, we want to explain to you 5 things that can stop such a goal from being scored.

1. Your content is poor quality and worthless

Search engines are very good at identifying worthless content. You do not need to publish a lot of low-quality content and it is better to pay attention to the quality and usefulness of the content instead of quantity.

2. Wrong choice of keywords

We told you a little while ago that choosing and researching keywords is very important. If your website has a lot of competitors and at the same time you want to get a good ranking in Google, pay special attention to Long tail keywords. Some websites have reached the top rankings of Google by focusing on these types of keywords.

3. Your website is slow

Remember that it is your website visitors who will eventually bring you revenue. So if your website speed is slow, you will provide a poor user experience to your visitor and ultimately miss the opportunity to generate revenue. As a rule of thumb, remember that only an ignorant user can wait more than 3 seconds to load a website!

4. Your website has been affected by Google algorithms

Google algorithms are constantly updated, and if you see a wrong drop in the number of visits to your website, it is better to consult a specialist and fix the new problem.

5. You are building a link quickly

As we said before, link building should be done simply and regularly. So if you have generated a lot of backlinks in a short period, you have probably seen the anger of Google and this factor will cause your pages to fall in the results.

13. Get backlinks from different sources

You need backlinks from various sources. Resource variety is a very important issue that you should pay attention to if you want consistency in results. Getting 100 backlinks from 100 different websites is several times more useful and effective than getting 1000 backlinks from 10 sites.

14. Update your blog regularly.

Creating rich and worthy content is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your website SEO. But if you do not have a plan to create content, your competitors will probably steal the ball from you. Therefore, in addition to producing rich content, you should also pay special attention to the regular and gradual publication of content and articles.

15. Improve your website interface and user experience.

Another important point that affects the improvement of your Google’s ranking is the proper design of the user interface and user experience. Your web pages should have a simple design so that visitors can easily reach their goals. If the user can not easily work with your website, they will leave it quickly, and this factor will cause Google to decrease your ranking.

Do not forget that user happiness is the only factor that Google pays attention to. So if you can not get this satisfaction, then you will fail to get better rankings. Therefore, it is better to be careful in designing the pages and fonts that you use so that you do not face such a problem.

16. Follow the results and follow the tips below.

  • Instead of focusing on increasing traffic, you should focus on improving your Google’s ranking in results because only the top three Google’s rankings receive significant traffic.
  • You should regularly and automatically track your Google’s ranking changes using the tools available. You can also use the Google Search Console.
  • Continue your link-building program until you reach the wanted results.