The impact of site speed on SEO

The speed of displaying website pages is very important. The higher the page loading speed of a website, the more satisfied the users of that site will be in terms of site loading time, and this will improve factors such as UX and branding in the long run. Considering the high importance of the topic, we decided to investigate the impact of site speed and hosting on SEO.

What is meant by site speed?

When talking about the impact of site speed on SEO, it is the amount of time the user spends from sending a request to display the site until it is fully displayed. As a rule, no matter how short this time is, the visitor will not be bored! In fact, the fast display of the site in many cases makes the visitor stay on the site. Although other factors may cause the visitor to leave the site, it is important that this issue is not due to high load time.

What is meant by host speed?

Due to the importance of the issue and the inevitable impact of hosting on the speed of the site, attention is paid to the following important matters:

  • Host resources: the amount of hardware and software resources allocated to the host
  • Server configuration: The web server used and how to configure the server to improve the loading speed of sites
  • Server location: Theoretically, the closer the server is to the visitor, the higher the access speed.
  • Server hardware specifications: The amount of hardware power of the host server to process the speed of requests
  • Network infrastructure: the amount of bandwidth allocated to the server to provide requests

In order to have a correct understanding of the content, we recommend that you read the suggested content.

Explain how site speed affects SEO

User satisfaction is important in SEO. When the loading time of the site pages is ideal, users and visitors will be more willing to use that site. This causes the number of users and visitors to increase, as well as users to spend more time on the site. On the other hand, this issue will attract more users to the site over time. This issue is very important in SEO that a site has been able to attract users and keep them. In fact, this factor is determined as bounce rate, which plays a prominent role in the topic of UX (user experience). As you know, UX is also one of the most influential factors in SEO.

What to do to increase site speed?

The first step is to buy hosting from a reliable hosting company with high-quality hosting services. In the next steps, you should keep the following things in mind and follow them well:

  1. Choosing an optimal content management system such as WordPress
  2. Choosing an optimal and good format that is not heavy and loads well.
  3. Avoid using as many plugins as possible
  4. Using cache systems to increase speed

Conclusion and summary

Note that no matter how strong a site is in terms of structure, content, and other things, it will not be successful without high speed. For this reason, we suggest that you put this item on your agenda and improve the site display speed. The following sites are the best for checking the speed, which we suggest you definitely check them