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WhatsApp Number Change Tutorial On Android And IPhone

WhatsApp 2017 added a new feature to prevent the deletion of the previous number information, which simplifies the process of changing the WhatsApp number. 

WhatsApp Change Number feature allows the user to change the data without losing it.

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WhatsApp notifies the audience of the change in their contact number so that they no longer have to message and inform each of them separately.

If you do not want everyone to know about your work, you can make a custom list of your favorite audience.

Using WhatsApp Change Number feature, all your profile information, groups and settings are transferred from the old number to the new number.

It also deletes the old phone number account; So your contacts can no longer see that account in their WhatsApp contact list. It is recommended that you give your new number to your audience before changing your phone number.

Before you start the process of changing your number without losing information, make sure your new number receives SMS and calls and can connect to the Internet. Also, your old phone number must be inside the same phone on which the application is installed, so that it can be verified by WhatsApp.

Change WhatsApp number without losing information
To see what number is approved by WhatsApp, click on the three-dot icon (menu) to enter the settings and click on your profile picture.

Now follow the steps below to change your number without losing information:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click on three points (menu).
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Then Click on “Account”.
  • Select the “Change Number” option.
  • Enter your old number in the box above.
  • Enter the new phone number in the box below.
  •  Select the “Next” option.
  • At this point you will be asked to confirm your new number.

Now your number has been changed correctly. If your phone is the same one you used with the previous number; Your full chat history will also be available on the new phone number.