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How To Get A Free Tron Link By Installing Its Wallet

AirDrop is one of the common methods for introducing and recruiting new coins and tokens, which, if valid, can increase the price and bring great benefits to those who have participated in it and contributed to its introduction to others.

If you are familiar with the digital currency market, you must have heard the name Tron, one of the most popular and largest cryptocurrencies in the world that has many fans in our country. 

It’s been a while since a new AirDrop has been launched, which of course is not directly for Tron, because this cryptocurrency no longer needs AirDrop, but it belongs to one of the best and perhaps the largest official Tron volts with just a simple subscription and code entry. Referee gives 300 points as a gift.

According to the official announcement of Tron Link , these 300 points will soon have the ability to become Tron  or reputable currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, but its amount has not been announced and of course it can be guessed that a new token called Tron Link will be created and most likely Each person will be awarded the same number of links. 

Since this wallet is very reputable and has a large number of installations, so here we teach you how to get these 300 points for free from Tron Link in less than a few minutes. 

It should be noted that in the past, other well-known volts such as Trust Volt and Safe Bridge have done the same, and by offering their own tokens to the market, the users who participated in their AirDrop have benefited a lot financially.

Tron Link Installation Tutorial

You can install Tron Link in three ways. Through the official Google Store (Play Store) for Android phones, the App Store for iPhones or using the Google Chrome extension, of course, the first two ways are a better option. You can see the download link of Tron Link wallet below and note that the name of this volt in the Google Store is Tron Link Pro and it is available in the App Store under the name Tron Link, but these two applications are no different from each other and their manufacturer It is the same.

After installing the application, choose a username for yourself, then choose a password and easily enter the wallet. To be sure, it is better to write down the wallet recovery keys in a place where, of course, it is not mandatory and you can back up your wallet whenever possible.

How do I get a free link?

After entering the wallet, click on the last section on the right called My.

After entering this section, enter the Friend invitation option.

Now click on Claim Rewards from above. Here you will be asked for an introductory code that you can use the faUM code (pay attention to uppercase and lowercase). 

By doing this, you will have 300 points, which according to the official announcement of Tron Link, you will be able to convert it into Tron , Ethereum and Bitcoin in the future. Note that you can use the codes of your other friends as well and it is not mandatory to use the above code.

On this page, you will be shown a 4-letter code that you can give to your other friends, and they will get 300 points during the above steps, and for each member invited by you, you will get another 300 points. Will be donated.

Using the following link, you can also become a direct member and see the identifier code on its first page (use of this code is optional)

View the code to get 300 points of the link and view the download links

Important points to get Tron link

Note that the condition for receiving this point is to enter the code ( faUM ) and without entering the code, you will not be awarded any points, tokens or coins in the future.

Since Tron Link is one of the most reputable Tron volts in the world, it is better to keep some Tron in it, it may be an advantage.

Keep track of your wallet backup words and keep them in a safe place, these words will be the most important way to recover your wallet if you delete an app or lose your phone.

In addition to the 300 points awarded to the user, it is likely that one million tron ​​will be donated to the users by this wallet. Of course, the mechanism of this payment is not stated, but it can be in the form of a lottery or donation to users with the highest points.

Fortunately, you can also install Tron Link with IP Iran, but using VIP to avoid possible restrictions in the future would be a wise option.