Operating System

What is an Operating system?

An operating system is a program that runs on your computer and acts as an interface between the users and hardware. This software is usually called the system “kernel”. The goal of It is to provide an area for users to run their applications easily. In conclusion, operating systems are created for the management of hardware. It is like a government, they don’t do anything by themselves but provide a chance for other applications to do useful tasks.

Operating System Services to Applications

So As I mentioned it manage other applications. Services that this program provides for applications include:

In a multitasking operating system whenever some applications run together it sorts them and decides which one runs first.

Operating systems have to manage sharing between internal memory and applications.

It uses the inputs and outputs of connected hardware devices. Such as hard disks, printers and ports to execute commands or show the result.

Therefore we can say all computer systems need it. The operating system must be developed with different features to provide users needs.

Different types of systems on different platforms

Each platform has a different operating system based on the needs and hardware they use. For example, in mobile phones, we have IOS and Android each of them has advantages and disadvantages. system It is installed in different types of computers, phones, smart gadgets, and many other electronics. Each of these operating systems has its own range of functions.

Operating system task

The main task of it is to allocate resources and services. Such as memory, devices, processors, and information. It consists of applications for controlling these resources, for example, traffic controller, scheduler, memory management module.


Kernel manage and control all hardware resources, operating systems and software. It can be considered as the user interface between the software that running on the operating systems and computer hardware. All of the programs on the operating systems need hardware resources while they want to run. Whenever a program want to run, at first need to send a request to kernel but i have to say request didn’t send directly from program at first sent to operating systems interface, then received by kernel. Access to hardware resources now can be possible just by the seed.

Why is the kernel important?

The brain and the core of the operating system is the kernel. Therefore, it is an essential part of computer systems and hardware. Also, when some information from hardware input needs to be transferred to it at first sent to the kernel, it forwards the data to the program.

Other essential activities of operating system

Security: Operating system with some techniques and passwords prevents unauthorized access to applications and data.

System performance control: It records the delays between requests for service and responses from the system.

Task calculation measures the time and resources used by different tasks and users.