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What is plesk

The first stage you should know about web designing is the control panel .control panel is a system that helps you manage one or many hosts.

Undoubtedly for whom are at the beginning of learning and initiating a website, knowing the kinds of existing control panel and their capability and advantages is essential. in this topic, we introduce one of the most popular and most straightforward in the world.

What is Plesk?

After purchasing the host and domain, the next move in creating a website is choosing a proper control panel for web management. Existing control panels depending on the hosting can be installed on Windows or Linux operating systems.
Plesk is a control panel that can be used on both servers.
Support for both operating systems has caused this control panel to attract the attention of many web admins.
Plesk has a simple user interface; you do not need special technical knowledge to manage it.

What is the usage of Plesk?

For proper management, what is a priority is its sustainability;A factor that is well observed in the plesk control panel.
Server management can use this system to configure all reseller accounts, emails and DNS inputs through the web interface.
The simple user interface of plesk control panel makes it easy to install WordPress, Joomla or other content management

plesk hosting is updating its server constantly .Therefore, compared to other competing control panels,
 it is offered in proportion to different versions of Windows and installation , high speed and adjusting for different
 languages are some of features that have made this system popular for many users .

Acquaintance with the Plesk control panel and how it works

As mentioned earlier, the Plesk control panel runs on both Linux and windows operating systems.

To open a website, you do not necessarily need programming knowledge and professionalism in coding.

By designing graphical interfaces, users with a lower level of knowledge can easily manage their sites.

You do not need special training to be acquainted with the Plesk control panel. Everything you need to manage and configure the site is in front of you.

Plesk plugins

one of the attractions of the Plesk control panel is its plugins. Plugins make it even easier for users and provide them with great features.

The set of plugins designed for Plesk is classified into three groups:


Commercial extensions Free extensions Feature Pack
Cloudflare DNSSEC

Security Advisor

Let’s Encrypt

Git 1.0

Plesk Migrator

Plesk events in slack

Ruby 1.2

Node .js 1.2

Power Pack

Hosting Pack

Developer Pack

Server Security Pack

Email Security Pack1

Email Security Pack2

Additional Language Pack


Docker Remote

WordPress Toolkit

Among the various plugins designed for the Plesk control panel, the following are the most valuable plugins:

  • Speed kit

    To increase website speed. Of course, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than 57% of the audience will close the page.

    Once installed, it analyzes all website sections and provides a system performance report to the admin.

  • Kernelcare

    for website security. This plugin completes the server restart without affecting system performance by installing patches and fixing bugs.

  • SEO toolkit

    SEO toolkit for content management. Competitors analysis, visit monitoring, site accounting, … . can be done quickly with the help of this plugin. This plugin can improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

  • WordPress ToolKit

    to create a website. WordPress is the king of site building; everyone knows it. Over 42% of online stores use WordPress.

  • Acronis

    for backup. Protect your server data with Plesk’s Acronis backup extension. Backup companies often use this plugin to back up all their customers quickly.

  • Kaspersky Antivirus for Servers

    for email. This plugin scans all incoming and outgoing emails and removes harmful code. Use this antivirus to prevent threats to your mail servers.

  • Git

    for integration. Git is a popular version of the control system known for its high speed, integration, and ability to distribute data nonlinearly. More than 70% of web developers use this plugin as the primary resource management method.

Security in the Plesk control panel

Security is a significant factor on which all the control panels designed are focused. Due to the high skill of hackers and cyber attacks, users need a safe and highly protected environment. Plesk, as a hosting platform, has a high level of security.

Several firewalls and tools such as Revision Antivirus and Fail2ban and anti-spam emails protect Plesk from hackers.

Advantages of using Plesk

The statistics recorded to date show the high popularity of the Plesk control panel. Among the reasons that have gained users’ satisfaction, the following can be mentioned:

  • High-security system
  • High speed
  • Support for PHP and programming language
  • Support for MSSQL & MySQL databases
  • Compatibility with Kaspersky antivirus
  • Web optimizing management
  • Domain and subdomain management
  • easy and fast installation of different cms
  • Free trial: Unlike other control panels, Plesk allows users to test for free before purchasing and using.
  • Accessible resources: Plesk requires minimal resources to work. From now on, this system will be very light and compact.
  • The preferred choice for Windows: Most Windows server users prefer the Plesk control panel.

Disadvantages of using Plesk

Despite all its features, the Plesk control panel needs to be upgraded in some ways, which some users refer to as shortcomings of this system.

For all its capabilities, the Plesk control panel needs to be upgraded in some ways, which some users refer to as shortcomings of this system.

Security Concerns: Although the Plesk control panel has taken drastic measures to address security vulnerabilities today, there is a history of security concerns.

Data backup and recovery: The Plesk control panel performs much better than its competitors in many ways, But it needs to be improved in terms of data recovery.

Backing up and restoring requires a lot of free space, especially in cases where large files need to be transferred to another server.

Complexity: Although it has a simple user interface, unlike the c panel, installing scripts is difficult. So beginners need to get more used to the space.

Why do we use Plesk

To clarify the answer to this question, it is better to get acquainted with the main features and capabilities that this powerful control panel provides you:

  • FTP(File Transfer Protocol)
  • File management (Includes setting access, deleting or adding new folders, uploading files, and creating virtual directories)
  • Mailbox management ( Delete or add a mailbox, change password, send mailbox to another mailbox, Create auto-reply status, set mailbox space, and activate Anti-spam, Anti-virus)
  • Default website page management
  • Website backup management
  • Database management, including (deleting or adding database, adding or deleting user, changing password)
  • Use the database online without using Query Analyzer or Enterprise Manager.

What are the features of the new version of Plesk?

The latest version released by Plesk is the Plesk obsidian, which was made available to users in 2019.

The features that this version provides to its audience include the following :

  • Advanced Monitoring & Grafana Extensions: This option shows the current state of the server and its performance using graphs .it is also possible to adjust the information on the status of resource consumption.
  • Improved File Manager UX: In previous versions, we faced restrictions on uploading files with different extensions. In this version, it is possible to upload files with RAR, TAR, TAR.GZ, and TGZ extensions.
  • What feature can be better than auto repair? The Repair Kit option in the new version allows you to check the system and fix problems automatically. On the other hand, in this section, it is possible to check the current status of RAM, CPU, and HARD.
  • Server-side restrictions for Plesk Admins: This version allows you to impose restrictions on other admins.
  • SNI for Mail Services: The new update is safer than the previous one. The latest version of the Plesk control panel sends emails with much higher security. This is because SNI is supported by two security structures, Postfix and MailEnable.
Plesk has been one of the best web management servers since 2006. Plesk’s old and powerful competitor is the Cpanel control panel, which is compared from different angles.

Each control panel has unique features, and the customer must choose the most appropriate option according to their needs and the type of operating system they have. Users looking for accessible user space and an excellent graphical user interface can use the Plesk control panel at a lower cost.