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Virtual Server Applications for 2023

Have you ever thought about what virtual server applications include and what special features will be available to you? What is not a virtual server? The main discussion is in this section! Each virtual server has its own applications and you cannot have the special expectations of a Linux virtual server from a Windows virtual server, even if it is feasible, it will not have the stability of a Linux server.

Video games, transfer of files and applications with large data, stock market, and digital currency, an alternative to VPN service, and backup servers are among the applications of virtual servers.

If it has not been important to you until today, we recommend that you stay with us until the end of this article to understand that you can do almost anything by having a virtual server available; Of course, as long as you don’t break the rules or violate your VPS hosting provider’s terms of service…


Table of Contents

  • Key applications of virtual server
  • Application of Linux VPS
  • Application of Windows VPS
  • Dedicated virtual server application
  • What is the use of VPS mainly recommended for?
  • Is special expertise required to use VPS?
  • Virtual server purchase guide


Key Applications of Virtual Server

In the following, we will introduce the applications of virtual servers and introduce each one:

Video games

  • Use as a ping reduction service
  • Use to create a game server for games

You must have experienced a history of lag or delay, even disconnection of games, in this case, using a virtual server can bring you a better user experience and have a higher processing speed than your personal network system.

Transfer files and applications with large data

  • High download and upload speed
  • High-speed stability

When you plan to transfer your site while you are suffering from low internet speed even if you have high speed. You need to connect to a virtual server and through it transfer your site’s data and heavy files at an incredible speed of 500 megabits per second and enjoy its high speed without any worries.

Stock market and digital currency

  • Having a fixed IP
    High security, speed, and flexibility

A virtual server is a form of web hosting that utilizes data center facilities and allows users to access a direct ISP connection using a single hardware.

Trade’s virtual server is online and available 24 hours a day, without interruption, which can also provide acceptable security and flexibility for those active in the field of cryptocurrencies; It should be noted that the Trade virtual server provides a fixed IP to the user, and in this way, it provides significant security and privacy.

Alternative to VPN service

  • Having a fixed IP and identity
  • High-speed internet connection

The term VPN or filter breaker, can be used to bypass internet restrictions; Apart from its main use, creating a VPN with a virtual server can give you another fixed identity that is not constantly changing IP like normal VPNs, and this also makes platforms like Youtube, or certain sites, your visits. do not decrease and you can easily continue your activity with the same VPN you have.

Server backup

  • Convert to file server
  • High security in data protection

For most people who are serious about online business, making a backup copy is absolutely necessary for this group of people; So, in order to take vital measures in this field and prevent the main disaster, the virtual server can be quite useful; Also, VPS can be considered as your file server, you can access all the backup files you need anywhere in the world simply by going online.



1) Main applications of Windows virtual server

2) The main applications of the Linux virtual server

3) The main applications of dedicated virtual server

Each of the virtual services has its own uses, which we will explain in more detail below, and for example, which one is more useful for creating a game server, 3 cases, the examination of each of which can reveal many other uses of the virtual server. to provide us and apart from the main applications of the virtual server, let us refer to more details:
Application of Linux VPS

  • Use as a proxy
  • Access to the web server
  • Benefit from cloud service
  • Use for the server’s desire
  • Penetration test

Each of the mentioned items can have a special use; For example, by accessing a proxy, you will be able to secure your Internet connection and enter sites that you do not normally have access to; In the other part, the web server, in your VPS, you can host a static website with access to multiple web servers such as Apache, Nginx and OpenLiteSpeed.

A virtual private server (VPS) can perform all the functions of a standard server and have a variety of web server choices; Keep in mind that the Linux cloud server can have several servers at your disposal; It provides more protection against server overload, and if it is loaded more than the specified limit on the server, it can be automatically transferred to another server.

Make sure that your e-mails are highly secure on Linux servers and no one is trying to spy on your e-mails; Note that the penetration test is generally recommended to be performed on the Kali Linux distribution in order to obtain a better result.

Application of Windows VPS

  • Create a game server
  • Trade and Forex
  • A tool for SEO
  • Project development
  • Transfer information and files


In most online and multiplayer games, the Windows server displays better performance, and you can properly benefit from its permanent and uninterrupted connection; You can use a Windows server to check the stock market in real-time and always online. If you plan to do online transactions completely and 24 hours a day, Windows VPS is your ideal solution; With Windows VPS, you will never face internet problems, hardware failures, power outages and other similar situations.

You can easily use GSA, Scrape box, and other SEO tools to solve problems; As you know, a developer needs several computer systems available 24 hours a day to test new software and review their performance.

By preparing a Windows virtual server, they can access computer systems that are open 24 hours a day and have a permanent Internet connection. Software development with personal systems causes damage to the system because your personal system is open 24 hours a day, but there is nothing in the virtual server. There is no limit.

The transfer of information and files can be done faster and easier compared to the Linux virtual server; On the Linux server, you have to install the WinSCP software first and then start sending information; But in the Windows Server, you can easily transfer the required information with your own methods without any special intermediary.


Dedicated virtual server application

  • No excessive physical server failure
  • Access to more resources
  • B2B applications of SaaS users

The main use of a dedicated server is actually access to more resources and services than normal virtual servers; If normal virtual servers provide you with fewer resources; Another key point in the dedicated server is SaaS applications.

Those who regularly host B2B applications such as software-as-a-service prefer to use dedicated servers rather than cloud-based servers. This provides a high level of customer satisfaction and allows businesses to have proper control over their application hosting capabilities; Precisely because of this, SaaS users are less likely to fall victim to crashes.

What is the use of VPS mainly recommended for?

The virtual server is mostly used when either the website owners have a high input or people who have conflicts in issues such as low network speed or getting rid of the restrictions that exist in the normal state of the web; It is recommended to prepare the type of virtual server based on your needs and not to pay more just because of the high resources of various virtual server services, in which case you have just spent a large amount of money, while you could have operated with less resources. keep going

Is special expertise required to use VPS?

In general, if you intend to buy a virtual server and you are considering what operation you intend to do, you must also have the necessary expertise; Desktop or virtual server environments are not so confusing that it requires special expertise, Windows virtual server is similar to Windows operating system and it is easier to work with than Linux virtual server.

On the other hand, the Linux virtual server does not use the graphical environment, and the desired operation is performed only from the Terminal section. You need to be familiar with the basic commands of the Terminal to avoid confusion in using the Linux virtual server.

Virtual server purchase guide

Choosing a virtual server should be done according to the needs and evaluation of the goal and desires. When choosing the type of virtual server, the price is an important factor that must be considered. Before buying a virtual server, be fully informed of its types. For example, if you don’t know anything about servers and prefer to focus on other elements of your organization, managed hosting might be right for you.

On the other hand, if you want to make your own changes on the server; A virtual server with root access can be suitable for you, when choosing a virtual server for you, it is also necessary to check the availability and efficiency of the server, pay attention to the location as we mentioned in the previous section: