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Using unusual shapes

Using unusual shapes in logo design

Using unusual shapes in logo design can make the work more attractive and attract the audience. In addition to knowing what SEO is and how it affects ranking, you also need to know how a unique logo can differentiate you from your competitors in digital marketing. In addition to following the principles of content production, having a fancy and attractive logo can also help you to promote your business. Today, many people turn to content production or graphic design companies to design logos with unusual shapes. Of course, the use of unusual and different forms has rules that we explain to you in this content.

اشکال غیر معمول در طراحی لوگو

Is it good or bad to use unusual shapes in logo design?

You may think that using unusual shapes in logo design is good or bad. We must say that if you follow the principles and standards necessary for logo design, this work can be very practical and useful. These days, most collections use square, circular, and rectangular formats for logo design. Therefore, it is customary to use such shapes among the public, but this does not mean that unusual and fancy shapes cannot attract the attention of the audience. By the way, according to the surveys, if you pay attention to the principles of logo design and the psychology of different shapes, you can prepare attractive, unique, and audience-friendly logos for your collection. So it can be said that using unusual shapes in logo design is good and useful, provided you follow the principles and rules.

Getting to know the psychology of geometric shapes in logo design

As we said, using unusual shapes in logo design can be fruitful. Of course, provided that you pay attention to certain principles and rules. One of the most important topics is the psychology of geometric shapes. What is the meaning of different shapes in logo design? In the following, we will explain the meaning and interpretations of different forms.

Square and rectangle

Squares and rectangles are among the most used shapes for logo design. These forms evoke the stability, security, and reliability of the collection in the mind of the audience. For this reason, many official and financial groups, such as banks, insurance companies, etc., use these shapes to create logos.

مفهوم اشکال هندسی در طراحی لوگو

Circle and oval

Other examples of logo design with geometric shapes include circles and ovals. Circles and ovals mostly represent the unity and coherence of a collection. For this reason, this type of logo is mostly used in collections that focus on teamwork. Most of the popular digital social platforms use circle or diamond shapes for logo design.


Triangular shapes are among other commonly used examples in logo design. The triangle represents direction, accuracy, and speed. This form is mostly used in companies that want to dictate their creativity and innovation to the audience. Adidas, Citroën, etc. brands, are among the most famous companies that have used triangles for logo design.

Organic shapes

One of the most important examples of fantasy shapes for logo design is organic shapes. Organic shapes are the same elements found in nature that are known as one of the sub-branches of unusual shapes in logo design. Tree leaves, sea shells, etc., are known as examples of these shapes. Companies that work in line with environmental activities or produce organic products can use these shapes to make a logo.

Abstract shapes

The use of unusual shapes in logo design is usually seen as a combination of geometric and organic shapes. These forms are usually used by companies that want to design a unique and memorable logo for their collection.

نمونه هایی از اشکال ارگانیک و انتزاعی در طراحی لوگو

How can the use of unusual shapes in logo design attract the attention of customers?

So far, we talked about the concept of geometric shapes in logo design. Now, we have to examine the role of shapes in logo design. How can unusual shapes attract the customer’s attention? As mentioned, organic and abstract shapes, which are known as unusual examples of logo design, are very well received. These forms are more creative and dynamic, so the customer can communicate with these logos in a special way. In addition, logos designed with geometric shapes are repetitive for most audiences. The logo of your collection should be a design that attracts the customer at first sight and makes them remember it. So, the use of unusual and fantasy designs can be effective in the process of attracting customers.

Of course, the issue that should be considered in using unusual shapes in logo design is the attention to the psychology of shapes and their meanings. An unusual design will stand out in the eyes of the client when it is related to your field of work. So, before designing, be sure to consider the target audience and the company’s work field.

Logo design with abstract and unusual shapes

Using unusual shapes in logo design in a principled and standard way is one of the services that is on the agenda. Professional collections use the best tools and the most expert designers to create a logo. Therefore, the logos made in these collections are of very high quality and creativity. Professional designers try to provide you with beautiful and attractive logos using geometric or unusual shapes. By placing an order for logo design in this company, you can get the best services at the lowest cost.

آشنایی با اهمیت و نقش اشکال در ساخت لوگو

Summary and summary of the article

Using unusual shapes in logo design is common and popular in today’s world. These days, many collections use unusual shapes to design creative logos. Geometric shapes and unusual shapes each express a specific meaning and concept. For example, the rectangle represents stability and trust. Or the circle represents unity and solidarity. Unusual shapes are usually divided into two categories: abstract and organic, each of which has a specific message hidden in it. You should choose a custom logo design based on your taste and the scope of your collection.

Using unusual shapes in logo design can create a memorable and lasting logo. Research shows that unusual logos can easily attract the attention of the audience if they follow the construction standards. For an attractive and creative logo design, it is better to refer to the logo-making collections.