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Top12 Highest Paying Jobs in the World | 2024

Is income more important for choosing a job or personal interests?

The answer to this question depends on whether we have a short-term or a long-term view. First of all, we must say that choosing a job is one of the most important choices in people’s lives. Choosing the right job can guarantee your quality of life, so you should try to make the right choice by checking various factors. Undoubtedly, one of the most important criteria that every person has for choosing a job is income. But in addition to the amount of income, you should also consider other criteria.

For example, some jobs have good income, but they don’t have a good job market at all, and it’s hard to find a job. Or, for example, if you make a decision based solely on income and have no interest in that job, you will get tired and bored in the long run. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to just follow your passion and not make much money from that job, because anyway, life costs money!

With these explanations, we can conclude that the amount of income and personal interests are both very important in choosing a job, and we cannot give a definitive answer to the question of which is more important. In the following, we have listed the best-paying jobs in the world for you.




Topping the list of the world’s highest paying jobs is surgery, especially neurosurgery, a highly specialized field that deals with the intricacies of the human brain and focuses on the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. They perform complex surgeries to treat diseases such as tumors, trauma, and neurological disorders. Neurosurgeons undergo years of rigorous training, including completion of medical school, surgical residency, and neurosurgery residency, and often spend more than a decade acquiring the necessary skills. At the same time, with the responsibilities they have for the lives and deaths of people, it is not surprising that they have one of the highest incomes in the world. Surgeons are the heroes of the medical world, and because of their specialty, they command impressive salaries that reflect the long years of study and the critical nature of their work.

Orthodontic Specialist

A perfect smile comes with an exorbitant price, and this makes orthodontics one of the best-paying jobs in the world. Specialists in this branch of dentistry actually correct the inconsistencies and irregularities of the teeth and jaws and improve the beauty and health of the mouth and teeth. Becoming an orthodontist requires completing a dental training course at a university followed by additional training in orthodontics. It takes years of study, perseverance, and experience to become an orthodontic specialist and give people a beautiful smile, but you will also earn a lot of money for your efforts.



Another one of the best-paying jobs in the world and the hardest jobs in the medical field is psychiatry; Because as much as the human body is important, so is the soul and psyche, and psychiatrists know very well that mental and physical health have a mutual effect on each other. At the same time, psychiatry is a very sensitive profession, because psychiatrists are responsible for diagnosing and treating mental and behavioral disorders that require a strong and high spirit, and any action can have a great impact on the health of the individual and even the mental health of society.

To become a psychiatrist, you must first graduate from a medical university and get a general doctorate, then you take the residency exam, you will have a specialized interview, and if you are accepted, you will have to complete a four-year residency. Psychiatry also has subspecialties in various branches that require additional training. Usually, the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders is a very detailed, time-consuming, and long process, so it is not surprising that it is one of the most lucrative jobs in the world.


If you want to go for the most profitable job in the world, pharmacy can also be included in this list. Pharmacists play a very important role in the health and healthcare of a society and their task is to prepare, manufacture, and analyze pharmaceutical products.

They should also make sure of the safety, quality, and effectiveness of the drugs and conduct a lot of research and studies in this field. The pharmaceutical industry as a whole is ripe for some lucrative careers, especially for researchers and scientists involved in drug development. Pharmaceutical researchers around the world are striving to create life-changing drugs that benefit society while increasing their own financial well-being.




A pilot

Airline pilot is one of the best paying jobs in the world. In addition to the high income, because you are constantly traveling, you probably find it a very attractive job, but you should know that becoming a pilot is not that easy. Piloting requires high precision, sufficient skill and an unwavering commitment to safety, and pilots must ensure the safe transportation of passengers. They undergo rigorous training and receive the necessary licenses and certifications. At the same time, they must be up-to-date on aviation regulations and undergo regular medical examinations so that they do not pose a threat to their health or endanger the lives of passengers. In general, pilots are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people and enjoy a significant salary, often accompanied by additional benefits such as travel benefits.

Petroleum engineering

In the energy sector, petroleum engineers play a very important role in extracting and processing oil and gas from underground reservoirs, and in a way, their job is to extract wealth from the earth. With expertise in reservoir engineering and innovative techniques for optimal oil and gas extraction, petroleum engineers naturally receive significant salaries and benefits for their contribution to global energy supply. At the same time, increasing global demand for hiring and working with skilled professionals in this field also continuously increases the income of petroleum engineering and places this job in the list of the best paying jobs in the world. A petroleum engineer’s education usually includes a degree in petroleum engineering or a related field.

Data science

In the era of big and important data, with the expansion of the use of the Internet, jobs related to data science, especially in large organizations, are a very necessary and inevitable job. A combination of technical expertise and strategic thinking makes data scientists among the top professionals. Data scientists analyze and interpret large sets of data to extract valuable information and insights for businesses. They use statistical techniques, machine learning and programming skills to get meaningful results and because of the importance and sensitivity of their job, they also have high incomes. Data scientists usually have a degree in computer science, statistics, or a related field. Jobs related to data science include data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, machine learning specialist, etc.



Information Technology (IT) Management

In the digital era, information technology managers or IT managers supervise the planning, implementation and maintenance of information technology systems and activities related to information systems in organizations. They also assess the organization’s IT needs and provide effective solutions to improve systems to increase productivity and efficiency. Their role in ensuring technology operations and security is critical and their rights reflect their responsibilities. To put it more simply, the IT manager is responsible for ensuring that the hardware and software of an organization are functioning properly and that IT affairs are running properly by installing and maintaining the systems properly, so it is obvious that it is one of the best It is considered the highest paying job in the world.

Web and mobile programming

Programming is a job that currently has a very good job market and high income almost all over the world. The reason is clear, however, in the last few years, more businesses than ever have come to the online space and brought their business to the internet. Due to the strong dependence of people and businesses on software and applications, the demand for website design, application development and the like is high, and after that, programming is a promising and lucrative career, of course, on the condition that you always seek to learn and improve. Become an up-to-date and professional programmer.

Another interesting thing about programming jobs is that programmers can work as freelancers and telecommuters, and programming is one of the most lucrative freelance jobs. In addition, programmers can also start an independent business.



Financial Management

As an important field in the economy, financial management is considered one of the most vital jobs and the best paying jobs in the world. Financial managers manage, control and plan the financial resources of an organization or individual to help achieve financial and economic goals. At the same time, the financial manager plays an important role in strategic decision-making, because correct financial decisions can help the organization to allocate its resources in the best possible way and benefit from better financial opportunities. Also, by analyzing the financial situation, the professional financial manager makes the organization or individual identify its financial strengths and weaknesses, can realize financial risks and reduce risks; This helps maintain financial health and stability.

Therefore, considering the importance of financial management in all aspects of life, it is obvious that financial management is considered a lucrative profession.

Blogger and influencer marketing

In recent years, due to the increase in the use of social networks and the widespread presence of people on the Internet and various platforms, jobs have also undergone changes and new jobs have been added. Businesses that were unheard of maybe ten or fifteen years ago, and for example, no one thought that a day would come when people would earn a lot of money by blogging and advertising on Instagram and YouTube. Today, influencers and bloggers have one of the best paying jobs in the world, although not every blogger, bloggers’ income depends on the number of their followers, their popularity and their own skills and abilities.

In general, an influencer means a person who can somehow influence people and their decisions, whether this person is a celebrity, or an expert, well-known and opinionated person in his field of work, or he produces content from his daily events and gets followers. . Anyway, these people are influential and that’s why organizations use influencer marketing for branding and promoting their products and services, and as a result, influencers and bloggers earn good money.


Marketing Management

Marketing management is included in the list of the best paying jobs in the world. Marketing managers usually have a very good income all over the world, because anyway they have an important, sensitive and decisive job position in organizations and they have a heavy responsibility. In fact, they attract the attention of the target audience and promote business growth by analyzing market trends, reviewing competitors, formulating effective marketing strategies, and implementing advertising campaigns.



In this article, we talked about the best high-paying jobs in the world and gave an explanation about each one. It’s important to note that job rankings and income levels may change over time, and salaries can vary significantly based on geographic location, company size, and market demand for specific skills. Additionally, new industries and job positions may emerge with high earning potential, and some jobs that were lucrative in the past may not be so lucrative anymore. Also, know that financial success is an undeniable motivator, but it is very important to remember that job satisfaction, personal satisfaction, self-actualization, and having a purpose are factors that are just as important as income in creating a meaningful career. are.