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How to have a logo with the lowest cost?

How do you have a logo with the lowest cost? As you know, these days and in the world of digital marketing, designing a good and standard logo is very important. For this reason, many people are looking for free or cheap logo design. There are many ways to design a logo at a low cost, one of which is to refer to content production companies. In addition to ordering content, these companies also design logos at a low price. If you know what SEO is and what role it plays in site optimization, it is better to familiarize yourself with logo design.

طراحی لوگو با کمترین هزینه

Cost of logo design

There are many different factors involved in determining the cost of logo design, each of which causes the final cost and salary of the logo designer to increase or decrease. In this section, we explain more about these factors so that you can get to know this issue better.

1. Type of logo

The first and most important issue in the price of logo design is the type of logo that is designed. Usually, logos are classified into three categories: text, image, and combination. Written logos are known as typograms, and graphic logos are known as pictograms.
Usually, pictogram logos or logos that are a combination of these two forms have a higher tariff and cost. So, if you are looking for a logo design and know its price, it is better to choose the type of logo you want at the very beginning of the work.

2. The level of skill of the designer

The second factor influencing the price of logo design is the level of skill and ability of the logo designer. The more professional and capable the logo designer is, the higher the fee he receives for doing his work. Of course, it goes without saying that in the end, the logo he designs for you is also more professional.

3. The complexity of the logo design

The third thing that has a great impact on the price of logo design is the complexity of the logo. Logos can be divided into three categories: simple, medium, and complex. The more complex the logo design is, the harder the designer’s work is and the higher the salary for designing it.

4. Type of logo design

This case is often raised regarding logos that are in the form of pictograms. This type of logo consists of only one shape. Image logos in the past were only designed in one-dimensional form, but as human knowledge and technology progressed, the design of these logos also became more advanced and eventually became two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs.
Usually, in terms of the price of logo design, if this design is 3D, it is the most expensive type of design, and it also costs the most. The lower price is related to the design of two-dimensional logos and then one-dimensional logos.

5. Desired time to complete the design

The fifth thing that can affect the price of logo design is related to the time that the employer provides to the logo designer so that he can complete the work of designing and creating the logo. The lower the amount of time allocated for drawing the logo, the higher the price of the logo design, and of course, the longer this time, the lower the price of the logo design

6. The number of initial samples

In the design of each logo, several initial designs are first created, from which, according to the opinion and taste of the employer as well as the designer, a few designs are selected on which the designer can make the final designs. The more the number of initial samples of logo design that the employer wants from the designer, the more the final cost and price of the logo design will increase because the designer has to work on several different designs with different details. Of course, if you ask the designer to prepare several different basic designs for you, you will pay more, But nevertheless, it is better to do this so that you can finally get the design you want for your work in the least possible time.

ساخت لوگو ارزان با برنامه های لوگوساز

7. The number of times the logo has been edited

Some people are very strict, others pay so much attention to the details of everything that no normal person would do, and others suffer from diseases such as obsession. Despite these problems, the logo designer has not committed any mistake or sin that he is forced to edit and modify a logo design several times due to the problems of these people.
It is for this reason that according to the tariffs regarding the price of logo design, it should be said that as much as you ask the designer to edit and edit the drawn logo design, you should pay accordingly. Therefore, the higher the number of revisions, the higher the cost.

8. Type of business

This depends on your type of business. Usually, if you have just started something, you definitely don’t want to pay so much for your work, but if you have a big company that is going to become more famous with the logo you are looking for, You will definitely pay more for your work.
We recommend that you inform your logo designer about this at the time of signing the contract so that he or she understands how much time he or she is going to spend on your logo and how much detail he or she should pay attention to.

How do you have a logo with the lowest cost? The first way is to use logo-maker programs.

How do you have a logo with the lowest cost? Considering the role of logo design in the development of businesses, many people are looking for access to a cheap and quality logo. One of the ways to access free or cheap logos is to use logo maker programs or sites. In the following, we will introduce you to some logo-maker programs.

  • Design Evo: One of the best programs for making logos is Design Evo. This program can be installed on iPhone and Android smartphones. Since working with this application is very easy, even beginners can use it easily.
  • Brandee: Brandee is one of the free logo maker programs. This program is very suitable for designing business logos. This application can be used on Android phones and provides you with more than 500 free logo designs.
  • Canva: Canva can be mentioned among other suitable programs for cheap logo design. This program provides you with default and semi-ready logo design templates. Using this logo, you can design beautiful logos easily and at the lowest cost. It is also possible to design a logo with different typography in this program.

ساخت لوگو ارزان در رایا مارکتینگ

Use free and cheap logo maker sites.

How do you have a logo with the lowest cost? Another way to design a logo at a cheap price is to use logo maker sites. There are many sites that will create your logo in a few minutes and at the lowest cost. In the following, we introduce to you some foreign sites that operate in this field.

Foreign online logo design sites: Just as there are Persian platforms for logo design, various foreign websites also operate in this field. Logester, graphic springs, canvas, etc., are among the most famous foreign websites for making cheap logos.

Of course, there are also programs and sites based on artificial intelligence that do the work of creating logos. You can also design cheap logos using these sites and applications. Among the best sites and programs based on artificial intelligence for logo design, Brandmark, and logoaI can be mentioned.

How is the logo design fee determined?

So far, we have answered the question of how to have a logo with the lowest cost. Now, this question may concern your mind: how much is the price of logo design? In using logo maker sites and programs, high-quality logo design work may not be done. If you are looking for a professional logo design for your business, it is better to use the services of content production and logo design companies. Now, you may think, how much is the price of logo design in these companies?

ساخت لوگو ارزان و سریع

We must say that logo pricing is usually based on various factors. The type of logo is one of the important criteria in determining its cost. The simpler your logo, the less expensive it will be. Logos based on typography and black and white are usually among the cheapest logos. Another criterion that can affect the price of creating a logo is its simplicity or animation. Obviously, animated logos are more expensive despite their complex structure. Other factors affecting the cost of logo design are two-dimensional or three-dimensional, the amount of creativity used in the design, the designer’s salary, etc.

How do you have a logo with the lowest cost?

How do you have a logo with the lowest cost? One of the best ways to access a quality and cheap logo is to use the services of professional collections. Experienced professional collections that work in various fields, including content production, podcast production, logo design, etc. These collections use the best ideas for logo design. The combination of new ideas, advanced tools, and expert personnel has made these companies become the best logo design collections. The remarkable thing about these collections is the cheap pricing. In order to satisfy the customer, these collections offer all their services to you, dear customers, at an economical and cheap price.

To design a cheap logo for this collection, just visit the website of these collections. On this site, you can get the logo you want in just a few days by providing explanations to the experts. By placing an order, you can get the best logo design examples at the lowest cost and within just a few days.

Summary and conclusion of the article

How do you have a logo with the lowest cost? In today’s article, we explained in detail the ways to access a cheap and quality logo. We tried to introduce free or cheap logo maker sites and programs to you, dear ones. As mentioned, using the mentioned sites and programs, you can get good and beautiful logos in a few minutes.

تعرفه طراحی لوگو چقدر است؟

In the following, we also gave you explanations about the cost of logo design. For example, it was said that the logo-making fee is usually determined based on various criteria. The type of logo, whether it is two-dimensional or three-dimensional, the designer’s salary, etc., are among the most important criteria for determining the cost of logo design. In the end, we introduced you to the successful collections for logo design with the lowest prices and the highest quality. We have also explained to you how to place an order for logo design.