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The Redmi K50 series will be available with four different chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek

Redmi K50: Specifications and features

Possible specifications of Xiaomi Redmi K50:

According to rumors, the Redmi K 50 will be introduced in three versions: K50, K50 PRO, and K50 PRO PLUS. The Redmi K50 pro plus will probably use the latest and greatest version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 chips. Of course, Qualcomm has not introduced it yet. Xiaomi is taking advantage of this opportunity and will probably offer the first phone with this powerful processor.

The three models of the phone each have their own characteristics. And their differences will be in the processor and the camera and the charging speed. For example, the regular version of the red k50 comes with a 48-megapixel camera, and the Pro model comes with a 64-megapixel camera. But the red k50 pro plus will use a very powerful 108-megapixel camera. The Redmi k50 Pro will also likely use the Snapdragon 888 chip, which is still one of the best chips available today.

According to rumors, the fast charge speed of these 3 models will be excellent and will be as follows: k50 fast charge 67 watts, k50 pro 100 fast charge, and k50 pro plus will benefit from 120-watt fast charge! You must know that these numbers are very amazing among smartphones.

In the end, it should be said that the IP68 certificate will probably be in the specifications of this new phone. Which means that it is water-resistant. The original and real images of the appearance of this model are not clear yet. And we do not know how it will differ from the previous generation in terms of appearance. Do you think this family can also become popular among users?

The Redmi K50 will succeed over the Redmi K40 series of phones

Like its previous lineup, Redmi K50 is supposed to bring three smartphones – Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro, and Redmi K50 Pro+. As per the leaks, the launch of the Redmi K50 is around the corner. It is supposed that the smartphone will be introduced either at the end of this year or in early 2022. Recently, the tipster Digital Chat Station shared key specifications of Xiaomi’s I11 series phone. It is assumed that these specs are of the Redmi K50 series of phones.

The leak details that Redmi K50 will feature a high-quality curved edge display. It may ship with the rumored Snapdragon 898 chipset. The smartphone is expected to get a big battery with support for 67W fast charging. In the camera department, Redmi K50 may sport a 108-megapixel primary sensor. Besides this, it is said to get an X-axis motor and JBL tuned speakers.

Reports about the inclusion of an in-display fingerprint scanner have also surfaced online. All three phones, i.e. Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro, and the Redmi K50 Pro+, are likely to get an under-display fingerprint scanner. While the recent report talks about a 108-megapixel primary sensor on the lineup. Previous leaks hint towards a 48-megapixel main sensor on the Redmi K50, a 50-megapixel primary lens on the Redmi K50 Pro, and a 108-megapixel main camera on the Redmi K50 Pro+.

The Redmi K50 series will be available with four different chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek

Redmi, which was made an independent brand by Xiaomi in 2019, has greatly increased its activity in the smartphone industry. Introducing the Note 11 series at its China event in the past weeks, the company, on the other hand, continues to work on the K50 series, which it is preparing to launch in the coming months. In fact, an interesting detail about the processors of the series was leaked recently.

According to a new report, the Redmi K50 series will use a full range of chips, including the Snapdragon 870, Snapdragon 8 first generation, Dimension 7000, and Dimension 9000.

The Redmi K50 series is probably the brand’s most extensive product line to date and will use four different chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek. The previous series, the Redmi K40, came with three processors; Therefore, it is quite clear that the production line has developed.

Today, PandaIsVeryBald, a leading revealer, announced in a Weibo post that the Redmi K50 series will use a full range of chips, including the Snapdragon 870, Snapdragon 8 first generation, Density 7000, and Density 9000.

While the Snapdragon 870 chip was previously used on the Redmi K40 (Poco F3 or May 11X). The other three chips are brand new and have not yet been released for any smartphone. The Snapdragon 870 chip is similar to the Snapdragon 865, a flagship chip; But it turned out to be another more cost-effective alternative to the advanced Snapdragon 888 chip.

The Features of Snapdragon 8 generation

Also, the Snapdragon 8 generation will be a real flagship chip that will replace the current chip, the Snapdragon 888. This chip was recently called Snapdragon 898, But now it has been officially given a new name.

Advancing the MediaTek chip, Diamond 9000 is the brand’s flagship product and will compete with Qualcomm’s 8th generation Snapdragon. After that, Diamond 7000 will be included in the category of MediaTek products, which according to the latest reports, has entered the trial phase. Its AnTuTu rating is estimated at 750,000, which is higher than the Snapdragon 870, but lower than the Snapdragon 888.

The new Redmi series

The new Redmi series will likely consist of the Redmi K50, Redmi K50 GameManagement, Redmi K50‌ Pro, and Redmi K50 Pro Plus. Of course, as always, Xiaomi will choose different brands depending on the region. If Xiaomi sticks to its current naming, the Redmi K50 will likely be launched as the May 12X in India and the Poco F4 in the rest of the world.

In terms of specs, the Redmi K50 Pro and Redmi K50 Pro Plus will likely feature E5 AMOLED displays with impressive refresh rates. And support for 100-watt fast charging technology. The Redmi K50 series is expected to be introduced in February or March 2022 (between February 1400 and April 1401).