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How A Smartphone Emergency Can Save Your Life

How A Smartphone Emergency Can Save Your Life

These Days When Most People Have Access To The Internet, It Is Easier Than Ever To Get In Touch With Each Other. 

Smartphone Emergency, As Long As Your Phone Is With You, You Can Easily Call And Text Everyone. 

But what happens if you have an emergency and are unable to use your phone? What happens if you do not have the time, power, or opportunity to unlock your phone and call 110 or 115? Can a smartphone emergency save lives?

That’s why smartphones have been created for emergencies. These features are present in every current phone, you need to know about them, and it seems that many people are not familiar with this feature of mobile phones.

But these modern features can save lives, which is why we will talk about them today in Meg Hardware.

Medical ID

Perhaps the most important feature of a smartphone emergency is the medical ID. As the name implies, this feature allows you to enter all of your medical information.

You can enter your name, weight, height, birth certificate number, blood type, list of medications you may be taking, date of birth, medical notes, and any information about your medication allergy or sensitivity.

The variety of information you can enter varies from mobile to mobile, but the basic rules are the same.

Anyone can access your medical ID without unlocking the phone.

These features are definitely useful for emergencies where you may not be able to use your phone.

For example, imagine a person in the middle of the street suddenly faints, and you want to help him. If this person has set up their medical ID and, of course, you are aware of this feature, you can pick up their phone, check who they are, and check important medical information such as their blood type.

This information is essential to provide to the 915‌ medical teams.

The Medical ID option can also benefit people with special needs, such as people prone to get lost. People with mental illness and other disabilities, or people who have had an accident and cannot provide their medical information at the time, may not be focused or alert enough.

This feature is also handy for children.

For example, if they need the help of a stranger, you can not expect a child under the age of 10 to know or remember all the medical information, such as allergies or blood type.

You may be wondering how a parent can let their children get so far away that they need the help of a stranger. But kids will always have their mischief.

They are easily distracted and are adept at disobeying adults. You can be the best and most accurate parent, but your child will get lost and get into trouble.

That is why we suggest that you include the child’s address in their medical records as well.

Instead of worrying too much, keep your child safe by writing medical information and addresses and contact numbers on your cell phone.

Emergency calls

We are talking about children, and this option can be convenient and useful. Do you know how always to call 110 with any phone, even when locked? Well, with emergency information, you can add other phone numbers to this list.

This feature is set in the same Medical ID settings and can help many people. If you find that the mobile phone owner is anxious or unconscious and cannot answer your questions, you can call the phone number they specified in his emergency calls.

The numbers are displayed as the contact’s name to see who you are talking to, such as the person’s parent.

Emergency calls are also advantageous if you have lost your phone.

Once someone finds it, they can easily contact one of the contacts you have access to. Of course, it all depends on the person who finds your phone and their goals. So do not expect too much to retrieve your mobile phone in a smartphone emergency. 😀

As someone whose brother lost his cell phone twice, we made emergency calls, but both times no one called to get the phone back. Let’s be optimistic. This may be because not enough people are aware of these features, so I am sharing them with you today.

Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS is a feature that is easily accessible on the iPhone by holding or clicking a few buttons. Creates this special mode, which automatically calls the emergency telephone line. It will then send your emergency status to the contacts you have selected for emergencies.

How to enable emergency information on iPhone?


Here’s what you need to do to set up an iPhone ID and emergency call:

Sign in to the Apple Health app.
When you get there, click on your photo in the upper right corner of the page.
Then click on Medical ID, click
on Edit, add your information, select
your emergency contacts and your relationship with them?
Activate the Show When Locked toggle to show your contacts when the iPhone is locked by
pressing the Done button.

Now everyone can see all your medical information and emergency contacts without unlocking your iPhone.

To do this, the person must unlock your device by swiping up. Then hit the emergency button in the lower-left corner of the screen and select Emergency again.

Here’s what you need to do to enable side button and auto-call in SOS Emergency:

Go to Settings
Select Emergency SOS
Activate the
toggle with the side button Activate the automatic call toggle

Here are two ways to enter the SOS emergency mode after activating the previous options:

1- Hold the on / off button and one of the volume buttons for 5 seconds
2- Click on the on/off button 5 times in a row

This will automatically call your country’s emergency number and then send your location to the contacts you have specified, after which your iPhone will show your medical ID.

Note that you can activate the SOS emergency mode on the iPhone 7 and older models with just 5 clicks on the power button.

You can also go to the SOS emergency mode on any iPhone by holding down the same combination of buttons you use to turn off your phone and then drag the SOS emergency slider to activate the mode.

How to activate emergency information in Android?

Here are the things you need to do to set up your medical information and emergency calls on Android: (Note that this process varies from user to user)

! – Go to Settings
2- Select System
3- Select About Phone
4- Select Emergency Information
5- Click Add Information
6- Fill in your Information
7- Go Back
8- Select Add Contact
9 – Select the desired
contact 10 – Repeat to add another contact

Like iPhones, anyone can now see your medical information and call emergency contacts without unlocking your Android phone.

To do this, drag your finger up to unlock it, click on the emergency button at the bottom of the page, click on the emergency info button at the top of the page, and you’re in it. You can do the same with the power button, emergency selection, and other steps by holding it down.

To do this, you have to drag your finger up to unlock it, click on the emergency button at the bottom of the page, click on the emergency info button at the top of the page.

As soon as you entered. You can do the same by holding down the on/off button, emergency selection, and other steps.

How to enable emergency information on Samsung?

Samsung has always been a little different about its user interface. Setting up emergency information is no exception.

Here are some things to do to set up your medical information and emergency calls on your Samsung phone:

1- Enter the contacts
2- Click on the section with your phone number called Me
3- Click on the medical information
4- Fill in your information
5- Go back
6- Click on the emergency contacts
7- Click on the edit button
8 – Add your desired emergency contacts

Samsung phones, like the iPhone, have emergency SOS. Here’s how to activate it:

Go to Settings Go
to Advanced Features
Select Send SOS Messages at the bottom of the menu Select
Turn on toggle Select your
emergency contacts
Go back Select
emergency call for automatic call
Turn on toggle attachments Turn on pictures Attach to
toggle recording recording

There’s also an option for your Samsung Galaxy phone to automatically send audio and video recordings from your phone’s front and rear cameras to your contacts when SOS Emergency is enabled.

To enable these features, go to Send SOS Messages and attach the toggle attachment.

To go to SOS emergency mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone, press the on / off button three times in a roll. This will send the location, audio, and recorded images in real-time to your selected contacts. Note that the Samsung SOS emergency version does not call 110.