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The principles of content writing in WordPress

Everything has its own principles and content writing is the same. In this article, we intend to present the principles of content writing in WordPress specifically for the article and in general on the site. Compliance with these principles will ensure that the site is structurally in an ideal state, which is discussed in the article about the impact of site structure on SEO .

Important points of content writing in WordPress

Note that these items are not specific to WordPress and its principles can be used in all content-related items. Among the important points of content writing, the following can be mentioned:

  • Creating the correct content connection between related materials
  • Sub-grouping of contents related to index contents
  • Implementing a regular structure on the site for easy access of users to the content
  • Creating a regular and understandable structure in URLs

Example to describe a model

Collection site Fa Host Consider the . The web hosting page is based on hosting as the index page of the services provided and the following pages are its subcategories:

  • Host Iran
  • WordPress hosting
  • WooCommerce host

The addresses of the pages are as follows:

Now, pay attention to the following four topics that will be discussed later.

Correct content connection between related content

Many contents cannot be presented at once on one page. For this reason, the content is usually presented on several pages, the sum of which can be a set of related content. Here, if we put the link of related pages in the middle of the article or as a suggestion, the audience will follow it if they wish. In fact, we provide links between the contents for users to access them if needed. Placing a link or other content in the content is one of the best ways to communicate the correct content between the pages of the site.

The correct connection of the subcategory content to the index content

A structure should be implemented on the site so that the sub-pages are connected to the index content. This is done for two reasons. The first reason is to create an accessible interface for users to recognize the subcategory and index, and the second reason is to create an understandable infrastructure for search engines, especially Google. This issue can be easily done in the tabs section of WordPress. For this, it is enough to connect the subcategory tab to the desired parent tab. Also, if the desired article is in the articles section, it is possible to connect the article to its related category.

Creating an easy access path between site pages

This issue is more related to the user interface . The proper design of menus and also the presence of breadcrumbs will help a lot to create such a situation on the site.

Creating a regular structure in the address of the site pages

As mentioned in the example, Iran hosting pages, WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting are a subset of the web hosting page , and this rule is also clearly evident in their URL. The implementation of this structure helps a lot to improve the structure of the site.