5 years of activity in the field of SEO

As you know, Google, as the world’s largest search engine, uses a series of algorithms and factors to rank its search results. It should be noted that these criteria are always changing and improving. So it can be concluded that there is no fixed standard and guideline. In this article, the experimental results of more than 5 years of activity in the field of website SEO will be presented to you, which in our opinion is very valuable because it is the result of years of hard work and investment in this field.

Experimental results from SEO and optimization

These results are the result of the experiences gained from dozens of sites, which we will refer to below. Note that the following are experimental and cannot be relied upon with absolute certainty. Also, some experts active in the field of SEO and site optimization may deny or confirm these things. You are also free to approve or reject these items.

  • WordPress is structurally more suitable for SEO.
  • The structure and architecture of the site is very important.
  • A free SSL security certificate does not have a very positive effect on the site’s SEO.
  • Speed ​​has a direct effect and security and stability have an indirect effect on SEO.
  • Good content is not just long text, images and video.
  • Preventing worthless pages from being indexed has a good but indirect effect on site SEO.
  • The user experience factor has a great impact on site SEO.
  • Links are very important but not everything is links.

WordPress and SEO site

WordPress can be considered the best free and open source content management system in the world. The controllable structure of WordPress as well as the existence of many plugins and templates for it can be considered as one of the strengths of WordPress. According to the reviews that we have done under the same conditions, WordPress has achieved a better result (albeit slightly) compared to Joomla in SEO. While WordPress is functional, it has a very organized structure and is very easy to work with. This characteristic makes WordPress the most popular content management system in the world. We suggest that you read the article on how WordPress affects website SEO .

The importance of site structure in SEO

The structure and architecture of the site play an important role in the standardization of the site. The standardization of the site also increases the level of efficiency and comfort for users. This indirectly has a positive effect on SEO. Due to the high importance of this issue, we have raised the discussion in the form of a special article entitled the impact of site structure on SEO .

The effect of SSL security certificate on site SEO

Google has confirmed the positive impact of SSL security certificates. But the noteworthy point is that the results of the reviews show that the free SSL certificate does not have a special effect on SEO. The reason for this issue can be related to the fact that verification is done in paid certificates, but no verification is done in free certificates. As a result, considering that there is a possibility of abuse with a free SSL certificate for things like phishing , etc., it is logical that there is no positive effect for a free SSL security certificate.

The effect of speed, stability and security on SEO site

Google’s official sources have stated that site loading speed has a direct impact on SEO. As a rule, the better the loading speed of the site, the better the result, and the lower it is, it will have a negative effect. Of course, the thing that should be taken into account is that your site is measured for ranking in Google results by taking into account the status of competitors, and the site ranked 1st in Google with a certain word or phrase may not have the desired speed. So it should be noted that it is important to be higher and better than competitors, not to have theoretical criteria.

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Distinctive features of quality content

The meaning of quality content is not the number of words, nor the presence of images and videos, etc.! Rather, the meaning of quality content is that the content is user-friendly and technical standards are met. The following are the features of quality content:

  • The content has been written correctly.
  • The content should be expressed in a simple but meaningful way.
  • Have comprehensive, useful and fresh information in your heart.

Management of low value and worthless pages

Some pages have no special value and it is better to prevent them from being indexed in Google. For this, we can use the very useful and good Yoast SEO plugin and set useless or low-value pages as Noindex to prevent them from being indexed. Another solution is to use rel=canonical for low value, worthless or similar pages. Actually, canonical is used to aggregate similar pages and refer them to the target page.

The impact of user experience on site SEO

The result of site visitors’ feedback can be considered as user experience . Some experts and activists in the field of SEO are of the opinion that UX has no special effect on SEO, but we are completely against this theory and we are of the opinion that user experience has a very significant effect on SEO. It should also be noted that the impact of user experience on SEO is expected to be greater than the current level in the future. Because the main topic of user experience is to establish the desired situation of the users of a site, which is close to the goal and principle.

Examining the impact of links on ranking

From the beginning, external links have had a huge impact on determining the ranking of Google results. But the issue that should be taken into account is that the level of spam and violations in this issue is very high and this issue has caused Google to provide a special algorithm called Penguin to control and check links. The discussion of external links is a very broad and complex issue that cannot be discussed briefly. But there are some things that you should pay attention to. The items are as follows:

  • Sitewide and paid links are considered spam by Google.
  • If you need sitewide links as advertising, make sure they are nofollow.
  • Controlling the general and partial density of external links is very important, and Google may penalize the site if a mistake occurs.
  • The quality of the links and the content of the linker is much more important than the number of links.
  • One of the best ways to get natural links is to work on branding.
  • The higher the level of competition and keyword spam, the more control and monitoring is applied to it in Google results.

In order to be able to have a good link building to improve the site and its keywords, we suggest that you know the structure of the Penguin algorithm well so that you can act correctly. One of the best resources is the searchengineland site, which is placed below the link related to the information and news of the Penguin algorithm