website design method

The most common and up-to-date website design method

A website is a set of related pages with different texts, images, and sounds. In addition, the main page is a showcase through which we are supposed to access the rest of the pages. Today, website design methods are very diverse and different.

Which method should we use?

In this regard, the first question that may come to mind is what methods we are facing in the direction of website design, what are the differences between these methods, and which website design method is better for us? Then, by considering all aspects and obtaining sufficient information, we can choose the most appropriate website design method to increase business productivity.

In general, three methods can be considered for website design: dynamic method, static method, and flash method. Each of these methods has a different manufacturing process and order. This issue causes unique advantages and disadvantages of each method and differentiates their effectiveness. In the rest of this article, we will define and describe these methods for website design.

Static website design method

In general, every site designed is static from the starting point. The meaning of static is that the figures and contents in the sites, as they are placed from the beginning, are frozen and can no longer be updated.

As you know, website design is mainly done in two languages ​​HTML and CSS. When the site designer and programming team design the site pages. According to the customer’s needs, the site considers different sections.

Now imagine that in the upper area of ​​a website, we have a fixed slider in images that has two images. Every 5 seconds, the image changes, and the alternative image is displayed. Now, if we cannot change this slider and place the third image for it after the upload stage or loading the site on the hosting and domain, we have a static site.

If the site was dynamic, we could add the third image to the slider by entering the management panel. But now that the site is static, we have to write instructions from the beginning and upload the site again on the host. This is because we do not have a management panel on static sites. Also, no library and information memory can change static sites without programming knowledge.

Of course, it should be noted that the designer may say that to add the third slide to the slider, you need to put the image in a folder to be added to the slider. Of course, we do not mean such a thing by the management panel. But the management panel has more features in such a way that the management of the sites will suffer without it.

Some static site features

  1. The site loading speed is high
  2. The cost of setting up the site is low
  3. It has acceptable security
  4. It is not possible to update continuously
  5. If changes are needed, a high cost will be incurred
  6. The management panel is closed
  7. You cannot have multiple pages on your site

Static sites also have weaknesses in areas that can make them very difficult to work with.

Dynamic website design method

Dynamic sites are generally the same as static sites, with small differences. For example, programming under the server in the programming code of the site includes codes that ask for the requested information from somewhere every time the page is loaded. It then asks which data to display. Each time the page is loaded, the information printed may differ from the information printed last time. Also, it is possible that the printed information has not changed countless times.

Of course, the entire site doesn’t always need to have this capability and, in other words, be dynamic. Sometimes we need continuous updates only on the news and articles page. So, we only make this part of the site dynamic and design a management panel. This issue, which depends on the customer’s needs, saves money and time spent on the site.

Features of dynamic sites

  1. Make it easy to update
  2. Edit in the shortest time
  3. Management panel feature
  4. Management without the need for computer knowledge
  5. Unlimited number of pages
  6. The possibility of optimization and SEO
  7. Extensibility
  8. They have a higher production cost
  9. The rise speed is lower
  10. The cost of hosting and the domain is more expensive

Flash website design method

This method is one of the new website design methods, which has become significantly popular in recent years and also has its fans. Flash websites are mostly created by special website design software. This website design method is easily created using software and attracts more audiences due to its beauty and attractive appearance.

Flash site design methods

Flash sites also follow two common methods in site design and are generally divided into two semi-dynamic and static categories. Static sites, as their name suggests, are fixed and static. To change them, we need Flash knowledge, but in the second category, which is called semi-dynamic sites, the ability to change can be seen, and changes can be made in them simply and without the need to know the technical issues of the web.

Final word

With the increasing access and use of the Internet, Most businesses have turned to cloud and online presence. Meanwhile, there are different methods for designing websites with different features, which people should choose according to their needs and desires. And, of course, they have to pay different fees and times to have those facilities. In the meantime, you should also pay attention to site development and optimization areas to have maximum use and productivity.