professional SEO work

Features of a professional SEO work

Professional SEO work is the subject of today’s discussion, and previously we briefly discussed SEO and its definition in the article Who is SEO? Now it’s time to talk about the characteristics of a professional SEO. In this context, first, it should be determined who the SEO specialist is. A professional SEO is a wizard who can create many wonders for your site with his knowledge.

Maybe this definition is ambiguous. However, professional SEO works by knowing the principles of site optimization and considering the patterns and methods of different search engines. Using their SEO knowledge will increase the site’s rank. At its best, it makes the site the top result of search engines. Of course, if the site’s content is not suitable, professional SEO cannot perform miracles.

In general, it is necessary to state that professional SEO work is divided into two categories:

White collars

cleanly and without bypassing cyberspace and search engines, they will increase your site visits.

Black collars

This category tries to bypass search engines and browsers by using different tricks. Don’t be happy if your site visits increase for a short time due to black-collar workers. Because search engines will recognize this traffic increase over time, you will be penalized for this.

Therefore, the most basic prerequisite for professional SEO work is adherence to rules and regulations and knowledge of SEO rules.

The main and important features of professional SEO work can be divided into two general parts: First, we examine the behavioral features required to improve the site’s visibility. The second part of these features is the knowledge skills that help him improve his SEO activities. This section itself is divided into two subgroups:

  1. Knowledge skills of virtual space
  2. Knowledge skills related to SEO

Behavioral skills of professional SEO work

Studying and being a researcher

In the field of SEO activities, it is very necessary to be a researcher and questioner. Being a researcher in this field is doubly important because this field of work is new. Those continuously engaged in research in this field discover many unexplored ways.

Patience in work is a condition of becoming a professional SEO

The right ways to attract the audience and raise the site’s position in real terms in the browser are time-consuming. You may go from failure to failure in any of them. Patience and hope in this path will make you rise again every time you fall. Think about the benefits of work and its good financial future as described in the SEO work site article and continue on the learning path.

Differentiation in approach and creativity

What is the difference between people like Bill Gates or the manager of Tesla, and unsuccessful people? The answer is clear; Different points of view and creative attitudes are the most important differences between these two groups. You must be innovative. Cyberspace is full of repetitive ideas. The constant observance of normal affairs is the reason for failure. You need to change the viewing angle in the design. If everyone longs to fly on a bicycle, take your imagination to hang out with aliens in their spaceship.


Success has been on that side of the bridge of danger since ancient times. Cross this bridge to achieve success. Do not tell yourself that this work is useless and will take time to reach the capital; take a risk. You will succeed. Successful people are risk-takers.

Familiarity with browsers

Knowing different browsers is a must for a professional SEO. Which browser works? How? What are the rules and regulations governing that browser? What methods and tricks are there to increase the number of page views? In which case, the site may be penalized by browsers or SPAM? All these and many other things do SEO work to know its path correctly and get to know its potential and limitations correctly.

Familiarity with software related to content creation

In the past, content production may have ended up as mere textual content production, but this is no longer the case. Other contents such as photos, video or images, animation, audio content, and even a combination have been added to the text content.

To use these contents, it seems necessary to know different software and how each works, even to a small extent. Among this software, we can mention adobe premiere (for creating animation works), adobe photoshop (for creating visual content), or software like fl studio code.

Website design software

In addition to creating content, an important part of SEO work is knowing some software and their methods to increase SEO. A professional SEO should be somewhat familiar with this software. He should know how this software increase SEO with website design. Of course, knowledge of software such as Word Press and skills in them is ideal for professional and expert SEO work.

English language

Due to the young age of the SEO field, all the research in this field or most of the research related to this field is written in English. On the other hand, to be professional in SEO and not fall behind our colleagues, we must keep our knowledge up to date, which requires a relative familiarity with the English language.

Familiarity with psychology is a positive point for professional SEO work.

In SEO work, familiarity with the psychology and behavior of people is more necessary than in any other field. Because in this position, we can’t directly face the customer, who is the site’s audience. Inevitably, we must predict the actions and reactions of the site reader and design the content based on the pleasures of the audience to get better feedback.

Getting to know the science of digital marketing

Knowing the digital market and its tricks is one of the important features of a professional SEO. SEO work must know what the surrounding market and its competitors are doing to change his content based on the policies and atmosphere that govern them. He must know what methods to use to attract the audience to buy his site and content. The job of content producer and SEO is like a chess player. Even more difficult than him because the movements of the audience and SEOs are no longer predictable.

Sociology and media science

A person who is an SEO should know what is happening in his community. Because sometimes he has to make momentary decisions. Some contents are explosive, and if they are not used in time for the visibility of the site, those contents will inevitably lose their value.