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Professional SEO training course and SEO review training with ecwid

The professional SEO training course is one of the most reliable and important SEO courses that can be useful for you while doing SEO professionally. One of the topics of the professional SEO training course is SEO review training with ecwid. ecwid can provide everything you need to connect to an online store for your website. This plugin, compatible with the WordPress Gutenberg editor, is one of the most powerful plugins. Ecwid is a platform through which you can build an online store and sell different products physically or digitally. In this article, we will take a closer look at this plugin.

What exactly is Ecwid?

Ecwid is a platform through which you can build an online store with content management systems. To use this platform, you must first create an account in it to use it permanently. Note that if you want to upload more than ten products, you must pay this platform a small monthly fee so that you can use this platform for free. After entering this program, you must click on the get started for free button and enter the registration page. On this page, you must enter the store information entry section’s username, email address, and password. In this section, you must complete a 4-page form of store information.

A Professional SEO training course will teach you that. After completing the form, you must click the complete registration button and use the ecwid platform. At this point, you will see that the ecwid setup is complete. After that, you should build and launch your online store.

Professional SEO training course and building an online store

To create an online store using ecwid, you must first click the create your online store button. Then the question of whether you have a website or not. Answer with the yes, I have a website button. Ecwid also cooperates with many platforms, such as Facebook and Joomla. Therefore, you should choose in the next step that you want to use this platform in WordPress.

In the next step, a page will show you how to follow the instructions to connect ecwid to your WordPress site. First, you need to enter the WordPress dashboard, install the ecwid plugin, and activate it. The menu of this platform is added to the WordPress counter after activation.

In the professional SEO training course, you can create only one account on ecwid. But on the other hand, you had created an account before this. You can log in to your account by clicking the connect your store to this site button. Then log in to the following account. Then you will be transferred to a new page, which will be connected to the plugin of these two platforms by clicking on the accept button. And the ecwid page will show up in your WordPress dashboard where you left it. In this step, you should click on the proceed to next step button. After this step, you should add your website URL to complete the launch of this platform.

How to add a product to ecwid?

The professional SEO training course and adding products to the ecwid platform includes the following steps:

1. Click on the add products button

2. Adding the product’s name, price, and the image will be displayed on the page.

3. Add more details such as color, size, etc. by clicking on the more powerful option

4. Then, we register the new product by pressing the save button.

5. Click the add more button to add new products.

The professional SEO training course states that every store you create with ecwid. By default, it already has several products you can delete and replace with new ones. You can remove the demo products from the catalog section. You can also edit products or add and subtract products from this section. To categorize products, you can enter category and product from this section.

I am completing information such as geographic location, payment gateway, shipping method, etc.

In the professional SEO training course, we also provide information about how to add the geographic location of the store, how to transport and send products, and pay and transfer to the bank portal. Specifying the geographic location is to inform the platform of the currency unit and measurement scale of that location.

The professional SEO training course will teach you that the information entered by you is also recorded in the invoices and emails sent to the client. Press the save button after entering the information in each step. You can click on set up shipping or pickup to specify shipping options and add the necessary information. It is interesting to know that you can also sell digital products from this platform, but for this, you need a non-free account.

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SEO products

Almost all Google users looking for a product find the desired product from the initial Google search results by searching the product name and buying it. To be at the top of the Google results with the name of the products in our store, we should also do SEO for the products. For this purpose, we should create content for products and upload the specifications of each product along with unique images in the products section. Be careful not to use copied content in any way that will hinder your site’s development.