penalty in Google

What is a penalty in Google?

What is Google Penalty? This question is one of the most common questions that users have encountered. In general, there are various reasons for creating a penalty in Google. Using black hat SEO or unauthorized SEO can cause a Google penalty. When Google detects black hat or unauthorized SEO, it will quickly penalize the site owner. In this situation, people should look for an exit from the Google penalty.
We should note that getting out of Google’s penalty can be difficult. Today we will talk to you about the penalty in Google, the reasons for its creation, and the solution to this problem. So stay with us.

Definition of penalty in Google

Let’s start our work with a detailed review of the penalty in Google. People use SEO to reach the first results of Google. Optimizing the site and following specific tips can easily lead your site to the first results on Google. However, these optimizations are not always according to the rules. Sometimes people use a series of specific SEO methods. Methods that are not legal and result in fines from Google’s point of view. When you bypass the normal process and seek to be first at any cost, you use black hat SEO. Of course, note that black hat SEO includes various things.

In general, a penalty in Google is a punishment that the Google management team considers for a website and its owner. When a site violates Google’s correct strategies, a site will be penalized. Note that black hat SEO tactics are the main and most important reason for creating a penalty in Google. Maybe checking an example in this field will help people to understand. Think of the internet world as a football game where everyone tries to score and be the first. Your website is a player, and Google plays the role of referee in the internet world. If the players make a mistake or make a non-virtual move, the referee must punish them.

The referee must send the players off if they make too many mistakes. This example can fully explain the penalty in Google. If your website has an error, it will face a penalty at first. But he will be expelled from the game when he makes several mistakes and does not pay attention to the penalties. Suspension, heavy fines, and not being placed in the main results can be the most important tools for Google in the direction of proper SEO.

Google and exclusive debugging

In the old days, no such thing as a penalty in Google. The website owners always copied each other, and Google displayed the results according to its original algorithms. After some time, Google created an extensive topic called the exclusive debugging system. A system during which a penalty was created and business owners were forced to comply with a series of special rules. Google spent a lot of time researching ways to circumvent SEO rules and create security problems.

After a while, this famous company found a series of special solutions to deal with these people. Although there are always people who can bypass Google and its algorithms, Google’s troubleshooting team is always looking to find problems and fix them.

This exclusive debugging system produced by Google can easily penalize website owners. For this reason, people should be careful about what they post on their websites. Sometimes publishing a simple article can cause serious and irreparable damage to a site. Today, Google’s search engine can be identified as the main and most important internet service. A service without which most businesses face serious problems and normal users must use different solutions to get a simple result.

What are people penalized for in Google?

Now that we have covered the preliminary topics let’s go to the Google penalty itself. Maybe you also have a question, what is the reason for the site being penalized in Google, and what people does Google penalize? In answer to this question, we must say that fraudsters are the main target of the penalty system in Google. When users use a series of special and unusual methods to manipulate their rank in the Google search engine, they face a penalty. Sometimes, illegal techniques, misleading titles, and unnatural links make a website quickly enter the first page.

But, when Google and its robots detect this fraud, the site will face a penalty. So, as a business owner, you should not use unusual methods to increase your rank under no circumstances. Sometimes site owners who have used unorthodox methods have been permanently removed from Google. The second category of people who face a Google penalty are people who harm their competitors. Google doesn’t like site owners attacking each other without a logical reason or putting pressure on each other’s infrastructure. Using toxic backlinks, attacking different parts of a website, and using different methods to reduce a particular site’s value can be other important reasons for creating a penalty in Google. Therefore, you should not seek to harm your competitors or reduce their rank under no circumstances.

Methods of identifying and applying penalties in Google

There are currently two main methods for applying penalties in Google. The first method is to use a robot. Smart robots and Google algorithms are always analyzing and checking different sites. This issue has caused all websites to be scanned, and if a specific violation is observed, it will be stopped quickly. Google bots apply 70% of fines. If your website has problems or uses illegal SEO methods, Google robots will quickly identify and apply the law to your site. But, sometimes, Google bots don’t find anything, and your site looks completely normal.

In this situation, if someone complains about your site, Google experts will manually register a penalty. 30% of Google fines are registered by hand, manual tools, and Google experts. Note that Google bots can only apply predefined penalties. But, if a Google expert fines your site for violating copyright or other important laws, you usually face a big problem. Because in this situation, your violation is severe, and the penalty in Google will also be severe. Experts will usually investigate this issue if you have encountered legal or copyright problems because Google’s automatic robots recognize the copy to a small extent. You will face serious problems if you have copied an article from another company without citing the source.

How severe is the penalty in Google?

Maybe you also have a question, what is the severity of the penalty in Google? In the previous parts, we mentioned that the severity and severity of the penalty in Google could vary depending on the type of your violation. Severe and heavy violations that can cause a lot of damage to the system will include permanent fines. But in general, the penalty severity in Google has three categories: short-term, long-term, and permanent. In short-term penalties, the site will face a reduction in rank for a few specific keywords. When the site violates, it is transferred from the first page of Google to the second or third page for a short time and then returns to the first page.

If the severity of the violation is high or if the violation is repeated, the penalty in Google will be longer. If the severity of the violation and the duration of its repetition increase to a significant extent, the site will be permanently restricted in Google. It means that administrators and site owners cannot index their content. Google has warned the violators that using unauthorized SEO methods can remove their site from Google forever. So, if you have encountered a simple penalty in Google for the first time, it is better to leave cheating forever and use normal methods to promote your site like other web admins active in the market.

Of course, there is an exception to the Google penalty. Legal fines related to the three categories are not raised. When different sites request Google to find the site by presenting a valid complaint, Google will deal with that site severely. This problem usually occurs when a website copies its content from other sources without mentioning it.

How to find out about the penalty on Google

Another thing that users should be familiar with is how to find out about a penalty in Google. Finally, when Google penalizes a site, it notifies its owners by sending a detailed report. Note that the site administrators must activate the Google console tool to avoid any special problems in this field. If you have activated the Google Console tool, Google will send you a notification at the time of the penalty. By receiving the notification and opening the attached file, you can see all the information you need about the penalty. When the website error is too big, and you violate other users’ rights, Google will also send an email.

To find out about the penalty in Google, you can check different tools and read the reports sent by Google if you encounter problems. We should note that to fix the error and get out of the penalty in Google. You must not send an email to this company. To check the error and fix it, you can submit your request in writing to Google. Note that in all the reports and notifications that Google sends to its users, it also provides necessary and relevant explanations to users. So, it is better to check the notices sent by Google in detail and inform the experts in Google’s technical unit if there is a problem.

Using free hosts and getting penalized in Google

Now that we have covered all the preliminary topics let’s examine the reason for being penalized in Google. In general, various reasons can be put forward for the site to be penalized by Google. Each of these reasons refers to a specific topic. The first reason for the site to be penalized by Google is related to the use of shared and low-quality hosting. Many new business owners use shared and free hosting to reduce overall costs. This issue can cause many problems for the site.

Some free hosts offer their users free bandwidth and a free system. This issue can cause certain problems. Just ask yourself, who pays for the server, license, and management panel? Of course, a company that operates in the field of providing services related to free hosting must pay certain costs. These companies make a lot of money by posting ads on your site without permission. Note that this issue can cause certain problems for users because Google fines the site by identifying the mentioned ads as spam. So, to increase the quality of the site and reduce the reset penalty in Google, managers must use high-quality and dedicated hosts.

Using spam and getting penalized by Google

The second reason for getting penalized in Google is related to spam and spamming techniques. Spam is considered a big and deliberate violation divided into different subsets. You encounter spam when you send your users many non-functional, false, or advertising emails. We should note that Google easily identifies and prevents spam using its advanced algorithms. So if you’re looking for spam in your site’s comments or your competitors’, it’s best to leave it alone.

Unreasonable presence on different sites, forums, and a lot of advertising in various references are also categorized as spam. We should note that using computerized and automatically created content creates many problems for users. If you have spammed once and only on one page, that same page will be removed from Google results, and other pages will not face any problems. But, if spam is seen all over your site and several pages contain spam, the entire site and all the pages used in your reference will suffer. To solve this problem or avoid a penalty in Google, you can check all the published content on your site and quickly delete all copies or spam. You should cancel it quickly if you also use the email spamming system.

Keyword stuffing and penalty in Google

One of the other reasons for the site to be penalized by Google is related to the excessive use of keywords. Keyword Stuffing is a special mode in which you have repeated too many keywords in an article. This technique helps business owners to introduce their site to Google more than allowed and appear in the first results. Keyword stuffing sometimes happens by accident. When you write an article based on a specific keyword and increase the number of repetitions of keywords, you have to face this problem. Note that at first glance, this will increase your rank.

However, Google penalizes fraudulent users by identifying keyword stuffing. So it is better not to use this process and write your articles with the correct keyword density. In addition, you should also pay attention to the issue that the penalty related to keyword stuffing is not as much as spam, but it can still involve different pages of your site. Choosing good keywords and setting their density at the right level to get good results is better.

Ways to get out of the Google penalty

The last topic that we are going to talk about in today’s article is related to the ways to get out of the Google penalty. There are currently many ways to get out of the Google penalty. This way varies depending on the type of violation, the fine, and the type of penalty. For this reason, we cannot present a detailed and comprehensive solution to users to get out of the Google penalty. Of course, getting out of the Google penalty should be done according to the rules of this collection. You must at least spend the period considering fines and penalties.

As a result, if you have also encountered a penalty in Google, it is better to examine the instructions sent in the Google report file. Usually, the instructions provided to the users contain complete and comprehensive information. Using this information, you can easily solve your site’s needs. If you received a special email from Google, you could follow the process of getting out of the penalty based on the information recorded in the email.

Last word

As you saw in our article today, a penalty in Google is considered an important issue that can involve different businesses. In general, creating a penalty in Google will reduce the rank and damage the business. To avoid this problem, you can prepare the right materials, design your infrastructures correctly, and not harm your competitors. You can ask us in the comments section if you have a specific question about being penalized and its results.