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Most important benefits of WordPress

WordPress is the most important system when it comes to content management systems. Of course, WordPress, in addition to its many fans, has also had critics. Many of these critics believe that WordPress is not the best option for designing any site. To see if WordPress is right for us, we need to be aware of its features, advantages and disadvantages. So in this article we are going to see what are the most important benefits of WordPress?

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress has grown a lot so far and continues to do so day by day. Today, this system is the most popular and most practical content management system on the internet. To date, nearly 80 million websites worldwide use this system. Based on this,it alone has a huge share of the web development market. In this article, we want to examine why millions of users trust it to launch their websites?

Easy WordPress installation

Designing a website using coding can be very difficult and tedious for many people. Because this works requires technical knowledge and experience and spends a lot of time. Also, if they leave the design and operation of the site to export designers and programmers, they will still need to spend a lot of money. But building a site using WordPress, like other content management systems, does not require programming knowledge and familiarity with different languages.

This factor has become one of the biggest and most important benefits of WordPress. Because the installation process of WordPress is such that it is just a few clicks and in less than 5 minutes. So it does not matter how much technical knowledge someone who wants to work with WordPress has. For this reason, anyone with any level of knowledge can easily set up a complete site using WordPress.

WordPress flexibility

Another advantage of WordPress is its flexibility in website design. Thousands of different skins, plugins and tools are for this program. The use of plugins and skins developed for WordPress has become overused among users. Because using them makes working with this system very enjoyable for them. Plugins and layouts in WordPress are easy to install with one click.

Based on this, WordPress can meet all the different tastes and needs of users. Using plugins and their features, users can add different sections to any part of their site. So they can add different sections to any part of their site. So they can design and edit their website the way they want. For this reason, WordPress does not impose any restrictions on the design and personalization of sites to users.

Store site design with WordPress

One of the most important benefits of WordPress is the ability to design and implement the largest online stores in less than a few minutes. WordPress uses the Woocomerce plugin to provide everything a webmaster needs to set up and mange an online store. This plugin launches with a few simple site into a full-fledged and professional store.

Woocomerce plugin provides WordPress users with features such as product categorization, connection to foreign banking portals, discount code management and many other features. For this reason, it is almost common to design store websites using WordPress, and most businesses use it to enter the web world.

WordPress SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is one the main concerns of site owners. Because SEO requires time, cost and technical knowledge related to how search engine algorithms work. It is not uncommon for non-SEO websites to appear in the initial results of search engines and receive certain traffic through them. For this reason, webmasters will always be looking for ways to be able to display their site on the first pages of search engine results in the shortest time.

People who use WordPress to mange their site have less to worry about. Because WordPress is too much for SEO and this feature is one the most important benefits of WordPress. WordPress has many plugins in this field that users can easily use to optimize their site in the field of internal and even external SEO. Also, WordPress sites can easily connect to tools such as Google search console, Google Analytics, etc.

Large and active community

Of course, one of the most important factors in choosing a tool is its support and access to related resources. WordPress is a global open source project with largest community of users and developers. On the other hand, WordPress currently has many forums, groups, social networks and that are developing and supporting it. These people are always solving problems or answering other people’s questions. So one of the most important benefits of WordPress is its large and active community that provides everything a webmaster needs for his site.

WordPress Updates and security

Today, the two main factors of support and updating play a significant role in the success or failure of a software. Given the popularity and popularity of WordPress, the development team has always made security a priority. Certainly in the world of hacking, one can never talk about 100% security, because security in the world of the internet is a relative matter. But in the field of security, some sites and software have very high security, and are not easily penetrated. WordPress has done a great job in this regard and has maintained its system security with constant.

In one version, for example, a security bug compromised the security of several thousand websites. Fortunately, this was quickly reported to users, and a bug was fixed in a quick update. So when using it, users can manage their sites with ease and worry about the security of their sites. Because the WordPress development team is checking it moment by moment and if it sees any bugs and security errors, they will fix and update it.

Easy management

as mentioned, WordPress, like other CMS, lacks the technical knowledge of programming and familiarity with specific prerequisites. This feature makes it the best choice for startups and beginners. WordPress can be the first step for anyone to enter the web world due to the simplification of the site management system.

Because it has admin sections that provide all the features needed to manage a professional websites for users. The different sections of WordPress are completely easy and do not create any complexity for the users. Using these sections makes content management and other parts of the site much more enjoyable for the user.

Build various websites with WordPress

Surely in the minds of everyone who wants to decide whether to use WordPress or not, Various questions arise. Usually one of the most common questions among users is what sites can be created with it? Some of the sites that you can design by WordPress?

  • Personal blogs or sites
  • News and information sites
  • Photography sites and portfolio introduction
  • Job search and automation sites
  • Online stores
  • Social sites and forums
  • Educational sites
  • And dozens of other types of sites


More than 80 million websites have been launched by WordPress CMS. This means that WordPress alone has a large share of the web market. As you can see in this article, WordPress owes its success and popularity to the features and benefits it provides users. The most important advantage of this system is the simplicity in management and speed of implementation of sites. What features of WordPress caught your eye?