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Best PHP frameworks

In recent years we have seen a dramatic growth of PHP programming language as one of the most popular web design languages. If you want to start web programming, I suggest you take a PHP training. Usually for all programmers who want to code in PHP programming language, the question arises which is the best PHP framework? So in this article we will first see what a framework is and why you should use it to develop your software. Then in the continuation of this article, we will introduce the best PHP frameworks to you.

What is Framework?

programming framework is a set of libraries, standards and coding rules that are provided provided to programmers within the framework of a software framework. Different types of frameworks are for programming languages. Programming frameworks are for a specific purpose, for example, web frameworks, mobile application development frameworks, and so on. So programming frameworks help programmers write less code and get results faster.

Why use the Framework?

In the programming process, much of the code that the programmer writes will be duplicate. Because applications usually have many features and sections in common. Repetition of code can be very tedious for a programmer in the long run. therefore, frameworks have provided a platform for writers to solve this problem by providing many common features in applications to the programmer by default.

When programmers use frameworks, they must adhere to its rules and standards, as this will allow the programmer to write legible, standard, and reliable code. Thus, frameworks make the development and scalability of large projects easier. The use of frameworks in building web applications is very important, because in this area, features such as high security, regular updates, support, etc. are very important.

Benefits of programming Frameworks

Rules in frameworks will increase security and speed up the project development process. Frameworks offer many benefits to programmers that can generally considered as follows:

  • Increase coding speed
  • Reduce coding time
  • Increase the readability of codes
  • Comply with programming standards
  • Increase the potential for teamwork
  • Regular support and updates

The best PHP Frameworks

Do you know what is the best PHP framework? We believe that a framework cannot be as the best web or PHP framework. Because each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. One framework may be strong in supporting and another high security.

Laravel Framework

When it comes to PHP frameworks, the name Laravel is always there. Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. The frameworks came in 2011 and many developers received it. Laravel has become the first choice for developers to manage complex web applications, as it is more secure and faster than other PHP frameworks.

Laravel is a free, open source framework based on the MVC architecture. This framework provides intelligent capabilities to programmers and makes programming more enjoyable for them. Laravel training will be very easy for programmers who are familiar with PHP. Developers interested in learning Laravel for free can visit Laravel and find everything they need to use the framework in its documentation.

Symfony Framework

The framework was available to developers in 2005. Symfony has a longer history than other PHP frameworks and is very reliable and flexible. Symfony is know as one of the fastest PHP framework and makes it much easier for programmers to build web applications. It is interesting to know that this framework forms the basis of the laravel framework.

Many PHP programmers find themselves at a crossroads between Laravel or symfony. Choosing one of them as a better framework will be hard. Both workflow frames are highly efficient and have some common advantages. If we consider the Laravel framework as a prefabricated house that you are solely responsible for arranging the equipment, the symfony framework is like the building materials that are for you and the possibility of building a complete building a complete building according to your taste and needs. Provides the door for you. Therefore, for programmers and developers who are eager to creating their own programming structures, designing a site with symfony is a good choice.

Codeigniter Framework

CodeIgniter was developed in 2006 with the goal of building web applications based on the MVC pattern. This framework is known for its small size and high speed, because Codeigniter does not require special installation and configuration and is only about 2 MB in size. The CodeIgniter framework benefits from powerful libraries. This framework is known as one of the fastest PHP language frameworks and ranks second after the Falcon framework. So the CodeIgniter framework will be the best choice for programmers who love simplicity, speed and power at the same time.

Framework CakePHP (Framework CakePHP)

The CakePHP framework name has been among the most popular PHP frameworks for many years. The framework was released in early 2000, but has seen many changes so far. The advantages of the CakePHP framework include the benefit of an active community, regular updates, strong support, easy construction of the four main operations (write, read, delete and update), and more. With the slogan “faster, stronger and tastier”, this framework can be a great option for PHP programmers.

Framework Zend

The Zend framework is a great option for developing enterprise projects. This framework supports the MVC architecture and is based on the Agile method. Zend also fully follows the principles of objectivity (SOLID) in its structure. There have been many changes and improvements in recent updates. Zend framework training is easy and has many training resources on the web. This framework follows all the rules of the PHP programming language, which provides many benefits for developers.


In this article, we reviewed the most popular PHP frameworks and got acquainted with their features. But if you still have unanswered questions like “Why Laravel”, “Laravel or CodeIgniter”, etc., you should pay attention to the fact that the best framework is the framework that is according to your project. But in this part of the article, we intend to offer you the appropriate frameworks in various fields, based on the experience of the  technical team in the field of programming and using web development frameworks.

The following frameworks are reviewed by the  team: High scalability, rapid. development and the need for a dedicated server Symphony (more complex than Laravel) Lightweight, fast and implementable on shared hosting: Codeigner All-purpose (for implementing mid-level web applications): CakePHP (has a better structure than CodeIgniter) Benefit from more tools and libraries: Zend