important SEO tools

Introduction of practical and important SEO tools

Introducing important SEO tools to people learning SEO is an important thing we intend to address in this article. There are a large number of SEO tools, some of which are free to use and some of which are paid to use. Here we are going to introduce free SEO tools.

In the first learning step, free SEO tools are a good option. These tools are very practical and useful. In continuing this path, you can also purchase non-free tools with more specialized and advanced applications.

Using the most useful tool of Google Search Console (Google Search Console)

In the first step of introducing SEO tools, we will introduce the Google search console. This tool is the foundation of all the services you can use to determine your website’s visibility. This service provides you with a wide range of SEO reports for your site for free.

These reports cover many different aspects of internal and external SEO. For example, you can check and then fix any errors while crawling. Using the most useful tool of the Google search console can help you to know about backlinks. It will also find key phrases unique to your site. Working with this tool is very simple and free to use.

Using HubSpot’s Website Grader tool

The second introduction to SEO tools is HubSpot’s Website Grader. This system is much simpler than other SEO tools. To use this tool, you must enter the desired website, and HubSpot will receive and display the analysis report.

Once you get that report, you’ll have separate scores for your site’s performance, mobile-friendliness, SEO, and security that the app has factored in for you.

Site performance, mobile compatibility, and security measures directly affect your site’s SEO. The obtained report is a complete and comprehensive analysis of how your site works from the SEO point of view. This tool breaks down the report and gives tips on improving each performance.

Using the most useful Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool

Google AdWords Keyword Planner is one of the keyword research systems in SEO that we discuss after introducing SEO tools. Using this program, you can search for important keywords and estimate their traffic rate. In addition, this program can help you understand how competitive keywords are based on the rate declared by AdWords.

This tool allows you to filter keywords based on CPC or search volume. That way, you can get reports based only on the estimates you want to target. This tool is a part of the Google ecosystem. You can get your reports with many other details for free.

Introduction of SEO tools: Varvy system

In the fourth part of introducing SEO tools, we introduce Varvy. The Varvy SEO tool checks whether your website follows all the SEO guidelines in Google. Varvy can generate a complete report in seconds. In addition, the resulting report is very extensive and examines several items at once.

Page speed problems, mobile compatibility, and internal page SEO are some. If you are new to SEO and website optimization, you will probably appreciate all the information this tool offers. Because even for every setting it covers, it also provides links to further reading to get more detailed information about it.

Introduction of SEO tools: Google Rich Results Test system

In this article, we introduced SEO tools. Another such tool is Google Rich Results Test. Google is always changing how search results are displayed to provide users with a more enjoyable and useful experience. One of the ways to do this is by displaying rich results.

You probably see examples like this every day; without paying much attention to them, from the gray knowledge panel above the search results to the organized list of the best pound cake recipes. With the help of this tool, see if your website qualifies for advanced presentation in Google search results with the rich results test.

Introduction of SEO tools: Yoast SEO tool

In addition to the explanations, we provide in the article introducing practical and important SEO tools, in the article “What is Yoast SEO?” We have provided useful explanations about this SEO tool. This tool is often introduced as the first-class SEO WordPress plugin. Its features cover the full spectrum of SEO. You can check the readability of your website and set canonical URLs to avoid Google mistakes.

It provides the user with other features, such as keyword optimization and the possibility of creating page previews on Facebook and Twitter. Yoast SEO has a robust database to help you get started. With the premium version of this tool, you will also receive useful information in the field of content, and you will also have access to one year of round-the-clock assistance from a support team.

Introducing the WooRank tool

WooRank’s website rating tool is similar to HubSpot’s Website Grader tool. You can link to it and get a full job report delivered. The difference is that this tool gives you a single score for the entire website. After that, WooRank will display a list of suggestions that you can take action to improve SEO and mobile compatibility.

WooRank also gives you tips to improve your site’s performance. You can also get an analysis of your backlink performance with the help of this tool. The general use of this tool is free, like the previous tools. But if you want to use its advanced features, you must buy the premium version, which is not free.