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How to create a site on Google for free

Everything free and free of charge suddenly attracts human attention, and creating a site on Google is one of these things. It would be interesting if we could create the site we want through Google and its facilities without paying anyone or anyone for it.

How to create a site in Google?

Creating a site on Google and using its free services is not difficult and time-consuming. The only thing needed to create a site is a Google account. First, you must have a Google account, then enter

When creating a site on Google, you should note that each site on Google consists of several parts that must be reviewed. Also, if you want a functional site, you must follow important points in the design of these parts. The footer, header, and content parts are efficient among the important parts that need special attention in their design. In other words, these three sections are the most important sections of the site. After going through these steps, you should make the site’s main page in question. Because the site’s main page plays a big role in attracting the audience and customers, it is better to pay attention to the key points in its design.

For the beauty of the work and to make the site look better, it is better to use beautiful photos and place them on the site. For this, you can download beautiful and high-quality photos from the Internet and put them on different site pages. After designing the site’s first page, you should go to the next pages and design them according to the topics to which you want to dedicate the pages. Comments and suggestions page, about us page, and contact us page is among the site’s many pages. All you needed to do to have a site was the content mentioned. You agree that designing a website on Google is easy, and you need to have a little patience.

Steps to create a site in Google

We have mentioned many important and key points about creating a site; however, it is better to learn how to create this type of site step by step:

1: Log in to

2: Choosing a title for the site.

3: Enter the desired logo or emblem to the site.

4: Choosing a site theme.

5: Placing content on the site.

6: Creating new pages on the site.

7: Visiting the site through the phone.

8: Publication of the site.

An important point about creating a site on Google

The important thing about creating a site on Google is that if you are looking for a fully professional site with great features, you should forget about designing a site on Google. Because Google only allows its users to create a basic site. Therefore, if you are looking for an advanced and efficient site, you must pay and use other ways.

How to publish the created site on Google

After the work of creating the site in Google is finished and you see it in Google, you must choose the publication option. By choosing this option, the website construction process is completed. Of course, don’t worry if you want to change a part of the site after the site is published; this is possible for you. After selecting the publication option, a page will appear where you must enter the address of the created site in the first box.

You must select the management option to open the settings section if you want a dedicated site. In the settings section, select the release option and finally select the last option. With this, your site will be published on Google. After going through the steps of creating the site and publishing it, you must go back to the site creation page in Google if you still intend to make other changes. Then select the triangle next to the publish button to make changes to the site settings.

Disadvantages of creating a site on Google

Creating a site on Google is exciting and attractive for free without paying fees. However, one should be realistic and know that Google has not considered this possibility for professional and widely used sites. Google has considered the possibility of building basic and simple sites. Therefore, Google’s free sites are unsuitable for starting businesses and generating income and have no function. Instead, these sites are very efficient for introducing people and their activities. Therefore, the disadvantages of free Google sites can be listed as follows:

1: They cannot be used to advertise and create store sites.

2: Google’s free sites have very few features.

3: It is impossible to design multiple menus on this site.

4: The possibilities of these sites for designing pages are very limited.

5: They cannot register users.

6: They cannot upload files.

7: Only YouTube videos can be uploaded to these types of sites.

8: They cannot create a blog.

The benefits of creating a site on Google for free

Creating a site comes with many limitations. However, it has advantages that cannot be ignored. Therefore, many people use Google services to design and build websites. In general, the advantages of free Google sites include the following:

1: Creating these types of sites is free and completely free.

2: No domain or hosting is required to create this type of site.

3: No programming is needed to create free Google sites.

4: Working with this type of site is very easy and fast.

Final word

In this article, we discussed how and steps to create a site in Google and briefly explained the steps. We also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of creating such sites. However, free Google sites are the best option if you want a temporary site or want to introduce yourself to the site.