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Introducing The Best Applications For Creating Gif Images

In this article, by introducing the best gif camera maker program, we are with you to make gifs and the best video to gif conversion program, as well as convert videos to gifs, plus a download link.

Animated images or gifs (Gifs) are one of the most popular types of image formats. The popularity of such images began with the popularity of social networks, and to this day, the main use of gif images is the expression of emotions and reactions on social networks. 

Of course, in Iran, with the advent of the telegram and the support of these messengers for sending Gif images, such images became more known and now have become popular.

In gif images, by converting a short video clip to a silent motion picture, you can display specific facial movements, reactions, and emotions with a small image file, although gif images can be used elsewhere, for example to create a Tutorial image of a trick or an option on a smartphone or any other platform, you can use gif images.

There are many different Gifs with different themes across the internet right now, but sometimes users like to create their own images and share them on social media. 

On the social network Instagram , posting a story in the form of a gif has a lot of fans, many are looking to create a different gif image with their face, or to turn a part of a movie or clip into a gif. 

For this purpose, you must use a variety of gif making programs or applications to convert videos to gif.

These two types of programs are different from each other, the first type is known as gif making program, gif maker program or gif program. 

In these applications, you can take a photo or video of yourself and immediately turn it into a gif. In fact, the gif creation program provides a special user interface for your phone’s camera and capabilities for the camera that can convert it to a gif with various filters, stickers, text, emoji or any other element while preparing a photo or video. Shared it.

But video or video to gif converter programs do not matter to your camera, these programs specifically convert your videos and photos to gif in your own way, to use these programs, you must first record the desired video or photo or send it to your phone. Transfer it yourself and add more details to them only with these applications and convert its format to gif.

Gif making program

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top three Gif programs for converting video to video or making gifs. These three applications are very different from each other, and each of them creates gif images using a special method, at the same time. Now, all three gif maker programs are among the most popular and highly rated apps, and they give you a lot of capabilities. Join us in introducing the top three gif making programs:

Program convert video to Gyf GIF Maker

Gif Maker is one of the most popular applications for converting photos and videos to Gif. In this program, you can use various features such as converting photos to gifs, converting videos to gifs, and taking videos from the phone screen and converting to gifs. Of course, to convert photos or videos to gifs, you can also use options such as resizing the page, crop the page, add different effects, draw a picture, add a frame, and more. 

This program has many possibilities, in the gif editing section, after creating the gif, you can edit it and change some of them, but you can always add text, stickers, photos and even another gif to your gif. It is even possible to increase or decrease the speed of GIF in GIF Maker program.

Apart from all these, when you convert your photo or video to gif, you can choose the gif quality from three modes: low, medium and high quality to get the output. It is also possible to compress the gif file size.

 In GIF Maker program, you can produce one-minute gifs, and there is no limit to one minute in terms of gif duration.

GIF Maker allows you to gif your images as well, in which case you can add text, stickers, emojis or moving gifs to an image, or quickly add multiple images to your image. Display the top one after the other and add the features you like to your gif with the program editor.

In this program, you can turn your gifs into photos or videos in reverse. You will also have access to the Giphy and Tenor databases to edit the gifs of these two sites or add them to your gifs.

Gif program

Ability to convert video to Gyf GIF Maker

  • Convert photos and videos to gifs
  • Change page size, cut page
  • Add various effects plus text, stickers, photos and gifs
  • Add frames
  • Gif compression capability
  • Record from the phone screen in gif format
  • Access to the gifs of the two sites Giphy and Tenor

Pixtica gif maker program

This application is located exactly in front of the GIF Maker program, which means that you can not convert your images or videos to gifs, but you have the ability to capture different models of gif images with your camera. The app environment is like your phone’s camera app, except that dozens of new features have been added to create gifs or other creative images.

The first and easiest use of the program is to take a short video and convert it to a gif, with this program you can take a 4-second gif image with the main camera or selfie. 

Of course, you can take a simple video and edit it by adding various features such as changing the speed, cropping the screen, cutting the sound, adding a photo, sticker, text or different gifs and turn it into a video similar to gif images.

Pixtica app is generally a professional camera app that also has the ability to record gif video, most of the features of this app are related to shooting in various modes such as slow motion, fast, spherical, portrait, story, time lapse, boomerang, panorama and professional.

This program has a dark mode, in the program settings you can select the quality of the saved images, shortcut buttons and the brightness of the screen. Also, by downloading the unlocked version of Pixtica, the watermark feature will be opened for you to add a special logo or photo and text to the videos and images.

Gif program

Features of Pixtica Gif Maker

  • Gif movie recording
  • Add different effects, text, stickers, photos and gifs
  • Ability to shoot in different modes


Gif Me! Pro

In this program, you have access to both video and photo conversion modes to GIF or using the camera to capture video as GIF. By opening the Gif Me app! The Pro has four main options, the first of which is called the camera, with which you can make your own video in gif format. Of course, before downloading your gif video, you can edit the video in terms of light and contrast with the editing options, as well as add various images, stickers and text to the gif, or reduce or increase the video speed. 

One of the unique features of this program is the ability to remove or add movie frames, your gif movie is actually composed of a large number of photos, Gif Me! Pro allows you to delete any image you want or add new images to the end of the video.

The other two options of the program are adding an image and adding a video, respectively. In both cases, by entering the gallery, you can select the images or videos you want and convert them to gifs.

 To do this, all the gif editing capabilities that have been announced will be available to you. 

Of course, you can use more settings to convert photos or videos to gifs, for example, you can reduce or increase the number of image frames, and also change the size of the output gif by adjusting the size of the program. For videos, you can select a specific part and turn the same part into a gif.

In the program settings you can specify the number of frames per video and the number of frames per second. Also, add your own logo or text to the gifs by activating the watermark section.

Gif program

Features of Gif Me! Pro

  • Gif movie recording
  • Convert photos and videos to gifs
  • Add photos, text, stickers and gifs to images
  • Add attractive filters