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Introducing 7 Different Games With Strange Ideas For Mobile Phones

In the popular and competitive mobile game market , there are successful titles that, in addition to thematic appeal, are different and special. 

 Experience has shown that deconstruction games become popular in a short period of time and bring good income to their developers.

In this article, we have introduced the same deconstructive games, games that are very different in terms of idea and theme, and even their gameplay is very different. Of course, the games we are looking at are not only deconstructive and different, but are largely made up of mischievous and so-called sick thinking.

These days, when making weird videos under the pseudonym “poison” is fashionable and everyone is looking to make or watch poisonous videos, we also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to some sick or poisonous mobile games. If you are interested in experiencing new developments, join us in the first part of the article Mobile Sick Games:

Mobile game Slap Kings

Slaps Kings game has a simple gameplay, you have to win a slapping match, all you have to do is slap your opponents. This game is not very successful in controlling anger and stress, but sometimes you can vent your anger on the characters of this game instead of real people. In this game, the harder you slap, the more points you will get.

Your score will be deducted from your opponent’s life, and if you can defeat your opponent with stronger blows before your own life is over, you will win. After each victory, by receiving points, you can increase the power of slapping or your life.

This game is not violent at all, you have to slap your opponent with funny characters in strange shapes and forms, the characters are ready to slap and happiness after their victory is one of the funny and fascinating parts of the game.

Download the game Sick Slap Kings

Office Jerk mobile game

Office Jerk is one of the oldest Android deconstruction games, in this game the camera will be in the first person and your task is to throw various objects on your desk to your colleague who is sitting in front of you and behind you. This will make him angry and have funny reactions. In this game, each throw has exactly one point, the correct throw means that the device you have thrown will hit your colleague.

There is a fan in the workplace that changes the direction and strength of the wind with each throw, this fan changes the direction of the objects you throw and prevents the objects from hitting your colleague. If this happens, your score will be zero and by saving your record, the game will start from the beginning. In this game, it is important to record and receive a higher score.

Download the game Office Jerk Sick

Daddy Long Legs mobile game

No matter how much the previous games calm your anger, this game goes on your nerves in a completely opposite way. In this game, you have to walk a clumsy and cunning character, that is, the movement of the game character called “Baba Lang Deraz” is up to you.

 It is very difficult to move step by step with the long legs and the uncharacteristic nature of the character of this game, Baba Lang has long and fragile legs, but his body is so heavy that this weight causes it to lose its balance.

In Daddy Long Legs, you have to walk your character in a certain direction, but you may not even be able to move 2 meters with him, it takes a while to get acquainted with the rhythm of movement and management of this character, but in this case it is still easy to You will not move 100 to 500 meters to reach the record.

Download the game Sick Daddy Long Legs

Buddy Toss mobile game

This game is made from a special experience around the world, we have all hugged and thrown one of the children of our family or friends into the air at least once, a pleasant but dangerous experience that it is better to leave.

This game is similar to the experience of throwing a child in the air. In Buddy Toss, you have to throw different characters into the air, and each time the character returns to you, throw him into the air again by tapping the screen.

In this game you have to try to throw the character in time, by doing so you will throw him to a higher height. And In this game, the throw height record is the same as your score and you should try to record a higher record by increasing the power. Also In Buddy Toss , you can unlock new characters, increase your power and experience new challenges by earning points.

Download the game Sick Buddy Toss

Mobile game There is no game

This is not a game; It is clear from the title of this game that its developer has thoughts and fantasies for gamers. From the moment you start this game, a narrator talks to you, the narrator is constantly trying to convince you that this is not a game and it is better to go and get to your other work.

 But these words are not true, you have to find a clue by curiosity and reviewing the items on the screen and continue the game. This game is made in a mysterious and somewhat scary way and its outstanding feature is the unpredictability of the game stages.

You should expect something special at each stage, but the narrator will sometimes help you and sometimes seek to mislead you.

But some stages of the game There is no game will confuse you, due to the unclear structure of the game, in some stages you can not easily find a way to the next stage and you get stuck.

These steps will make you angry. The gameplay is such that it persuades you to play it to the end, in fact the game is addictive and stays in your mind, so when you get stuck in a stage, your whole mind is thinking of finding a way to go The next step is, the game somehow likes to bother you, so be careful not to over-indulge in this game.

Download game sick There is no game

Dumb Ways to Die mobile game

There are many silly ways to die and you will experience them all in this game. In Dumb Ways to Die, you have to quickly overcome the challenges you face, otherwise you will die in a usually stupid and funny way.

For example, you have to kill the bees around your face, you have a maximum of 10 seconds to do this, if you do not succeed in killing the bees, the game character will be killed by the bees.

The further you go, the shorter the time to complete the challenges, you can die up to three times but continue playing, after you die three times, the game is over and you have to start over.

 In addition to the main game process, there are various daily challenges for this game, and by passing it, you will receive points.The game has several versions, which you can download to experience new ways to die.

Download the game Dumb Ways to Die

Mobile game Sausage Bomber

Your task with this game is clear, you have to disable enemy tanks with sausages and kill people. In this game, you have to pass the challenges in stages and get as many as three stars in each stage.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to Angry Birds, except that instead of throwing a bird, you have to drop sausages on the enemies and destroy them from the plane that passes over the enemy tanks.

The game is normally very serious, at the beginning of the game a military march is heard and you see war colonels looking for a solution to confront the enemies. But in fact you have to destroy the enemies with your planes and sausages, which is a very interesting and funny deconstruction.

It is not clear where the main idea of ​​this game came from in the minds of the developers, but in any case, Sausage Bumber is definitely one of the strangest and most poisonous mobile games for Android and iOS. Is.

Download the game Sausage Bomber