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Instagram vs. Twitter: What exactly are Threads and what are their features?

With the launch of Instagram Threads, Meta entered severe competition with Twitter. In the first hours of its launch, this social network met with many users, and seventy million registered in less than forty-eight hours. The fundamental dust created by Meta with the unveiling of Threads has filled the entire virtual space; different users worldwide are talking about this new product, the issues that have arisen, and the fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. But apart from these marginal issues, many users still want to know what Threads is, its features and limitations, and problems such as users’ privacy and the security of personal and confidential information in this social network.

In this article, you will read the answers to these questions:

  • What are Instagram trends?
  • How to create an account in Threads?
  • Does Threads protect the privacy of its users?
  • Is Threads safe?
  • What are the features of Threads?
  • Is it possible to see Threads posts on the web?
  • Do we have to have an Instagram account to create an account on Threads?
  • What is the story of the legal dispute between Threads and Twitter?
  • Elon Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, sued Mark Zuckerberg.
  • What content is attractive in Threads?
  • Threads or Twitter is better?
  • How is Threads different from Twitter?
  • What is the reason for the success of Threads and the widespread popularity of users?

Timely Attack of Threads on Twitter



One of the reasons for the success of Threads is the strong and timely presence of this social network in the competitive mass media market. Just when Twitter users were tired of Twitter’s new restrictions, Threads entered with easy-to-use and supported Instagram, and with the support of Zuckerberg’s colossal capital, it was able to push aside other competitors on the way to conquer Twitter’s position and become a serious competitor for this network. Become a popular social media. As you read in the previous lines, according to CNN and Guardian reports, in less than forty-eight hours, seventy million users registered in threads, and this is a grave threat to Twitter, which is facing the risk of audience loss. Another statistic from the Guardian is interesting. According to this report, only in the first twenty-four hours, about thirty million users have downloaded this program, and this means that Threads has also recorded the record of the fastest downloaded program.

The behavior of Twitter users in recent months clearly shows their dissatisfaction with the limitations of this platform. Right after Elon Musk’s tweet, a flood of Twitter users protested, and Elon Musk’s tweet, according to him, broke the record for the number of tweet views on this platform. In this tweet, he announced that verified Twitter users can see only 6,000 tweets per day, unverified users 600 tweets, and new users only 300 tweets.

The news that confused the users and the subsequent action of the users was an attack on Blue Sky, which, of course, caused Blue Sky to be unavailable for a while. These things, along with limitations such as the requirement to create a user account to view tweets and the possibility of paying for a user account on Twitter, caused many users to consider this social network “finished” and look for a similar alternative. But none of Twitter’s competitors, such as Blue Sky, Spill, and Mastodon, could seriously threaten Twitter.

With the unveiling of Threads, it was in this situation that Meta started the competition with Twitter by storm. The dissatisfaction of Twitter users with Islan Musk’s policies and Instagram’s support of about one and a half billion users from Twitter are two crucial factors of this powerful announcement. Of course, it is still too early to announce the definitive success of Threads, and it remains to be seen what the future of this platform will be. Many experts believe that Meta has not yet succeeded in creating an application independent of Instagram; therefore, it is still too early to judge the success rate of Threads.

Elon Musk’s complaint against the Twitter killer!


After the unveiling of Threads and the influx of users in the first hours of this product’s release, Elon Musk took a stand against Zuckerberg and Meta. Musk tweeted about this issue: “Competition is good, but cheating is not.” He wrote a letter to Zuckerberg through his lawyer, Alex Spiro, accusing him of “stealing information by hiring ex-Twitter employees.” Elon Musk and his lawyers have accused Meta of recruiting dozens of ex-Twitter employees who had access to Twitter’s business information and IP and using that information to develop the platform. With this letter, Musk has clearly and openly called Threads a program copied from Twitter and has claimed that Meta has used Twitter’s Threads secrets and confidential information in violation of US state and federal laws. Meta’s representative has issued a short statement in response to these statements, denied all the issues raised in this letter, and stated that none of the members of the engineering team of this social network were employed on Twitter.

What is Threads, and how does it work?



Instagram Threads is Meta’s latest product designed for microblogging and has much in common with Twitter. A text-based platform that Instagram users can easily log into with their accounts. Threads users can share posts of 500 characters with images or gifs. In this network, like Twitter, users choose a topic for discussion and comments, and the rest of the users can continue this discussion. Of course, Threads users can also share photos and videos, but the primary reliance of the platform is on text and written content. Another similarity of this application to Twitter is that in Threads, you can Twitter and find quotes separately.

About the difference between Twitter and Twitter, Zuckerberg said that this social media, compared to Twitter, has a more “positive” atmosphere and, therefore, will be more successful than Twitter, where there are all kinds of insults ver, violence, and restrictive policies.

Very easy-to-use Threads is one of the positive features of this platform. Of course, Tredes has some shortcomings. For example, users cannot send direct messages to each other. They also have to delete their Instagram account to delete their account! So far, Threads can only be used on iOS and Android and does not have a desktop version. Another feature of this platform is setting privacy for posts and displaying your account information. For example, you can specify who can see your post.

How to create an account in Threads?


It is not possible to create a Threads account without having an Instagram account. If there is a change in how to create a user account in Threads, this article will also be updated. Creating a budget for users who have an Instagram account is also very simple. If you have an Instagram account, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Instagram
  • Go to the settings section
  • Select the threads option
  • Click on the get threads option

Another way is to download the Threads program from the App Store, Google Play, or the market. Your Instagram accounts will be transferred to this platform as soon as threads are downloaded.

How is privacy in Threads?


At the outset, it should be said that Meta does not have a brilliant record in the field of privacy protection. The Facebook scandal and the story of selling users’ information remain in public opinion. As for whether or not Threads is secure, the realistic answer is that Threads collects a large inventory of your information, which is classified as confidential, and you should keep that fact in mind. Perhaps the only thing audiences can do to protect their privacy against the Threads is the advice of Aaron Mendes, CEO of PrivacyHawk. In an interview with Beta News, Mendez advised Threads users: “If you use this platform and care about your privacy, take a moment to choose a more private setting than the default.”

Threads request this long list of information from its users:

  • financial information
  • contacts
  • Use of data
  • purchases
  • Location
  • Health information
  • Search History

And information like these, some of which are very personal and confidential.

Another limitation is that you cannot delete the Threads account without deleting the Instagram account.


Is it possible to see thread posts on the web?

If you want to follow Threads posts on the web, enter in your browser.

Twitter or Threads is better?


The answer to such questions is very personal and depends on each person’s criteria. What is certain is that Twitter users are tired of the restrictions that Elon Musk has created for users of this social network, which has caused a drop in Twitter users. On the other hand, doubts about misusing users’ personal information are one of the negative points of Instagram Threads, which may be very important for many users. In general, it is still too early to judge the quality and efficiency of Threads , and it will take some time to evaluate the quality of this social network and its popularity among users.