How to check site SEO with SEO SQUIRRLY check plugin

We are checking the site’s SEO using the SEO SQUIRRLY plugin, one of the WordPress plugins, for optimizing the site and SEO. This plugin is also called Squirrel plugin, and in this article, we will review this plugin in full. Squirrel plugin is one of the most successful WordPress plugins that can be used to optimize the site. SEO SQUIRRLY plugin has more than 30 thousand active and successful installations.

SQUIRRLY SEO plugin review

The SEO SQUIRRLY plugin, which is used to improve WordPress site SEO, has the following features:

1. The possibility of creating content optimization for your keyword

2. Review and analyze competitors’ websites

3. Providing innovative features to help you market

4. Providing advice to increase the click rate and increase the enthusiasm of the audience

5. Schema markup

6. Check the index tags

7. Holding coaching sessions

8. Using the Kamras feature

9. Website integration with Google Analytics

10. Check the robot files

11. The ability to monitor social networks

12. The ability to check the site map

13. Analysis of page readability

14. Checking the rank and position of Google

15. Identification of duplicate and copied content

16. Checking the SEO of the site periodically

17. Checking social networks

18. Compatible with WooCommerce

19. Compatible with store builder tools

20. Review of SEO products

21. The ability to adapt to the WordPress network

22. Faster than other SEO plugins

You can use other tools to check your site’s SEO. SEO SQUIRRLY is just one of these popular tools for WordPress sites. In the following, we will examine other tools that can be used to optimize the site, which is one of the employers’ main and most important concerns.

You can access different SEO assistants by using the SEO SQUIRRLY plugin. These assistants include the following:

1. Live SEO Assistant

2. Settings assistant

3. Assistant blog

4. Assistant words and key phrases

5. Link building assistant

6. SEO strategy assistant

7. SEO assistant automatically

Website SEO check with Yoast SEO plugin

Website SEO check with the Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular steps of any SEO work that every WordPress user should have installed on their counter. Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best SEO plugins, with more than 5 million active installations. What benefits does this plugin provide you?

1. Ability to create access to add site meta description

2. The possibility of integrating the Google Search Console

3. Ability to add meta description to each page and post

4. Ability to add Twitter cards

5. The possibility of editing robot and HTX files

6. The possibility of content optimization for social networks

7. Making a site map

8. On-page SEO optimization of the site

You can free install and use the Yoast seo plugin from the WordPress repository. The Yoast seo pro plugin is also a more advanced version of Yoast SEO, which has more advanced features than the regular version.

1. Review of incoming and outgoing links

2. Review of blog links

Be careful that you have to pay a fee to use the pro version of this plugin.

Website SEO check with rank math plugin

Another plugin we can use to check the site’s SEO is the rank math plugin. This plugin can bring you all the necessary seo on-page features. Rank Math can also manage SEO related to pages, products, articles, etc. This plugin can also control meta tags such as index, follow, archive, etc. You can also use this plugin to analyze and check the site’s SEO. Rank Math also has a link change feature that can change the direction of links.

Rank Math plugin also has a special search console by which you can rank keywords. The information of this plugin is integrated with the information of Google Search Console and is provided to you through the WordPress counter.

All in one seo pack plugin

The best alternative that can be introduced for Yoast seo is the all-in-one seo pack plugin. This plugin does not have complicated settings and starts working as soon as it is activated. The features that this plugin provides you include the following:

1. Doing SEO images

2. Markings related to schema

3. Site map support

4. Setting canonical and advanced URLs

5. Identify duplicate content and copy

6. SEO eCommerce

7. Support amp, API

8. compatibility with PHP

9. Support for 555 living languages ​​of the world

10. Support for store builder plugins

11. Support for all types of custom posts

12. Google Analytics support

13. The possibility of redirecting

14. Automatic optimization of titles

This plugin also has features to check the site regarding security indicators. These features include the following:

1. Stopping problematic bots

2. Edit site metadata

3. Internalization and externalization of data

4. Creating a site map with the generator plugin

5. Integration of social networks

You can also use the premium version of this plugin to check the site’s SEO, which we will introduce some of its exclusive features:

1. Video SEO review modules

2. Advanced WooCommerce support

3. Access to videos and specialized plugin support

4. Site function modules

Introducing plugins to improve the technical SEO of the site

1. WP-ROCKET plugin

Website speed is one of the most important issues in your website’s SEO. This plugin can increase the rank and performance of your website by removing additional codes or compressing website codes. WP-ROCKET plugin is one of the most reliable plugins that can manage cache in addition to increasing site speed.

2. SCHEMA PRO plugin

You can use this plugin to add schema to your WordPress website. This plugin will help you to show your website in the top ranks of Google. Of course, since working with this plugin is a bit difficult, you can get help from an experienced person to use it optimally.

3. WP SMUSH PRO plugin

Images are one of the most important parts of your site, and SEO should also be done for them. If the volume of these images is high, it is dangerous for your site. This plugin can reduce your images’ size without reducing the image quality.