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Guide to continue downloading after the Internet or server is down in the IDM program

It has definitely happened to you that you are receiving a large file from the Internet, but due to the disconnection of the Internet or the server, your download has stopped and you have not been able to continue it. 

Internet , In such a case, you have to start your download from the beginning, and this seems very annoying and undesirable, and will waste the volume of the Internet and, more importantly, your time.
 As you know, download manager programs are very effective in improving the speed and quality of the downloaded file, and it is better to install and use them on your computer system and smartphones.
 One of the best download managers for Windows operating system and popular application IDM or Internet Download ManagerIs very important for managing downloads on the system.
You should know that with the help of this program and with a very easy trick, if the download is interrupted for any reason, you can resume it from where it was interrupted. In this article, we want to teach you this practical trick.
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How to Resume Download in IDM


In general, there are two cases when the download is interrupted, which we will examine. The first case is when the server from which the download was made has been cut off or the desired file has been deleted from the server. Do.
1. First, copy the direct link of the new download file, which has exactly the same name and size as the file. Then enter the IDM program and find the file that the download is not complete in the list of download files. Then right-click on it and select the last option, Properties.

Continue downloading from another server in IDM

2. In the page that opens, in the Address section, delete the current address and then paste the new address that you copied. Then click the OK button.

Continue downloading from another server in IDM

3. In the last step, select your file and click on the Resume button from the menu at the top of the page, or you can right-click on your file and select the Resume Download option. You will see that the download of your file will continue from where it was cut-off.

Continue downloading from another server in IDM

The second case is when you are downloading from file sharing sites such as Uploadboy where the download file expires after a while and the download time has expired and the file has expired or the download stops due to a change in your IP. Be.
 In this case, you must enter the same site from which you were downloading and create the download file again, but be careful not to start the download.
Now, after creating the download link, right-click on it and copy the direct download link. Then enter the IDM program and repeat the same steps as in the first case so that your file is continuing to be download and there is no need to download from the beginning.