Learn how to extract images from Word with WinRAR software

It may have happened to you that you want to save the images in a Word file , and due to the large number of pages in the file you want, this has been difficult and time consuming for you. 

But you should know that only with a simple solution and using WinRAR software, you can easily extract and save the images in your desired Word file.

 As you know, WinRAR software is one of the best and most well-known software for compressing files. 

But this software has other uses, and one of them is to help save the images in the Word file so that you no longer have to save them individually. In this article, we want to teach you how to extract Word images using WinRAR software.

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How to extract Word images with WinRaR


1. First, right-click on the Word file you want, then select Open With. If WinRAR software is in the list of applications, select it, otherwise click on More Apps and select WinRAR software.

Extract images from Word with WinRAR software

2. Now in the WinRAR program, double-click on the Word folder to enter it.

Extract images from Word with WinRAR software

3. Double-click on the media folder in the new page.

Extract images from Word with WinRAR software

4. After opening the media folder, you will see that all the images used in the Word file are displayed. Now to save them, you have to click on the Extract to option from the menu at the top of the page, and after specifying the storage path, click on the Ok button.

Extract images from Word with WinRAR software

5. You will see that all the images are easily saved for you and you can use them.
Note: This trick can only be applied to Word files of 2007 or later that have the Docx extension.

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