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Google search applications by date

All browsers, including the Google Chrome browser, can save and maintain your search records on various Internet pages and present them to you in the form of a list if needed. You can access these pages more easily and quickly in subsequent searches using the Google search list based on date.

Google suggested list

So that when searching, you don’t need to enter the desired phrase in full. Rather, you can type the first letters of the address, and then you will see that the address you want will be displayed in the suggested list on Google.

You can access the desired page by selecting the desired address in the list and clicking on it. In this article, we will examine Google search methods based on date.

What is search history, and what does Google search based on history mean?

Search history or search history contains information you have requested from Google. All your searches in Google form a list called search history. Information about the sites you have visited, and the terms you have searched with is stored in this section.

Search Google by date

Google records and stores this information so that it can help you find better and more useful results. Google will not succeed unless it can answer users’ searches in the best way possible.

Using these tools, Google can learn about the interests and tastes of users after a while. Users’ search about different topics can show their personality, interests, and behaviors to some extent. But people who want to protect their privacy can close this option of Google. In the continuation of searching in Google based on date, we will discuss more aspects of the topic.

How to view Google history

As we mentioned, all searches performed by users on Google are recorded and stored in the history section and can be accessed later. It may be difficult for some to imagine, but we must say that all hidden items are also accessible to Google.

All the searches are done in Google since the beginning are stored in Google history so that if the user needs them, he can access the list of searches. You may be interested to know that by logging in to, you can view everything that has been searched to date.

Google Maps searches

All the items in the search list contain details such as the exact date and day of the search and the time and place of the search. In this list, in addition to access to text searches, searches for images or searches made on Google Maps are also visible to users. As you have seen, searching on Google based on date has uses that we will explain below.

Uses of Google History

A user may have searched for a topic on the Internet in the past, and then his search was abandoned for some reason. But now, he wants to be able to get that important information or content again and complete his search.

A special topic in Google

So here, history comes to his aid, and he can access his valuable and important information through it, in addition to the fact that the search history can be obtained through Google. This information can be retrieved by logging into the Gmail account, and its results can be used.

It is also possible that someone has searched for a specific topic on Google in the past and has seen good results. Now he has forgotten some of them and would like to be able to access those pages again. It is where Google history comes in handy to retrieve important information.

How to delete Google history selectively

Continuing the topic of searching in Google based on history, we also mention how to delete Google history. If you don’t want to register and keep your search records in Google, you can take steps to delete some of them.

Typing initial letters

To access the desired phrase you want to delete, by typing its initial letters, the rest of the phrase will be displayed for you as suggestions. Also, at this stage, in addition to the phrase searched by you, there is the ability to access similar phrases.

By selecting the term you want to remove, you can click the Remove option and remove that term from your search history. With this method, it is no longer possible for you to access those pages through Google’s suggestion. In the continuation of the discussion, accompany us to describe the circumstances in which you want this history to be completely removed from your Google history.

How to delete Google history completely

If you are not interested in saving your history in Google or even if there is not enough space to store them on your device, you can completely delete your history in Google through the following steps.

  • In the first step, you need to log in to Google Chrome.
  • Then click on the menu or three dots in the upper part of the right page so that its options will be displayed for you.
  • Viewing the Setting option, you can completely delete your search history, as we will mention below.
  • When you enter the settings, look for the Privacy and Security option and click on the Clear browsing data section by selecting it.
  • A window will appear in which you can take one of the two suggested paths. Each of these two paths, called Basic and Advanced, also has options.

Basic path

In this way, you can delete all Google history by ticking the Browsing history option. After that, set the time range and click the Clear data option to complete the cleaning process.

Advanced path

In this way, which offers more features, you can remove Google history by ticking the Browsing history option. This option is different from the previous one. Because this method completely depends on the specified time range and based on it, it shows the amount of deleted items. After setting the time range and ticking the Browsing history option, you can delete all the Google history by selecting the Clear data option.


Searching on Google based on history has made the work of many users easier and helps users access past searches. Using this possibility, we can get useful information that we had access to in the past and forgot about later.

This possibility is defined by default in Google, which can save and maintain all user searches. Google uses the information it obtains from these searches to make it easier for users to use the search engine.

In addition, the obtained information shows what kind of personality each user has, which topics he is interested in, and what his behavior is like when facing different pages. By obtaining this information from users, Google can analyze the personality and behavior of each user.