How To Know And Use The Right Network Cable?

How To Know And Use The Right Network Cable?

In This Article, We Read How To Know A Suitable Network Cable, Along With Its Characteristics, and Which Network Cable To Choose For A Local Network Project. 

We will also introduce the Iranian market’s top brands and guide for buying all kinds of network cables.

What is a network cable?

Network cable is one of the most critical network hardware responsible for local data transmission. The primary purpose of creating a network is to establish communication between network components, share resources, and data transmission. As you have noticed, the network’s primary purpose cannot provide without the network cable.

What are the types of network cables and their classification?

The most common network cable is twisted pair, which has four wires. These wires are wrapped around each other to reduce the effect of noise and external interference.

There are different types of network cable; the two classes with protective shield and foil (SFTP) or without protective shield (UTP) are among the most widely used. The difference is that the shielded or SFTP cable has two extra layers of protective insulation and protects the data from noise and external interference.

Network cables are produced in different categories; higher categories have higher bandwidth and send data at a higher speed.

In the table below, the speed and bandwidth of each network cable category and their protective or non-protective status are given.

Bandwidth Speed ​​percent meter Protective status Category
100MHz 10/100Mbps without wallets Cat 5
100MHz 1000Mbps / 1Gbps without wallets Cat 5e
250MHz> 1000Mbps / 1Gbps With or without protection Cat 6
500MHz 10000Mbps / 10Gbps with protector Cat 6a
600MHz 10000Mbps / 10Gbps with protector Cat 7
2000MHz *25Gbps or 40Gbps with protector Cat 8

Types of Legrand network cables and their classification

Legrand has produced its network cables in different categories according to existing standards.

Among Legrand network cables, we can mention Cat5e, Cat6, Ca6a, Cat7, Cat7A, and Cat8. Also, consider that structurally, this diversity will increase.

For example, there are cat6 network cables without shield and foil (UTP), with foil (FTP), foil and shield (SFTP), and…

Ways to identify Legrand network cable

Legrand company has considered a color for each of its cable categories. Gray is defined for Cat 5, blue for Cat6, and yellow for Ca6a. The outer cover of the Legrand Cat7 network cable is also yellow.

Other brands also have a variety of colors, so to distinguish Legrand network cable, you can’t just rely on its color. Therefore, it can say that the color of the cable cover is not the only way to distinguish the Legrand network cable. One of the ways to identify this cable is its weight; this company has announced the weight of all products of this company; for example, UTP Cat5e in cardboard packaging and with PVC cover and 305 meters in length should weigh 9 kg.

Another way to recognize Legrand network cable is to pay attention to the core material, which must be made of copper with 100% purity; this factor is the reason for the quality and fast data transfer in Legrand brand network cable.

Getting to know the types of Negznes network cables

Negznes network cable is one of the best network cables. The wires of this brand are placed in different categories in terms of speed, technology, and standard.

Negznes network cable is produced in two types of PVC and LSZH coating. The difference is that LSZH coatings are halogen-free and do not produce toxic fumes when ignited.

Types of network cables

Negsens network cables are produced and sold in CAT6 UTP, CAT6 SFTP, CAT6a, CAT6a SFTP, CAT6a UTP, and CAT7 categories. The remarkable thing about Negzance network cable is that the most commonly used varieties are optimized for indoor and outdoor use.

The widely used cables are produced in both external and internal types. The external type has an additional coating and is designed to resist environmental conditions.

Ways to identify Negznes network cable

Among the multitude of network cable brands, how can you distinguish Negsens network cable? This question is entirely appropriate, its name is indeed written on the cover of all the wires of the Negzance network, but it is not enough to identify it.

Negsens network cable is produced in two colors, black, and orange. The black coating is for the outdoor environment and is resistant to external weather conditions, and the orange color is designed and made for indoor conditions. The first indicator is the appearance indicator.

But this is not the whole story. The appearance of the Ngzense network cable is not enough to recognize it. To acknowledge the Ngzense network cable, you need to know the speed, weight, diameter, and classic twist of the Ngzense network cable.

Network cable buying guide

Buying a network cable is not as easy as it used to be. In the past, there was one option to purchase a network cable, which was CAT5; now, there are other options such as Cat5e, Cat6, CAT7, and even CAT8.

On the other hand, the competition between brands is increasing daily, and brands must be updated to avoid being removed from the competitive market. All this makes it more challenging to choose the best cable.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a network cable, the first step is to take time and evaluate your network needs to choose the best one from among a multitude of brands, for example, if the speed of your other network equipment is high, selecting a high-speed network cable will be a good choice otherwise. , this speed will not provide for you.

You can also contact Karen network equipment store consultants to choose the best and buy network cable and the most suitable one for you.