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Fixing iPhone Wi-Fi connection problem: Introducing simple and practical methods

Fixing iPhone Wi-Fi connection problem: Introducing simple and practical methods

Why does the iPhone not connect to Wi-Fi? A challenging issue that has troubled some iPhone users! For example, in one place, some are easily connected to Wi-Fi and some are not! iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi has various reasons, maybe it can be solved with a simple turn off and on, and maybe it’s a hardware problem and you have to leave it to a repairman! In this text, we are going to check the methods to solve the iPhone Wi-Fi problem. connection

The reason for not connecting to iPhone Wi-Fi

These days, having the Internet is so natural that we may not believe how we lived without the Internet until one or two decades ago! Now we simply turn on the data of our smart phones and tablets and step into the infinite world. However, sometimes our tablet or phone may have problems connecting to Wi-Fi. Solving the iPhone Wi-Fi problem is the subject of this article and we have decided to answer the question, what is the reason for the iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi? And what can we do to solve the iPhone Wi-Fi connection problem and to solve the iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi problem.

Fix iPhone Wi-Fi connection problem

Methods to solve iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi problems

One of the problems that many iPhone smartphone users face is the problem of iPhone Wi-Fi connection. Since you need the Internet to use various programs, this problem of not connecting to Wi-Fi on iPhone and iPad can be troublesome, so you should look for ways to fix the Wi-Fi connection problem on iPhone and iPad to fix it as soon as possible. do.

WiFi connection problem may be due to software or hardware malfunction; Sometimes, by simply changing the settings of the phone, you can fix the problem of connecting to Wi-Fi on the iPhone.

In the following, we will discuss the methods to solve the Wi-Fi connection problem on iPhone and iPad, which you can use to solve the Wi-Fi problem on iPhone 7, the Wi-Fi problem on iOS 14, the Wi-Fi problem on iOS 15 and other newer or older versions of iOS.
Fix iPhone Wi-Fi problem: The problem of connecting iPhone and iPad to Wi-Fi may be due to software or hardware problems, and a simple change of settings can solve this problem.

Solving the iPhone Wi-Fi connection problem: 1. Checking the Wi-Fi menu on the iPhone and iPad

If you are facing Wi-Fi connection problem on your iPhone, first of all, you need to check the desired Wi-Fi range. For this, go to iPhone or iPad settings and touch Wi-Fi option. In addition, check the status of the aircraft mode;

Because if Airplane Mode is active, all communication facilities are also cut off and you can no longer connect to Wi-Fi.


Why doesn’t the Wi-Fi symbol appear on top of the iPhone?

In the Wi-Fi settings section, make sure the Wi-Fi option is turned on; If the slider in front of it is green, it means Wi-Fi is on. In the lower part of this section, the network you are connected to is displayed. Therefore, you can check the network you are connected to, or to connect to a specific network, move closer to its modem and be within its range, because the closer you are to the modem or router, the stronger the Internet signal. However, if these simple methods do not work, you can try the following solutions to solve the iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi connection problem.

Fix iPhone Wi-Fi connection problem: Check your iPhone or iPad for Wi-Fi is turned on and make sure you are near or in range of the modem or router.

Solving iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi problem: 2. Reboot iPhone and iPad and Internet equipment

After checking the Wi-Fi connection and making sure Airplane Mode is disabled, if the Wi-Fi connection problem is not resolved, you can reboot your systems as well as your modem and router. Turn off the modem using the power button and turn it on again after a minute.

If your device does not have an on/off switch, you can disconnect it from the power outlet and reconnect it. After rebooting the devices, enter the settings of your iPhone or iPad and select the Wi-Fi option and touch the name of the desired network.

If you don’t see the desired Wi-Fi network name in the list, make sure your SSID is not hidden. Also, check that all the Internet and Wi-Fi lights on the modem are on and green, and if any of the lights are red, it means there is a problem with the connection that you need to fix.
One of the ways to solve the iPhone Wi-Fi problem is to reboot the phone’s Internet and modem or router. Also, you need to check that all the lights on your modem should be green.


Fix iPhone Wi-Fi problem: 3. Delete the network from the iPhone memory and add it again

If you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network name in the network list, you can touch the blue i next to the network name and select Forget This Network in the menu that opens.

In this way, the Wi-Fi network password will be deleted and you need to enter it again. By re-entering the correct password, your iPhone or iPad will connect to Wi-Fi, but if you’re still having trouble connecting, you might want to make sure the Wi-Fi password is correct because the network password may have been changed.

If the modem is home and you have set the password yourself, go to the browser of the modem page and make sure that the password is correct. On the other hand, if the modem belongs to someone else, you should request the desired password from the owner of the modem. Be careful in entering upper and lower case letters, spaces and numbers. If this solves the problem of connecting the iPhone and iPad to the Wi-Fi Internet, activate the Auto Join option so that you can connect to it quickly every time after being in the range of the modem.

You can solve the problem of connecting your iPhone to Wi-Fi by removing the network from your phone’s Wi-Fi and reconnecting to it. Make sure you enter the password correctly.

Solving iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi problems: 4. Look for the Login page

All the methods we talked about so far were about connecting to the home Wi-Fi network. But if you want to connect to public Wi-Fi networks such as hotel or airport Wi-Fi, you need to look for the Login page. To do this, first open the desired browser page on your iPhone or iPad and open a website.

In this way, the login page will open for you, and you must accept the terms of the page to be activated for you. In cases such as university public Wi-Fi, you usually have to enter information such as student number or national code to connect to the Internet.

Solving the iPhone Wi-Fi connection problem: To connect to public Wi-Fi networks, you need to enter the Login page and enter the username and password set for it.


Solving the problem of connecting the iPhone to Wi-Fi

The reason that the iPhone is not connected to Wi-Fi and the Internet may be due to software and hardware problems, and you can find and fix the source on the phone or modem. If you are also having trouble connecting to WIFI on your iPhone or iPad, the methods we have mentioned will probably work for you. Just don’t forget to check how to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and make sure your phone’s modem and Wi-Fi are turned on.