disadvantages of website design

Examining the disadvantages of website design from different aspects

What are the disadvantages of website design? In this article, we are with you by providing explanations about website design. Website design has many advantages. We have discussed it in detail in the other article, but the design and launch of the website are not without flaws. The first disadvantage is the high cost of this work. However, keep in mind that this fee will be refundable if it is done consciously.

General description of website design

It is impossible to express the disadvantages of website design without explaining the website. In fact, what is the purpose of website design? A website is a set of linked pages to place video, audio, and text files. Today, websites have become a platform for education, information, buying, selling, and communication.

Website design goals

Transferring businesses to the website is one of the main goals of website design. Nowadays, face-to-face visits have decreased a lot thanks to websites. Considering the volume of transactions, purchases, and services that can be provided online, it is impossible to return to a world without websites.

Types of website design methods

Before examining the disadvantages of website design, it is necessary to examine the types of methods used to design the website and state the disadvantages of each separately.
Website design using CMS is one of the most popular ways to build a website. Content management tools account for a large share of websites. About fifty percent of the current websites are designed using these CMS.

Disadvantages of WordPress site design

WordPress is the most famous cms currently in the world of web design. This content management tool is very powerful and fast. You will not need programming and coding knowledge to set up a website using WordPress. But with all these features, sometimes WordPress is not a good choice.

SEO is one of the most important things you should consider as a web admin. WordPress sites will generally not get a good ranking in the SEO department, which is one of these websites’ most important disadvantages.

If you implement your website using site builders such as WordPress, you need to make more efforts to improve your SEO ranking. To use WordPress, you must use ready-made templates and plugins.

In this case, frequent updates and numerous plugins you need to install will probably make you angry. A WordPress website may suddenly become unavailable. Of course, if a professional team is in charge of working on your site, the probability of such an incident is very low.

One of the biggest weaknesses expressed about WordPress is the security of the sites that are built using it. Due to the lack of supervision over the themes and plugins in the WordPress library and the fact that private individuals and companies develop these templates,

There may be malicious codes in them. Note that WordPress is one of the most popular cms. This popularity is certainly due to the extraordinary capabilities of this tool. But at the same time, it has caused the challenges of using it to increase. Because it is popular among WordPress website designers, it has become a target for hackers worldwide.

Disadvantages of website design with various website builders

Disadvantages of website design, using cms does not only include WordPress. Other site builders also have flaws that should be noted. It would help if you generally used ready-made templates in website builders. These ready-made templates give your website a unique look. For this reason, you may not succeed in branding and showing the uniqueness of the website to users and customers. And this issue can cause you problems in creating a brand name.

Another disadvantage of website design with website builders is the problems that may arise with SEO. If the website prepared using DIY cannot be linked to Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, you will face problems with the SEO of the site and improving its ranking in the eyes of search engines.

It is not possible to access strong SEO with such sites. Among the disadvantages of website design with various website builders, we should mention their slow speed. This low speed will hurt SEO in addition to the dissatisfaction of users.

Disadvantages of ready-made websites

Explaining the disadvantages of designing ready-made websites will help you choose the type of website with an open mind. Adapting the website 100% to your needs in ready-made sites is impossible. Because the sites are designed and presented in specific formats, your work will be very difficult if you intend to change such websites.

Examining the challenges facing site designers

Apart from the disadvantages of website design, you have to deal with various challenges to launch a website. The first challenge you will face in our country to register a domain is to get an Irnik ID. This ID will generally be issued to you quickly, but your business may be in cases where you must register documents.

Identifying and hiring a skilled and professional team for website designers is one of the other challenges that you have to overcome in the website design process. Web design is a science and includes many branches. So you have to spend enough time and attention choosing team members. In website programming and design, you will face new challenges every day. The website design team must have the ability, knowledge, and patience to overcome these challenges.

What causes damage to the site?

One of the disadvantages of website design is that you have to guarantee the security of users. The security of users and their data is the most important component that you should consider in website design. Otherwise, people will not be confident to attend and use your site’s services. If the site is not secure enough, Google will not consider it a good ranking.

Another challenge that new websites face is increasing the volume of traffic. Each website can provide services to a certain number of IPs simultaneously. If the number of users increases beyond the allowed limit, your site may be unavailable or so-called dawn.

To ensure website services, even if the number of users increases, it is necessary to get hosting services from reliable companies. Also, you should check and estimate the capacity of the hosting space correctly before advertising. If you do not follow the policy and rules established by Google, your site may be blocked by this company. Google will block websites suspected of spreading malware or using black SEO.

Last word

In the article on the disadvantages of website design, we tried to introduce you to the problems that various websites may have. But you should not limit yourself to these things to choose the type of site. Rather, it is necessary to correctly evaluate your needs and expectations from your website and users.