SEO and website design

Common mistakes in SEO and website design

Sometimes common mistakes in SEO and website design cause problems in the site optimization and SEO stage. In this article, we will mention these mistakes case by case and analyze and explain them.

I was not paying attention to the speed of the website.

One of the first and most frequent mistakes in SEO and website design is not paying attention to the website’s speed. Site loading speed is one of the important options considered as an evaluation parameter in search engines like Google. Sites that take a long time to load are often not ranked in the top search engine results.

Because search engines use functions to analyze sites, if the site cannot be loaded in a certain period, these functions will be disrupted in the review and analysis of the site. In this way, your score in the review of crawls will go down, and you will be fined with a drop in rank.

In the first step, you should find a way to increase the speed and decrease the site’s loading time. Because even if you do all the site optimization and SEO checklist items correctly and completely, the site does not load in the time it should. Practically all the efforts of the SEO team have been useless.

Now, what is the solution to reduce the loading speed of our site? The answer is very simple. Site volume and traffic management. Compress codes, reduce the number of plugins, compress images, and install CDN. Any action that leads to managing the volume and traffic of the site can help increase the speed.

Images without Alt Tag

Alternative tags, abbreviated as alt tags or alternative tags, are one of the features of HTML images that help to describe and visually beautify the content. In CMS systems such as WordPress, alt images have the use and meaning of an alternative image, and by selecting and filling this section, you have placed an alternative or alt for your images. Now, if you have a personal and coded website, you should look for the img tag in the HTML codes and add the alt tag after finding it.

This feature is one of the most used SEO tips in both WordPress and HTML systems. Because when users or search engine crawlers come to the site and the site images are not loaded for any reason, this text is displayed as an alternative for users so that people understand the existence and meaning of images not loaded on the site. to be

Existence of long and long URLs

In the list of the most frequent and common mistakes in SEO and website design, long links get the most frequent prize. Most of the time, checking and optimizing long links is not included in the agenda of SEO professionals or is forgotten among the multitude of design mistakes. But it is very important that the URL is the entry key to the site and has its parameters.

For example, the keyword must be included in the URL. The URL must not be long. For this purpose, the best thing is to put the keyword and tags in English and briefly in the link, so there is no disruption to the website’s performance.

Broken and damaged links on the website

Error 404 is displayed when a link is not connected to any page. It is as if there was a page on a site; Now, this page has been deleted due to other incidents or problems. But the link is still there in the Google index. When the user clicks on this link, a broken link, he will get a 404 error. Google’s crawling robot (crawl) also gives a negative score to the existence of links, which causes the site’s rank to decrease.

Wrong choice of site content keywords

In most of the site optimization and SEO projects that lead to failure, it is because the keyword is not chosen that is consistent with the text and appropriate and related to the content of the site. Choosing the word is the most important step in SEO since it is the key to connecting each page with the site and the site with the web. The site’s optimization will undoubtedly fail if this step is taken wrongly.

The keyword should be appropriate to the site’s products and services. But keep your main focus on the long tail of the keyword because SEO and optimizing these words is simpler and easier than short and repetitive words. With this strategy, you will get results sooner and be placed in SERP.

If you have tough competitors such as Digikala etc., it is highly recommended to use long tails. In this way, some tools help us find keywords, such as Google Trend, KWFinder, and… With this software, you can find keywords and compare them to get the desired result.

Too much tagging!

Another problem in site optimization and SEO is tagging more than the allowed amount. In the not-so-distant past, if you browsed Persian-language blogs and websites, you would have seen many cases that used irrelevant tags in bulk for their content, which had nothing to do with the text.

To attract traffic by searching tags. This method was very practical and practical in the past, but now, due to the change in ranking algorithms, it not only has no positive effect but also has a negative effect.

Final word

This article discussed common mistakes in site optimization and SEO in general and explained some of these mistakes. If you make a mistake, even unintentionally, the algorithms and bots of Google and other search engines will identify you without exception, and you will be penalized as a wrongful site.

This penalty can be in various forms. Either you lose rank or are punished with a decrease in natural traffic. You may even lose the site! For this reason, SEO is a specialty in which there is no room for any mistakes. Because you’re dealing with a bunch of emotionless algorithms and bots, apart from computer knowledge and performing tasks as an SEO, you should also be familiar with common mistakes and problems in the field of website design.