an SEO specialist

Who is called an SEO specialist?

Let’s get to know the SEO specialist in this article: In the article on professional SEO, we discussed the characteristics of a professional SEO. Now we will work more clearly and clearly to improve site visits through the SEO person. SEO is an abbreviation of three English words: (Search Engine Optimization). The main question is, despite the skills mentioned in the previous articles, what is the brief description of the duties of an SEO specialist?

The following articles will explain the detailed review and analysis of each part of the SEO specialist’s work. But in general, SEO is the work of a person who, by knowing the currents in society and various techniques, will make your site get more visits. On the other hand, it brings you to the first search pages of Google and other search engines in search environments.

The expertise of an SEO worker plays a significant role in today’s world. Because the buying and selling space is moving from the real to the virtual space, if we ask an expert about his expertise, his answer will be: I am an SEO expert. This answer, which is probably accompanied by a smile, is in no way why he disrespects you.

Due to the dependence on the knowledge of cyberspace, SEO expertise is involved in the development and undergoes various changes. For this reason, he should not be blamed. By the way, this answer means you are dealing with an expert SEO. He knows that this expertise is not stable, and if he does not keep himself updated in the sea of ​​virtual space and its progress, he will inevitably drown in the flood of the progress of this space and the knowledge of his colleagues after a while.

Some important concepts that the SEO specialist should be aware of:

An important part of what makes a person an SEO expert is familiarity with these terms and having knowledge about them. This section will briefly go to the technical or technique-oriented SEO section. This part of SEO is related to the techniques of turning a site through software and…

In this SEO department, an expert who should be relatively familiar with website design examines different sections and options to increase the number of site visits. Among these options, the following items can be mentioned:


Using different robots, for example, game-making robots, polling robots, etc., can help improve the site’s actions. On the other hand, these robots will create more pleasure in the audience.

Search engines

An expert should know in this part of SEO how fast the browser opens on different devices, including mobile. The SEO expert is familiar with different browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other search engines. Due to this familiarity, he supervises the site design and content production to place the site in its original position.

Programming codes

An SEO specialist should be familiar with these concepts to some extent. Creating content is part of the skills of SEO. But knowledge and familiarity with programming are essential for SEO work because the working language of a machine or computer is a programming language.


This term means the address on which the site is loaded. The expert should be familiar with domain search sites that show what addresses are available on the Internet. On the other hand, it should be known that choosing the right domain for a site with the authority of its name and address doubles its visibility.


Host hosts are the main building and tools on which the domain is built. If the domain is the address and name of a kitchen, it can be said that the kitchen’s location, bricks, and main structure are the same.

It is important to know the site and the reliable sites to sell it because if the building of our site is not built on a solid foundation, the collapse and destruction of that building are certain. The SEO specialist must be aware of these issues. After the brief and brief explanations in the two sections of hardware and technical SEO, we will examine some other very important terms in the field of software.

Technical SEO software terms

The SEO specialist must be fully familiar with this information and have relative mastery of it to some extent. These terms follow:


Links are words, images, or videos in the text or on its sides along the page. The programmer and SEO specialist have distinguished these options from other page parts. One of the ways to distinguish them is by coloring and underlining the words.

It is not common to draw a line in the image and video section, and the only difference in most cases is that when the mouse is placed on that image, the mouse pointer changes shape on the screen. You enter a specific part of the site by clicking on any link. Increasing traffic on the site and different sections, on the one hand, increases site visits. On the other hand, it makes the audience not confused about finding their needs on the site.

Gray collar

In the article on professional SEO work, we directly mentioned two categories of SEO work (black-collar and white-collar). Here we introduce the third category, to which most SEO experts belong. Between white-collar SEO and black-collar SEO, gray-collar SEO is placed. Most SEOs use gray-collar SEO to optimize and improve the performance of their website or their buyers and audiences.

In this way, SEO, who is familiar with website design, tries to benefit from some illegal tricks and techniques in the field of browsers safely and slowly, in addition to legal tricks and techniques, because faster speed improves the situation and gives the position of the site in different browsers. This is how gray-collar SEOs make up a huge part of SEO professionals and surpass white-collar and black-collar SEOs. These people break some rules for their work.

This is dangerous but full of feedback. According to the given explanations, if you were going to choose a group of SEOs, choose the gray ones. This activity limits this type of SEO work to SEO experts who know the rules well. In the following articles, we will explain these and other terms in more detail.