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Clubhouse : An application to Talk with Celebrities

What is clubhouse

clubhouse is a vocal social network . clubhouse manufacturer intends to present a new application to interact with people by voice . it can be a attractive story or have an interaction with new friends and even celebrities .

this social network is a drop in application you can use . it can be a podcast or some cooking lesson you can listen .

clubhouse is like a live podcast that people are there and are talking about different topics .

you can make a chat group or personal page so no one can enter from outside .

the clubhouse can interact with people in real life .

conversations cannot be recorded and you cannot save them and they will be in it .

Who are using clubhouse

you’ve should heard that some celebrities like oprah , kevin hart , even ashton kutcher have talked about clubhouse .

celebrities became host in this social network and get in to conversation with other users .

this the way that club house got famous .

other popular people like scilicon valley symbols appear in this social network . they make this social network to recieve many users by this time of course people who get invited to clubhouse are now 600,000 .

who have established the clubhouse

Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth have established the clubhouse last year .

clubhouse networth is 150 millions dollars with 1500 member by may 2020 .

Controversy over clubhouse

The Verge have announced in july that clubhouse has no intention to content monitoring .

Vanity have reported that clubhouse based on vocal structure is now a place to racism and misogyny and hate .

these actions happen when with social network policy , conversations must not create violence .

How to get invited to clubhouse

you cannot use clubhouse without invition now . If you are using iphone you can download clubhouse application and create a username .

it seems that this application wont go worldwide by now because the founders want to go forward calm and slowly .

clubhouse website have said this social network will be worldwide soon .